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  1. My advice is just make on online dating profile. Its good you are bold enough to approach women but online dating just removes all the awkwardness and doubt since they are there because they also want a relationship. If you still want to approach women you have to figure out what is a go and what is a no go. When its okay to approach. In general when its unisex then you should approach them. NEVER approach if its women exclusive like women dressing rooms or bathrooms or women only clubs. Something like a unisex yoga class is good or even a karoke bar. Also depends on the task. If its waiting like transportation or waiting for food or some service you can approach but back off quickly if they say no since they are stuck there waiting. That is the first part of making profs and approaching the 2nd part is you have to attract them and women are more selective than men and you have to be like a peacock. You have to either A. Start bodybuilding or weightliftig B. Learn the guitar or piano or singing C. Write poetry or good jokes. Also you have to make them feel special. Its like a difficult job interview lol just use it all as learning experiences! Also understand supply and demand. Some people like different body types or characteristics again thats why online dating is best since when you randomly approach it only works if you do it a lot because the fail rate high not because you arent okay to them but many simply may not be looking or want a different type.
  2. Hi, I actually just got my degree in Computer Science and I minored in math. Its software stem field so its a good profession, theres a learning curve to programming and it can be stressful. Its very important to exercise because the job is not physical but it lets me do bodybuilding because when I worked construction and was in the militay id be too sore to workout at the end of the day. Other than that eating healthy foods. Some people at Universities make all the students feel dumb and some are really strict graders but thats why people are there. If they already knew everything then it would not benefit them. It is a friendly atmosphere where you should feel free to ask many questions much more than corporate world or military
  3. There have been some patterns in the last 4 years that I wanted to share. Trump encouraging people to rough up criminals or offer to pay legal fees. His rhetoric has contributed to both police brutality as well as rabble rousing. The main problem with rioting is that it hurts their own communities. White nationalists come in with UHAUL trucks to plunder their cities, throw some firecrackers and even hurt bystanders and then leave and pin it on the blacks. They are targeting urban serving businesses and cultural monuments. To those who are black and angry my advice is to please try to calm down. The rioting provides a vacuum for criminals and to be honest some of the more powerful white nationalists are just looking for an excuse to use their firearms. It is important to have self control and simply vote out Trump. We had a black president for the last 8 years and were making progress. It is important to listen to the community leaders because simply getting angry and rushing out into the streets people risk getting sick and provides criminals an opportunity to loot and damage the city which is the urban serving community they have to live in every day.
  4. Hi, I think you can things to be thankful for like your two kids and taking care of them can help give you purpose because maybe they can have a better future even if the parent did not. It sounds like if your son has been aggressive he might benefit from counseling. During Covid there are long distance options as well. I am also a male and sometimes they face more difficulties like more males die early or are incarcerated so its important males have good role models to avoid toxic masculinity and there are good outlets like bodybuilding, even without weights you can find ways with a lot of youtube videos and stuff. If you had bad childhood, I did too and sometimes I like to pretend that I build a time machine and go back to the sad kid and make things better for them. What would you say to the kid? You can tell them that reality is not what its cracked up to be or you can encourage them.
  5. Even if you are depressed you can still find other groups, if you broaden the facebook search you can find more groups and maybe they will be inclusive. Like you can try religous groups, or groups or for singles, or special interests like any hobbies that you have or want to learn. I have noticed its sometimes difficult to make friends on depression forums or groups unless the people are really extroverted because there is sometimes a stigma to the word depression. Depression should not be a stigma.
  6. I would be wary of energy drinks as for health reasons. To me it sounds like you are quite motivated to ask on the forum. I hear people often say "It's not work if you are doing what you love" and maybe you want to try diifferent things if the camera and computer is boring. If its fun to you then maybe just pace yourself on it.
  7. Hello crewneck, I have served in the military and put myself through college and I used to have profound mental illness I will share the things that have helped me. The first is to try to have an open mind about things. Dont compromise your values but try to be open minded there is always more to the story than what we just see. For me I was always so angry and I had prejudiced beliefs and I started bodybuilding and boxing and it is therapuetic for me. I believe modern humans many dont exercise enough as opposed to the past so think you should try to expend energy this can help you calm anxiety or mania. Also if you know you have poor judgement listen to someone else like a levelheaded spouse or therapist. I am an impulsive person so I always ask others for advice. This can help you stay out of trouble. When you are in a better state you can make more life choices. If you want higher wage maybe try trade school or certifications. It is less time of your life spent in school and then read books or try new hobbies.
  8. Had a good day working from home, its nice to feel the sunlight in spring.
  9. Evergreenforst4

    Conservative Values

    Trigger warning I am not a conservative person myself but I have seen the decline of conservative values. What I mean is this is the party that abolished slavery and many of these descendents went on to be champions great athletes or performers. It was a party of free markets, free speech, free thought, tough but fair love, agree to disagree and competition to sharpen eachother. Now the party is the party of sexual assaults, corporate welfare, anticompetitive monoplies, a facade of law and order with misogynistic and racist undertones. Lavish egalitarian corporate welfare for the top and rugged individualism for the bottom in an almost hunger games like way. I don't like people like Donald Trump who try to act like down and out junkyard dogs when he is a billionaire draft dodger. If you are that rich and privileged you should be able to afford some manners, I cut some slack for the working folk who mouth off but I dont think his crass unproffessional behavior is ever acceptable let alone as a world leader. Great leaders should be strong moral and proffessional. He sets a bad example and I know there are nurses working directly with covid patients not getting hazard pay and students paying for housing but not getting refunded, people getting the boot. All the while people are hustling, begging when they are not homeless and have the ability to work. Companies taking free money and still laying off or underpaying workers. It is just frustrating to me to see good hardworking people get taken advantage of and I would like them to have a better leader who is strong and fair.
  10. Hi hello from Sweden! People have different philosophies for me I believe emotions and feelings are actually very important. I am a feelings person but I can still work with more logical kind of people. You say that emotions are just chemical reactions and this is technically true but they are also messages and you should listen to them. It is your body telling you things. If we want to be scientific humans have emotions because these emotions help them to survive. Women and men also like partners who can have emotions and share them and express themselves. With my emotions I have passion, with my passion I have determination, with my determination I have strength, with my strength I have power, with my power I break my shackles, with my shackles broken I am free. I dont remember the whole lol it is something like that Jedi code 🙂
  11. Maxx you dont have to feel sorry. It sounds like coworkers are not pulling their weight and that would be annoying. Theres good things you can clean your equipment or just hang out with the family you dont usually talk to. I know where I live the police out always asking where I am going if I head out they made it madatory. I miss fishing though my favorite part is cooking the fish I caught.
  12. Hi Atra, I know it seems like many people dont have or struggle with mental illness but the numbers are far higher. A lot of people especially men tend to hide mental illness because it is seem as taboo. Even the strongest, sturdiest best among people are still mortal too. Humans are a fragile machine and we all live on borrowed time. People who suppress any moments of struggle of doubt are also suppressing what makes them human. If we wanted to pretend we are fine all the time without using our frontal lobes then we would be pretty simple.. sometimes I actually believe depression is a sign of intelligence. It is difficult to manage but I believe people that are intelligent enough to feel depressed can work towards feeling better as well.
  13. Using the time to spend with family and friends. A lot of personal trainers are making quarantine workouts too so I am hopping on board for that. Lot of people dont like the president or how U.S overall handles this but we have a lot of really hard working and dedicated medical staff. The are brilliant people and kindhearted. The point of quarantine is to try to save lives. Imagine of you were the leader you would do the same thing. Sometimes leaders have to make tough decisions.
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