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  1. Thank you ❤️ I really hope so... Thank you, so kind of you. I hope so, truly...
  2. Thank you... :( Thank you. :( I'm so sorry *hugs*
  3. I feel so lonely like it's destroying me.. I crave for a deeper human connection so badly that I can't take this anymore. I'm so worthless.
  4. Will I ever find true love? Am I even worthy of love? I feel so lonely.
  5. I should be better, skinnier, prettier, more intelligent, more popular, happier and not born to be this mess who I am now.
  6. I didn't want to be born. Human life is exhausting and lonely.
  7. Why I still keep breathing? Every breath is hard (emotionally).
  8. I should accept myself for who I am but I can't. I'm a puzzle piece which don't fit in.
  9. I can relate. I'm so sorry you feel so alone as well.
  10. I was born into a wrong century. I feel guilty and ashamed to be naturally more quiet and introverted than most people. I feel like I should be something that I'm not. I value own time and space so much and dislike useless small talk. Why I didn't born to be like everyone else?
  11. Alone Pain Self-destructive
  12. Always Emotionally Tired
  13. Disgusted with myself
  14. This binge eating has gotten out of control. I feel embarrassed to acknowledge that I need help. :(
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