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    qwerty21 reacted to thursdayschild in Maybe Improvement   
    I know how you feel about meds, but if you need them, take them. You're not a failure for doing so. It sounds like you are making some positive changes. Good luck on your vacation!
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    qwerty21 reacted to Pattina in Tough Situation   
    It may sound strange these days, but why not ask your parents to help? give you suggestions or even completely take over the task of helping you get a social life themselves. They might even fix you up with some hobby to try or group to join. Parents often care about their kids more than the children realize; yours care enough to let you live there and would probably be glad of the chance to help make things better for you. I have Asperger's too; although we have no instinct or feel for social situations we can learn to imitate what they do if we watch others socialize. It's like any handicap: just because your legs don't work doesn't mean you dont want to run, and just because you can't socialize doesn't mean you aren't lonely. I wish I had asked my parents to sort out my social problems but once you're grown you tend to think it's all up to you to sort out. Include your family, consult with them. We are social beings not meant to go it alone.
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    qwerty21 reacted to no good relationship in Tough Situation   
     It sounds like you have never had a friend. Your really not missing much I think you are too hard on yourself. It seems like your missing out something but whena friend find another friend you feel bad. I have had this happen a cuople of times. So either way your not happy. There are a lot of pretenders they got it all together but really they hurt. So what i'm trying to do is enjoy being alone although I have a dog I'm my own best friend no one in this world is not going to let you down and feel rotton. Enjoy the free time do what you want to do, the problem is what to do if you have limits like a disibility and a lot things you want to but can't. Figure out how to take advantage of all your free time, embrace it and maybe when you find what you and your self can do together. No doubt about it when you have friends walking together laughing they have lots of problems like us and it probably has to do with one of them friends he's laughing with. your friend Scott
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    qwerty21 reacted to thursdayschild in Rage Attack   
    Do you see a therapist?  I'm not sure what your situation is, if you are a minor and under your parents' healthcare or whatever.  You are acting completely "normally" for someone with depression and/or Asperger's.  It's bad enough for you to feel this way but it's worse to feel bad about it.  I think you needed to break that brush.  Maybe you need to find a physical activity that will help you take out your frustrations and aggressions?  (Who am I to talk though, I'm the worst couch potato in the world...)
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    qwerty21 reacted to samadhiSheol in Rage Attack   
    I don.t have Asperger's.. but I get rages.
    It's pure luck no ones been in the way.. I tend to fume and when I'm alone I lash out at myself...And it can get bad, believe me.
    Do what you have to to get help.
    It takes courage and formidable strength to come out and say you have a problem. You are here telling us this. You'll get there.
    We are here for you, for each other. Vent at us, on df. It's ok!
    Take care!
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    qwerty21 reacted to no good relationship in Rage Attack   
    Hi I can relate to you, your not a bad person or anything but you carry a lot of guilt with low self esteem and it's not your fault its your mothers you feel guilty about not liking her but she knows how to push your buttons and may or may not know she is doing it. Is she always the victim does she get her way all the time, what about not telling every detail in a event to make her look good. You always get a rotton feeling when she comes home. This is toxic for you being raised by a passive agressive there are certain levels of this and we all at sometime are. the kind you don't want any part of is when its consistent and they do it to make themselves feel better my tobe ex wife is a pro at making me feel and look bad I never new until my therapist figured it out. I was going to write a blog about it because I just figured out why my family has been distant and my mom asked me if I learned my lesson so i have been so depressed its kept me off my feet until I figured out for the last 5yrs she has been telling my family I'm using oxycodone I need shoulder replacement they were prescribing me oxycodone 5yrs ago 1 and half years i was addicted but suffered through withdrawal. It makes me sick to think about it. Major depression from her passive agrressive /narscist disorder mimics the same affects as someone on and off that crap and she has been going around telling everyone That Im still taking that stuff and she knows i dont this bad stuff if you can get away or they hate it when you start calling it out yeah thats right tell her when she does it and let her know how you feel butmy ex knows ecxactly what she is doing
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    qwerty21 reacted to thursdayschild in Random Thoughts   
    You are 100% right.  I think that's the problem with the entire Internet, people are so quick to judge when they only get part of the story.  I've had it happen to me, too, in fact I quit another forum because of it.  I know what you mean about the defense mechanisms too.
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    qwerty21 reacted to thursdayschild in Random Thoughts   
    qwerty21, I think that was directed at me.  I'm sorry I seemed so harsh.  I logged on today to sort of apologize, and I see you removed the post I made a comment to.
    If you post something on the internet, you have to expect that people are going to try to give you advice and seem to tell you they "know better".  Isn't that why we are all here on this site, to post and get advice from people who may know better? I'm sorry you feel the way you do.  I apologize, again.  This should be a safe place for people to express whatever they are feeling.  Please continue to do so and don't let anyone stop you.  I was only trying to help you.  I'm on your side.  Really.  
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    qwerty21 reacted to Natasha1 in I'm ********   
    Those people are good at what they do. Don't beat yourself up. It could have been worse. Much worse.
    Maybe others can learn from your mistake. You can warn people but it might open up the possibility of sharing your story.
    Try to be good to yourself.
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    qwerty21 reacted to PurpleStorm in Rough Day   
    Hey qwerty21, Sorry you're having a bad day, hang in there.  Lie your cat her on her back on your knee with her head towards you and use some scissors and damp cloth to remove the poop.  This is what I do with mine and it's easier to control her this way.  (((hugs)))
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    qwerty21 reacted to Nataya in I'm Okay   
    I'm glad to hear you are feeling ok.
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    qwerty21 reacted to duck in I'm Okay   
    Glad to hear you are feeling better.
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    qwerty21 reacted to Meer in Maybe Happy   
    Medical health problems drag you down, especially when there doesn't appear to be a suitable treatment. If you start self-medicating you start to go down a route where you might need to tell lies to your real doctor. Lots of complications there.
    Modifying your diet is a very good choice. I hope that helps a lot and allows you to go on vacation.
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    qwerty21 reacted to neurotic_lady89 in Not Sad   
    Just popping in to say hi, you have another reader! There's nothing wrong with getting money to live on from the government when you are too sick to work. That is what the government allots that money for. I think some people just think narrowly, and those same people are those that minimize mental illness and to just "snap out of it."
    I think it is funny when people insult me personally for my opinions on law, politics, or current events. I used to get upset by it, but then I realized: People like this are so out of touch, they resort to attacking me when they disagree. This means they have nothing to back up their personal opinions at all. It's actually considered a logical fallacy (ad hominem attack), attacking the arguer rather than the argument. I don't blame you for not wanting to put up with it!
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