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  1. I´m really glad that you exist. I´m not able to read all your posts, maybe just the posts of 3-4 people more regularly but I´m glad that you are here and hope your tomorrow will be better and you have a good morning.:) And also today, every next moment.
  2. Nice list. Therapy sessions and new clothes especially.
  3. I need to buy a bike too. Tomorrow I´m going to the woods, last time I was there my anxiety disappeared.
  4. I had a job interview today. And I feel lost and tired.
  5. Misery loves company. I have to laugh at this. I don´t know why but it´s just funny.
  6. Oh, JD, nothing´s going to happen.. Have you been down by the lake lately by the way?
  7. Hope you have found a way out.
  8. Go down to the lake at the right time and you will find peace.
  9. Diffident. This word characterizes me a lot. I don't know if this is because of the lack of sleep or if I'm just like that. I like the word, 'cause I like words and how they sounds (most of them) but I don't like the state.
  10. I think, I know what you are talking about. Or maybe not but still I love the atmosphere of the woods. In the woods, I feel calm, I may be alone there but I don´t feel lonely, I just accept my state, I may be even capable of accepting my loneliness. Quietness there is healing.
  11. Quite good day today:) Hope that somebody has such a day too.
  12. You are worth because you are JD And you're going to have a good time with your hobbies and other stuff. You're going to get a little bit busy I guess. And everything will be ok, even if not right now. Maybe you will find a job you would enjoy so much..(connected with stuff you like doing)
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