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  1. You are welcome! 🙂 The manager being offended by this is a fair criticism because typically employees will put in two weeks and it might add stress to the manager who is responsible for overseeing things. I think just keep your chin up and do your best going forward, if the manager talks to you just look them in the eye and tell them the truth and just be upfront. I don't think it is the worst thing and I definitely think it is a forgivable thing moving forward. I like to think of it as like character building 😄 it might make you feel uncomfortable when you return but just do your best and you will come out of it stronger. If you guys want to quit in like a month i'd just do the two week notice and try to have another job lined up. For anxiety, I think listening to ASMR on headphones and walking for an hour or so works really well, its like a sound therapy. I would try to be creative and find what works best for you to de-stress after work. Also I think getting enough sleep is really important also. I used to be in the military which had very stressful moments and taking the time to do basic things like eating and sleeping are essential to not forget even after traumatic events occurred. I hope the best for you 🙂
  2. Hi, It sounds like your managers actually might be pretty nice and you have some bad coworkers. I think your managers understand, sometimes people need to take a mental health day if they are overworked or exhausted. You and your brother might need to find ways to blow off steam after work like maybe going to the gym, getting a drink if you have someone to drive you or meditating. If you feel very self conscious about returning try to think of it from the perspective of others. Imagine you had a coworker who quit for a day and came back, it probably would not be too big of a deal especially because they are maybe focused on their own work as well. When you return if managers ask whats wrong, explain which coworkers are causing problems and just do your best going forward.
  3. Hi, I think if your struggling with discipline just lower the bar. For example when I was recovering I made really easy goals and accmplishing these goals builds confidence and then sets you up to achieve bigger goals. The way I view is that if the goal is too difficult or the task too daunting, break it up into smaller steps
  4. Hi welcome, If you have dosage questions its best to ask your medical provider.
  5. Honestly, you have to determine if you just got back with the guy because of pregnancy. If you dont like his habits and dont think he is responsible, do what is best for the child. If it was me I would find someone responsible, if he really likes the baby he should have custody but he has red flags to a judge so they would not. Maybe ask a lawyer for advice
  6. A dog pilot might be ruff especially if they are always barking orders over the intercom! 🙂
  7. I love Seattle, it is such a nice city the space needle is pretty cool. Jobs are tough to come by since pandemic hit worldwide because many industries have gone under. I hope you stay strong and well for your family.
  8. Epictus made some really good points. In many Asian cultures failure to get straight A's or be perfect the parent shames the child. In Japan many people have struggled with living with feeling they let down others even the Samurai in history. Sometimes if you set yourself to the highest code of honor, the highest standards you may feel you let down because such lofty standards are very difficult. You can have high standards but instead of harming or beating your self up on failure, come to view it as a learning experience. For example, I fail a test, I can learn what the correct answers and methods are. If you hurt some you can make amends to that person.
  9. I am glad, I used to have a lot of anxiety as I grew up in a rough neighborhood and was in the military for several years. What helped me was listening to classical music or symphonic music. I also like Japanese music. I would walk for an hour listening to music even with a stress ball and gradually during the walk my anxiety and dread would slowly turn into hope and euphoric feelings. I like to think of feelings like a plant. You have to cultivate and nurture them, the feelings let you know what is wrong. People may feel sad at a loss or angry at an injustice and we need to use logic to listen to what feelings say to create a solution so they both work together. I myself am very into bodybuilding and I love exercise. Because gyms are closed during covid I have a home gym but there are many fitness youtuber who have free calisthenics programs. I think programs are helpful sometimes because they have structure or going by F.I.T.T principle frequency intensity time type for cardio, strength and flexibility and healthy diet. It can seem daunting so finding a simple program to try for a while abd make small healthy changes is a good way to go
  10. I would try to use empathy and think about it the other way. Imagine you love someone and failed them before because we are all human and imperfect and you want more than anything to regain that trust. It is not something that happens overnight but if someone is sincere on their motives you should try to trust them again. Its important to remember that no human being is perfect, organic humans and animals all make mistakes, even machines fall apart eventually too as well. I would try to look and identify the intentions of people as oppossed to their track record. I would rather trust someone with a good heart than someone cunning who coverd their tracks. Now it obviously matters what kind of situation it is such as surgery. You can give people various amounts of trust and importance in your life based on how they do with the small amount of trust you first give them. This allows you to protect yourself but also eventually allow good people into your life
  11. Here is a question to think about. If you lose your attraction for this person whos to say it wont happen again of you find someone else? It sounds like you enjoy spending time with them which is great. Here are some things I sometimes observe from others as why this happens. -Under lying issues coming to surface -Weight gain or weight loss -Emotional needs unfulfilled -Major life changes like moving or trying knot, having kids For 1st one working out the issues help for 2nd one exercise together but some people dont like their partner losing weight. I have actually seen that break relstionships but it is beyond what I even know but other people know and can advise If its the 4th one bonding more and commmunication helps. There are many other reasons as well
  12. A while ago I had a very devastating break up and betrayel on a cold winter night. When this happened I felt very cold inside. What helped me was that I did not define myself based on the feelings I had but what I did with them. My soul was like a junkyard with an incinerator and I would burn these emotions to create energy. I ended up getting the college degree my ex wanted me to get and I got a nice job. All along the way, I simply used my pain andd suffering as means of motivation. I turned to bodybuilding because pushing my body really hard and feeling the pain was a safer way than self harm and was a therapuetic and expressive outlet where I could take out my male aggression. I also used a lot of art and music. I find the right music will awaken your soul and I think you should search for music that inspires you and try to make your own as well. There are a ton of things I did and you just have to find what works for you as a unique person becuase we are all different. I wod focus on what type of feeling you have and what a good solution is. For example, angry you can get a punching bag. Sad you can hug your dog or watch a movie or song. Tired, try to sleep more. Hungry try to not skip meals. These are some examples for simple feelings you will have to dig deeper for the more complex ones.
  13. There are lota of prescriptions, you could try asking to switch without those aide effects or try lower dosage gradually depending on what it is.
  14. Maxx, It sounds to me more like this is a internal mental health struggle. It is great that your management actually cares to ask what makes you happy and gave you a positive review. Your kyptonite seems to be more depression because if you were not depressed you could just go ask a woman out and attend the interviews and keep vying for a promotion. If I was you i'd focus on self care and wellbeing and try to be thankful for the good things while working to improve other areas.
  15. Hi, I think meditation is great. For me music really helps along with it if your thoughts begin to spiral downhill you can try to incorporate music. I like to listen to asmr or play piano when I meditate
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