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  1. I too woke up at 3am...it means, my depression is still here, as I've been waking up like this for a couple of days..
  2. I don't feel bad despite the fact I didn't sleep enough. My depression has lifted since the weather is so nice, there's a lot of sunshine these days. @APFSDS I like that idea of packing rucksack for a hike.
  3. Most often I drink coffee with low-fat milk (1,5%), sometimes with cream or whipped cream (I really like this last option though I don´t do it often)
  4. Creamers are super-important. .. but just to pour milk (whole milk is the best I guess) into your coffee is also good, isn't it?
  5. They will cheer you up for sure, my hamster always cheers me up:). I'm not sure, if you also have your own pet or not.
  6. ..yes, truth, green tea is not coke
  7. @Nightjar Do you like green tea? Can it not replace your cokes? But you probably want to cut off caffeine completely..I don't drink cokes but I love coffee, I love it's flavour, taste, coffee breakes, cafés..everything about coffee..I'd like to lessen my caffeine consumption though.
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