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  1. ..I need to relax a bit:) ..And I'll have a new job apparently, so pray for me (who like to pray) to be able to do it, to be able to keep it for a desirable time. I won't earn a lot of money but it can help me relax. (I will work at a pet store). 🙂❤️
  2. ..no, it shouldn't be like that and I'm sure, you're not sentenced to constant suffering. Hm, there just must be something that would help you. Usually people adviced me "do what you love" when I was worst and it really helps. Never is to late to start feeling better. You're 50, not 100 years old.
  3. :)..sometimes this gossiping is real, my parents do that sometimes, at least I know my dad thinks his children are "strange". Yeah, we aren't ideal children and I even suffer from anxiety and depression, so I'm not totally fit which is partially because my parents treated us like they did..we can't be completely normal, of course😀
  4. @samadhiSheol ..Biography about Jobs is very good (I mean that Isaacson's one) but I haven't finished it yet because of lack of focus, I guess, I'd read much more if I could focus properly..I don't really know what causes it (though I have some suggestions), perhaps lack of sleep above all. But good you have mentioned it, I'll start with it again. I'm currantly reading a thriller "Into the water". It's quite relaxing.
  5. Oh, reading,..reading is great, have you read anything worth mentioning recently? I always wanted to take some karate lessons or any self-defense lessons but I'm not sure if I ever will.
  6. I didn`t sleep well too. Hope you don`t lose all motivation when the sun sets:) and you have a good time listening to good music or so:)
  7. @samadhiSheol If there is something that makes you happy even for a while, you could try doing it in my opinion. Usually, when people are depressed there is a cause. I know what is my combination of causes, you can find your combination, I'm sure.
  8. Perhaps because there are still some moments that are worth living.
  9. Hope you find a job that suits you and makes you happy:). Sometimes we wait a little for good things to come.🙂
  10. My hamster. He's so cute. He's a bit nervous sometimes and irritated but I think he's not very unsatisfied with my care:) Maybe he'd like to have a hamster-girlfriend for a while but I don't know anyone with female syrian hamster who would like to have small syrians.
  11. New people may come into your life, give them a chance.:)
  12. @sober4life @Nightjar I feel the same way. Although I miss some more things I guess...I so much wish we found someone special in our lives to give us a bit of joy and support..🙂
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