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    It all happened many years ago already, yet still the inner demons don't let go of me...
    Echoing in my mind how horrible, ugly, stupid, annoying, burdensome, weird, meaningless, invisible, fat, pathetic person I am.
    Those short but sharp words like thorns clawing through your skin viciously, ripping you apart.
    They don't leave you alone in any moment, it may seem like it but they're always there watching you... Waiting for the right moment.
    Quietly and imperceptibly vanishing to the dark shadows without you noticing them suddenly coming back again.
    Making you cry uncontrollably to feel like the most incapable tiniest person ever.
    Words are really powerful, the effect they have to yourself and others, especially to others.
    10 years of mental abuse have created those ''demons''... I don't know why they're still there.
    It's not daily, but my mind still keeps haunting me from time to time.
    Those words keep echoing in a darkness...
    What a lonely place to be.
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