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  1. ((hugs)), strength, Love, and Hope for you JJ

  2. ((hugs)) Metal Falcon 351 btw, how's the weather over there in your neck of the woods?
  3. Thank you salparadise6132 (sooo desperately needed)
  4. boy....I meant well with what I wrote, but I have to admit that it didn't come out (written) like what I had in my head (thoughts) (sorry) :bear_wub:
  5. be strong GAJ123 .... we all need to remember to open ourselves to what gives us peace and hope... and to remember there are those who care
  6. The only med on your list that I myself am taking is Ativan (for anxiety & insomnia). (I am using the generic version of Celexa for my depression.) I know that periodically, when i'm Really stressed, I will get a twitch in my left eye. At first the eye twitch scared me, but after now having the twitch several times, I've luckily realized that the twitch happens during stressful situations (ie: at work, or with my husband). Personally, the twitch usually goes within an hour.... I'm just sharing my own experience in order to be of some help/ strength/ and support to you ZenDarling. Hugs, peace, and strength Sherri
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