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  1. Hello, I would take some time to self care for yourself. When you feel up to it you could look into more insurance things and possibly getting him situated in a better nursing home Based on your post it seems like he should be in a nursing home but a more rehabilitative one. Also I would just visit everyonce in a while and try to treat him like a normal human. It seems like his spirit is broken. Regular cooked meals and activities at a nursing home can be good but you really have to make sure the nursing home is a good one.
  2. Hello, I am here if you need someone to talk to. I studied attachment theories in psychology and I can kind of relate to you as I grew up with an anxious attachment theory and I suffered profoundly from loneliness and feeling suicidal. I used to be in the military and saw a lot of things I did not like. People in relationships never believed in me and left me for dead but did I crumble? I thrived, I clawed my way out of a pit of suffering, misery and despair and crossed the great chasm between depression and happiness and there is such a profound difference. I do not like to see people suffer so greatly. It is my wish for people who suffer to be happy someday.
  3. FerryJerry, If you know you are autistic you have to be mindful of this and work through it. For example of you know you get triggered by online games take a break and use a stress ball or go for a run and then enjoy the game once you calmed down, block toxic people and go to a different server. Also it is better if you do not tell people you are autistic in some online places. That is because people who are trolls are unhappy with their life they might wish they had a girlfriend or have worse life than you and instead of bettering themselves they want to bring people down to their level and they will try to get to you with any percieved weakness. There is nothing wrong with being autistic, they also can have savant abilities and actually be very intelligent and talented in certain things, know yourself and try to regulate when things getting out of hand.
  4. When you say things like i'm pretty sure none of you will try this or what have you got to lose it comes off as being condescending. It is also something I need to work on myself is to never talk down to people with depression or mental illness. They are equals and I would never judge why they have mental illness. For all we know they could be afflcted simply because they were being a hero in a cold horrible society.
  5. It think it feels like a copout based on how we are socially conditioned in a capitalist society in general terms. In specific terms I think nurses are chronically understaffed from all the ones I have known. Hospital managers tend to maximize profit by minimal staffing to be honest I don't think hospital should be for profit because it commercializes peoples health and life. If I was in charge that would be government imo capitaliism works for somethings but also something should not be about profit and getting rich during a pandemic and the human toll rolls down onto the backs of nurses. I do not think it is right you should not have guilt of taking a mental health day I am sorry.
  6. Hi Nic, I have gotten out of rock bottom a.couple times in my life and I share some tips and also based on what you posted. If you are very lethargic and depressive you have to try to move. Going for walks what I do is just walk around for circles in a small room if I do not want to go outside. Try to sleep at night and be awake at daytime. Feeling sunlight and being outside will help you with this. Also honestly avoid toxic people and learn to think for yourself. Media loves to tell people what is desirable and who good people are etc.. I have met people who are famous and they turned out to be real jerks. I have dated people who looked like models and they were rude shallow people. Being conventional won't make you happy you have to be different and use your differences to your advantage the same way a giraffe uses their long neck to get higher leaves. Being a cookie cutter person makes people depressed.
  7. Hi, To me mental health kind of feels like quick sand. You can freak out and spiral into an abyss of madness if you let it. I think it is best to stay to stay resilient mentally. These people are more likely to have cancer go in remission and stronger immunity being resilient. Just because you get covid you can still survive and then if you do you would have more immunity. If you can stay calm you can focus on doing what is best for helping the family stay calm to recover.
  8. Hi Kabuto, Epicetus is right. There is a psychlogical bias. I date a lot all the time and I remember many times while I was with the girl I felt disatisfied but once I broke up with her then I wanted her back. Some people call it playing hard to get or wanting what you can't have. I will tell you that there are a lot of successful and attractive women out there and it seems like more women than men as they do not live as long men die more because they are less biologically resilient and risky behaviors. You may find a perfectly nice women and it is important to appreciate what you have before its gone.
  9. Hi runninghope, I have two ideas for you. The first one is to just work around this quirk. Find friends who will give you praise and attention maybe date someone who gives a lot of attention. You can do things like bodybuilding or work on a talent people will notice you if you have freakishly big muscles lol. You can just continue to do things to get attention as long as its not bad because that is who you are. You have been that person your whole life so it might be hard to change who you are. You want to be on the stage some people are like that so you can choose career life where you end up center of attention. The second option is to try to change your need for validation. Some people do this with spirituality or reflection but I do not think wanting attention in of itself is a bad thing. If it causes you severe distress maybe just try to get the attention I would do that if I was you its not a crime to want attention
  10. Hi Thanos, I do not think lack of car is a problem. I have dated many women in big cities and they do not have a car because it is difficult to own a car in a large city. When I drive in my car I strive to be safe and respect the pedestrians. I would keep trying never give up.
  11. Hi, If the relationship only lasted a month I would try to move on. I have dated a lot and for saying some women invite guys to treat them like objects I feel it is more like the woman wants to feel wanted and needed. It is about timing because if you push at the wrong time they dont like but if you never push they also dont like. If you are sensitive try finding a nicer woman to date some of them are bit less coy will give people an easier time.
  12. I also agree. I feel many people could probably relate to her as well because a lot of people struggle with mental health issues. It seems like she does care but is just a flawed person. Sometimes when people are lonely they also show their worst side. I remember this old disney movie it was called don't look under the bed but I remember the imaginary friends turned into monsters when the kids stopped believing in them. Sometimes I think that is the same with people too they need someone who believes in them
  13. I also like acupuncture. i find it works very well. You could try taking a pocket full of sunshine with you. Those are usually in the form of little furry people. I spent my Christmas playing with a pug and I could feel the sunshine
  14. I might be in the minority here but I think it is better to be on the good side of the ruling. Thankfully it is not as extreme as like a king that goes yay or nay for like whether someone lives in a palace or is dungeon but I dont go out of my way to crititicize them unless it is a very good reason. Governing millions of people seems profoundly difficult to me.
  15. I used to have really bad depression but it went away after a lot of work and education. I would say that life without depression is like taking a walk in autumn and watching the beautiful colors of the leaves and having a successful life like being a doctor and being in control of your life. It is like when you have challenges you can make plans and overcome things. For me depression is like an old dusty house with a bunch of broken portraits. It is like a kid who wants to see their dad but he is too busy at work or left him before he was born. I never saw depression as some enemy, it is kind like a ghost in your life that you have to learn to understand so it can move on. It is another color of a canvas, perhaps people who never have understood depression are quite happy go lucky fortunate people. Because happiness does not come easy to depressed but perhaps they appreciate it more. I always found people who have depression to be deep and complex. It is like the wind you don't always know where it goes
  16. It is kind of interesting that the cake chain was actually a better friend or random people on the forums.. Maybe you are looking for friends the wrong places. There are billions of people in the world, there is some people out there who will give you hug and understand you but you have to go on the journey to find them.
  17. In my University years one of the scholarly articles I came across was called "Men who strike and men who submit" This article explained the merits and effectiveness of a grappling martial art despite this style of fighting being looked down upon until it became fake in WWE. I used to be in the military and did combatives training, we had to watch the first ultimate fighting series in which Hoyce Gracie defeated several men bigger and stronger than himself using Brazillian jujitsu. Later on in life I started practicing this martial art myself in place of Taekwondo and I learned it is far more effective. This is just one example, it is not necessarily east vs west here but I have observed that in general eastern culture is more open to applying what works while western culture used to apply more culture and authenticity. However with decline in western culture and authenticity the culture is falling behind in many metrics and technology. I have a few reasons for why I think this is happening. #1 Western culture is individualistic. We do not care enough about people who fall through the cracks, as a result we do not care about the success or fortune of others either. For example if a celebrity Adele loses weight many people don't care because the culture is every person for themselves, peer pressure and unfettered marketing hunt people down. This results in a weaker nation because we let all these valuable people suffer and fall through cracks. This causes people to be intimidated by success, this will not make the citizens better. #2 Western culture does not have healthy spirituality. They primarily have a heavily commercialized form of guilt tripping Christianity and the alternative is western Darwinism which is more anti Christian then actually pro science which helps with Christian guilt tripping because the church is a huge money machine. Western youtube culture is toxic and innapropriate humor often involves morally horrible and illegal things. I do not think these people are bad, the culture is simply toxic, they operate in a toxic culture. #3 Western culture does not protect it citizens. It can barely maintain order during riots. People are always attacked by call centers from other countries, people are attacked by sleazy corporations. Western culture is a brutal slugfest where citizens are actively hunted down. That is why when I see people in west with mental health problems I feel sympathy. I am planning on blogging mental health tips that helped me and also why I always try to help the people here.
  18. Thank you, I am actually doing really good. I got a new girlfriend. I have been pretty lucky.l, I was only single for like a week and she is like a chief nurse or something. There is always hope things can get better. I recently saw Hamilton musical which was about the founders of America and I realized that they actually had a lot obstacles but keeping a vision and a dream is important. Just dream big if you have no energy to do anything just keep dreams alive. Theres so many great people in history who dreamed even though at the time they did not have happiness with them. Ive been let down a lot in life but I got myself one nice outfit. My whole small paycheck I was gon a get a suit of armor when I got my job lol and get food for my family. Just sell it to them you got this interview in the bag I think you can do it. Good luck.
  19. Hi nothing_man, I like your avatar drawing. You should try to eat and drink if you can. Sometimes when I feel down I like to eat apples or vegetables. Simple foods can help when you do not feel good, sometimes I try bitter foods as well like lemon and honey if I feel unwell. Going for walks or hikes or late night music can help clear your mind if you worry about the interview. I hope it goes well for you
  20. Hi Nojoy, I am sorry beat yourself up. It is the weekend so I would not be too hard on yourself. Sometimes people need time to decompress instrad of work all the time. For me usually if I feel good I can output a lot more so I use the good to my benefit, when I feel down sometimes it is just one of those days where you do not get much done, I would just small goals as it better to reach even a small simple goal. When I have bad days I just try to do damage control and sometimes it is possible to turn a bad day around. It can be something like needing a nap, coffee, a vitamin, hydration, a good meal, some exercise or sunlight. I have had a couple days like that where they are bad but can be turned around or try again next day.
  21. Hi Neev99, I think it is great you are getting the help you need. If you need to send e-mails like this I would try to keep it short. In general most professors would be understanding, you should try to know your professor to determine of or what kind of email you should send. Generally I would just suggest telling them a little bit of what you struggle with and that you are now on some medications and looking to get back on track academically and what suggestions they have for you to improve. There is no shame in that, you have noble intentions, you are just trying to get back on track and think most professors would appreciate the candidness and honesty.
  22. Hi Silverdawn, You could try giving him a taste of his own medicine. If he says something like then he said something like "wouldn't you like to go through that? You could reply that is what marriage is for. It sounds like you get along in many other regards. I would continue to bring up any issues you have like this because if it bothers you then it is important.
  23. Hey guys, Do the mods still check the forums or do you guys need any volunteers? There was a guy in the relationship forums who sent like 20 phishing messages and they never got deleted and user was calling people derogatory names. How many posts do we need to become mod? Ty
  24. MoonlitNight, Generally for me, I have found if I depend on a person who is no longer available I will find a new person. You can try to find a girlfriend or someone new to talk to. If I was in this position I would find new girlfriend and apologize to the mom. I was raised in such a way that the mom is always right, the same way a peasant would argue with their feudalistic fief owning lord lol.
  25. Ferryjerry, Yeah I don't think there is any problem, whatever floats your boat. It is not a crime just like the same way people do different lifestyle choices.
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