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  1. Hello from across the pond As weird as this sounds people may insult you because they actually feel inferior to you or because they like you. I know in my primary school a few boys made fun a chubbier girl but I found out that it was becaude they liked her but did not want to admit it. Perhaps the girl who called you ugly liked you but felt shy about her feelings. Either way bullying does not have a proper place but it may help your psyche if you realize that they are the problem as opposed to you.
  2. Along with the outbreak of Covid, there has been another virus spreading like wildfire. The virus of ignorance. In the U.S. there have traditionally been many anti-intellectual movements within history. Part of this is done by pitting science against religion but in the past even Angelican priests and monks contributed to science. We face cultural barriers to science and progress. This is problematic because people should make wise choices better for their health, safety and future. Instead getting smashed and hungover is glamorized and celebritirs have been in and out of rehab. We hold our people back by the cultural attitudes by refusing to make pragmatic choices. Instead people look down on soy and insist on red meat even if they have health issues. Also scams both politically and literally run rampant. This is because in a fact free world a liar can declare some truth and how can people discern the truth of they are not used to it? What we will do of Abigail calls and threatens to sue us over insurance payments? We will remember we have no car? It is my hope that the people harken to the facts. They do not need to change their way of life nor would I ask them to do so but I would challenge them to live with honor and also to make pragmatic choices and work with facts not against them.
  3. Congrstulations on quitting smoking it takes a lot of willpower so you are very strong! Theres a saying that goes "Vegas is built on losers" For every winner there are scores of losers and it is funny how the house always wins isnt it? To avoid gambling you have to learn to control emotions and think logically. Those who own gambling companies or other addicting things want people to think with feelings in place of logic. This is because they can first evoke feelings and then use those recently evoked feelings to make a sale. Feelings can be very hard to escape from. For example a mans wife dies in a car accident and then turns to drinking because the depression is unescapable. When my ex left me I had a lot of rage and anger all the time. I would hit punching bags until my hands would bleed over time they got stronger and my hands would not bleed anymore. I also found bodybuilding helped with my anger and it was an outlet. Your emotions of gambling wont go away but you will need to replace it with a more healthy escape that will not financially impact. For example, maybe you like fantasy draft or community spccer leagues. If it is bad you could also just have wife or spouse take your card or block the gambling website.
  4. Its generally unspoken but in corporate world and marketing there is a term that "sex sells" For this streamer, it may be more of a business and trying to be friendly to get gifts or donations than actually trying to form a relationship. Its not a good place to find a relationship, its like going to a car lot and flirting with the sales person. Love and romance can already cloud judgement. Streamers are in the business to make money by gerenerating views.
  5. Exericsewise you can try things like crossfit or youtubers with programs like ChloeTing. Theres tons of ways to exercise during covid with internet even with no equipment. If its the social element then you could try reddit or discord but you might not like those people but since covid affects everyone more people are using social media.
  6. Honestly traditional counseling with insurance copays is probably the best route. Better help is insanely expensive around 200 dollars a week to talk to a coventionally attractive person with a advanced degree. The extra cost comes from them assuming you are too depressed/unable to coordinate with a counselor and they take advantage of that. I would not trust them they have just been parterning with lots of youtubers lately but they are way too expensive.
  7. Hi, Honestly I had something similar happen. I was not able to get over my ex despite being with new women. This can happen from comparing the relationship and also its unfair to whoever you are currently with. The previous woman betrayed you so you should love who is with you and work on improving those things. For example, I liked that one of my exs texted me all the time. I mean looking back I did get tired of it sometimes but now my current girlfriend always texts me good morning and good nights and I like it but she also is not clingy like my ex was. I did not like that she doesent cook so we grocery shop together. And those things were all like fixable things and its best to respect and work with the person your with if they are being faithful to you
  8. Hello, I think you made the right call and I would not worry about it. This is because this guy acted liked he was entitled to a picture of you and that is a big red flag. When the dust settles you can see he was being very manipulative. It was not to veriify your identity as you said yourself you already had a recent profile picture. His quote about breaking your wall fundentally shows he does not respect you. Any rules you may set are like a joke to him and this is not a worthy guy for you. I am glad you stood by your values and did not cave. You have to set those barriers and determine if they are respected or not. That is how you can test guys rather than some mindless cliche quote they posted on their page as they solicit every woman they meet for pictures.
  9. To overcome loneliness you will have to work with other people. The world is full of billions of people men and women yet we feel alone because we don't understand each other. When we make judgements about all or most people it is important to understand that we are those people as well. Everyone here is human as well, we are the same type of humans. Unless you have scoured the world and met every person, surely you can find someone you can see eye to eye with. If you have built up walls around yourself to protect yourself, that is fine but you will also need to build a gate or a door. You need to find a way to let people into your life as well rather than just assume they always have bad intentions. I think people love animals so much because they do not feel judged by them. Sometimes if we see a very beautiful person we may say or think to ourselves we are not good enough to talk to such a person. If you have a grudge towards people you need to start with forgiving yourself, because many of our greatest wounds, challenges and obstacles come from within.
  10. Hi camilo, I think its fine to explore dark topics from an intellectual perspective to learn from it. I was intrested in historical wars and serial killers like why they do these things as some of them publish books or write long essays. Typically what I see is someone experiences pain and projects it onto random people who do not deserve it. Too many innocent people die during wars. They die for mistakes selfish leaders make or random innocent people. Its best to let people learn and think for themselves. You dont want to live in a censored world. There are many topics that take mental resolve to learn about. In the past college was only reserved for upperclass. The poor would go to bars and pulpits while the rich would learn these new peddled theories. I like that education is accessible with the internet but there is also more misinformation as well so its important to apply critical thinking and take the topics with grain of salt. You have a lifetime of experience, you are smarter than you think.
  11. Hi, I cannot relate to being well off but mental health affects everyone of all walks of life. Your primary stressors sound like work and relationships. If you are a U.S citizen please understand we are currently in the Iraq war, also president has declared himself a wartime president since the pandemic but hes a whole another topic, I dont think he sets a good example for people to follow. This is coming from a veteran. Jobs with clients are insanely stressful I think you might be underestimating the stress of the job. Why because sometimes it feels like you have to ve a people pleaser and you dont eat well if you lose your client, I had to get out of those jobs, id rather go fight a war than work with some clients. Thats how bad it was for me. At the end of the day take care of your mental health and avoid spiraling destructiveness. Mental health should be a priority just like work because it is legitmate and serious and people can really hurt themselves digging a hole. I had lost a friend of mine in the military to suicide and mental health needs to be something to be addressed with importance.
  12. You are welcome! The manager being offended by this is a fair criticism because typically employees will put in two weeks and it might add stress to the manager who is responsible for overseeing things. I think just keep your chin up and do your best going forward, if the manager talks to you just look them in the eye and tell them the truth and just be upfront. I don't think it is the worst thing and I definitely think it is a forgivable thing moving forward. I like to think of it as like character building it might make you feel uncomfortable when you return but just do your best and you will come out of it stronger. If you guys want to quit in like a month i'd just do the two week notice and try to have another job lined up. For anxiety, I think listening to ASMR on headphones and walking for an hour or so works really well, its like a sound therapy. I would try to be creative and find what works best for you to de-stress after work. Also I think getting enough sleep is really important also. I used to be in the military which had very stressful moments and taking the time to do basic things like eating and sleeping are essential to not forget even after traumatic events occurred. I hope the best for you
  13. Hi, It sounds like your managers actually might be pretty nice and you have some bad coworkers. I think your managers understand, sometimes people need to take a mental health day if they are overworked or exhausted. You and your brother might need to find ways to blow off steam after work like maybe going to the gym, getting a drink if you have someone to drive you or meditating. If you feel very self conscious about returning try to think of it from the perspective of others. Imagine you had a coworker who quit for a day and came back, it probably would not be too big of a deal especially because they are maybe focused on their own work as well. When you return if managers ask whats wrong, explain which coworkers are causing problems and just do your best going forward.
  14. Hi, I think if your struggling with discipline just lower the bar. For example when I was recovering I made really easy goals and accmplishing these goals builds confidence and then sets you up to achieve bigger goals. The way I view is that if the goal is too difficult or the task too daunting, break it up into smaller steps
  15. Hi welcome, If you have dosage questions its best to ask your medical provider.
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