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  1. Another embarrassing breakdown in front of the boss, who luckily, is very understanding. Thankfully, I've eaten something and am doing work now. Nowhere to go but up when you've hit rock bottom...
  2. It's late afternoon and I haven't eaten a thing. I have important work to do that has been put off for 5 days. I desire nothing but sleep. I'm watching my own trainwreck but won't do anything about it
  3. Hi TiredBlue, it is not uncommon that doctors will prescribe an additional, temporary medication to help with the startup anxiety - you could ask about it if it's intolerable. Regarding taking the dose in two intervals - I don't think that's recommended due to needing to reach a therapeutic threshold. Also it's commonly recommended that one switches the time to either the morning or evening to deal with side effects. Seems like you'd get the bad end of the stick to spread it throughout the day. Hope you're feeling better!
  4. Brain fog and fatigue, and too much sleep again lately. My anxiety is better. Trade-off I always notice: less anxiety, more lethargy/no motivation. Might sound strange but at an intermediate level of anxiety, I have the best lifestyle habits.
  5. Yes it does, but it's harder to keep the ball rolling than they make it sound like. It's not even two steps forward one step back ... for me right now it's 50/50 good days and bad days where I do literally nothing. But it's much easier to negatively snowball, so any little thing that puts a break in the vicious cycle is important, even if it doesn't feel like it's building up.
  6. I applied for a job, hung out with a friend, and sat under the warm sun for 2 hours ... I feel good. If only everyday were like this :)
  7. Linzee, I struggle with general anxiety but mornings are the worst. Before Zoloft, I took Lexapro for 4 months and I had to quit that because of irresolvable insomnia. Good thing is that both SSRIs worked well in that they blunted the range of emotion and so gave me relief. But I ended up stopping because I had already improved a lot by that time and the side effects were too much. Doc has told me that anxiety/depression sufferers are prone to relapse which is why they prefer patients to stay on the meds all the time. I would if not for the side effects which did not resolve after several months. I'm going to stick with Zoloft for another week to see if lethargy improves.
  8. I finally forced myself to exercise. I have been feeling so fatigued but know that exercise is the exact remedy.
  9. I'm only a week into zoloft (2nd time) and I don't know if I can take this fatigue anymore. I'm sleeping way more than in my normal anxious/depressed state and not doing critical work. The first time I took zoloft (for ~3 months), lethargy was the reason I had to quit too (doc refused to rx wellbutrin as an add-on). I'm just surprised it's hitting so hard so fast this time.
  10. no appetite, no energy, sleep too much. not taking action = worsens anxiety and depression. feel trapped in a vicious cycle
  11. yesterday was another in bed literally all day day. didn't eat hardly anything. today I battled morning anxiety for 3 good hours before i got up, but presently i am up ... now another 50% of the battle is not diving back into bed because that happens so much
  12. I wish I could talk to people about my circumstances without always breaking down into tears. It is embarrassing. I feel like people prefer to help the strong and determined, not the weak.
  13. I have also had dangerously low caloric intake lately due to lack of appetite. I went to the grocery store the other day to buy dry meal replacement powders (to add to milk) but they didn't sell them anymore! Only bottled Ensure, which is too expensive for me. I bought peanut butter instead ... 1 tbsp has 110 cal, quite a lot for its little size. Maybe you could try that?
  14. Please stay - you would be surprised how helpful this forum can be. I've never found such a non-judgemental place, where you can post whatever is on your mind, however negative it may be. And oftentimes, that little release, along with someone acknowledging your existence, is enough support to get through.
  15. Forcing myself to stay at work actually. I know once I go home, it will be a pitiful night in bed feeling sorry for myself and doing nothing.
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