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  1. On 25.10.2016 at 1:46 AM, quentin360 said:

    Hey Wisteria, I know those demons all to well. They tell me the most unimaginable things about how horrible a person I am, you little piece of dirt, you should have never been born, you destroy everything you touch, I hate you, I hate you and I wish you were dead already. I think that verbal abuse can be so much harder on someone than physical abuse. I was told as a little boy, by my father, all these kinds of things and more and as a child I believed those words. And those words have been with me ever since. At this time in my life I do try to believe better of myself and not believe the lies but it's a battle I deal with every day...Thanks for the post...

    I'm so sorry that there are others who are also haunted by these inner ''demons''! :hugs: Physical abuse creates emotional scars too with inner demons, but those physical scars heal faster than emotional scars so that's why mental abuse can be worse, but I think both are as worse. Violence, physical or mental is very wrong... :/ Those horrible words inside of your mind aren't true, I know my sad thoughts aren't true either but when you hear those over, over and over again... You slowly start to believe in them, like they are who you are, your reality; what defines you. Then slowly you lose your identity or it has ''grown'' wrongly. You don't know who you really are, you think you're those bad words. Even though it's just horrible mental illusion. 

    My cause was 10 years of bullying in kindergarten and in all the school years. I was also bullied by a step mother for my whole childhood...

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