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  1. I got a new girlfriend yesterday but I had to delete all my apps. I was going through pictures of my ex and it made me think about the good times. I also remember when I was with that ex I was thinking about the ex before her and while I was with the first one I did not even like her at first. It seems to me that I do not appreciate people until they are gone from my life. It is quite sad and tragic. When I was single for a few weeks, I thought to myself if I just had a girl I would be okay. And she gave me all the hugs and kisses I could want. I still felt I was missing something though despite getting what I wanted. I realize that I am missing gratitude. That I must appreciate and be grateful for things or I will never be happy. I need to appreciate my job and the person I am with instead of always wishing for more. Regardless of what the future holds I need to enjoy the beauty of good things in life because I know some people cannot. I could be in the most beautiful environment but if I do not appreciate it, I have nothing. I could have designer clothes and a really nice car but without appreciating it, that will never fulfill or satisfy. When I seek to learn and grow and improve, I first must appreciate what I do know to build on top of it, rather than build from nothing each time. We must have what we have. I rarely read the this old book. I am educated, I am taught evolution but I look at the old Bible in Matthew 25.29 and somehow it begins to make sense to me now. Because I hear myself sometimes say I am better off alone, then I say I need love or I say I would give anything for a job, then I say I don't care about money I just want to be free and sleep in, then I say I want something to do. It is good to learn how to be content. I have met girls who are heartbreakers who make you feel and long for things unreachable but then I realize they are crazy and I realize the grass is not always greener on the other side. The turtle may wish it was an eagle but perhaps the eagle wishes it did not have to fly, that it had a shell for protection. We as people all have our own unique gifts, skills and abilities and I think instead of wishing I was someone else I should be happy with who I am.
  2. You should win an Oscar for the CLEVERFUL MEDaphors
  3. When I used to have really bad anger I came up with something I like to call mafia therapy. I use a bat and a sock mace and I have a punching bag and I smack it with the bat and talk like I am a mobster asking for protection fees and it was very therapuetic for me. You can roleplay however you want. If you do not have a bag you can go to a gym that has one, that is what I used to do. I would hit the bag until my knuckles bled and I thought about bob from the post office and the red haired boy who cheated with my ex and I got over my anger and competed my degree and I proved bob wrong, I did accomplish something in my life.
  4. I did talk to someone about this and one obstacle seems to be going from zero to hero in terms of mindset. It is a process that will not happen overnight. You can try starting with smaller goals like telling yourself one thing you like about yourself per day and work up from there.
  5. I know it can sound funny but sometimes you got to believe in yourself. Olympic athletes do this. It is a technique called visualization, because when people see themselves succeeding they can do it
  6. One thing about fitness in general is that there is often a maintain phase. I was talking to a gym instructor the other day and they said 3 class workouts to improve and 2 to maintain so usually when someone loses the weight they do not have to work so hard they can go into maintenance phase. The higher the fitness goals the more difficult it is to maintain. Even bodybuilders have bulking and cutting seasons, when a competition begins they have a small window where they are at their peak. Personally, I think people can set goals as far as they want. I live in America, it is individualism so if I want to hone myself to be freakishly strong I don't see anything wrong with people going as far as they want they just need to determine how they can maintain and workout all the details of day job requirements or other matters. This is of course past the point of working out simply for health but I think anyone benefits from even a little exercise. Also I think even if someone has a little extra weight they can still find love and have a great life. I have dated bigger people and I know both men and women who do that as well.
  7. Soarsie, My girlfriend ended up dumping me. Now all I do is workout, go running. I feel like a product in a window and people evaluate my worth lol you just gotta get angry and pump the iron and make him wish he never cheated >:D and one day he will come crawling back to you but then you just stand your ground and say no thanks
  8. Hi HazyBear, You could try to take the GARS-3 autism test. Also there are people who might have some traits that autistic individuals have but they themselves are not necesdarily autistic. If you have a lot of theoretical knowledge that is good you are intelligent. I think everybody needs practice to apply what they learned so maybe you just need more hands on experience to increase your skill. It is good to appreciate things like the sun rising. I saw a story of someone on a yacht that envied someone on a jet, someone in a sports car envied the person on the yacht, someone in a regular car envied the sports car, someone in a bad car wanted the regular car, someone on a bike wanted the bad car, someone jogging wanted a bike and someone in a wheelchair wanted to be able to walk. You can always make your life better it is never too late.
  9. Hello, You seem to be very motivated and driven in general which is great so you should give yourself credit for that. I think you should think consciously about what supplements you take because sometimes they come with negative side effects. A good example are anabolic steriods. Yeah they increase things but then your body naturally stops producing those things, also sometimes yoyo diets are dangerous. If you eat 11k calories after a fast then you may be fasting too long because you would feel starving so maybe fast a shorter time. It is better to have smaller goals but be consistent from my experience. Other than that you seem pretty smart I just think you need to adjust your strategies a little bit.
  10. The way the human mind works is we tend to focus on bad things sometimes. For example if you drive somewhere you will most likely be bothered by a crazy driving car than notice all the other cars that drive good. There are a lot of nice people out there but first you must overcome yourself. You will lose a lot of energy because you are fighting yourself because you are equally matched with yourself. You can try positive self talk and think like a champion.
  11. Hi, Finding love can be hard but it is better never give up on your dreams. If someone rejects you, you are better off without them because out there is someone who will accept you.
  12. My ex girlfriend wanted to break up like a week ago so I was really sad and could not sleep. Once I started talking to new people I could sleep again easier. Overall I think having healthy hobbies and positive social interactions will help you sleep. Usually people cannot sleep if they have negative or traumatizing interactions with people because people at their core are social from my experience.
  13. Hi, I think it is part of your partners responsibility to help ensure you feel secure. Talking to them about is the best way to address this. Generally speaking a good partner will lift you up and make you feel more secure. Bad partners try to hold people back like discouraging them from positive habits or feeling confident. If your partner is supportive then you may just feel insecure and can work through that alone and also with your partner and its definitely a fixable problem but thats how I used to feel. You should give yourself more credit you deserve to be happy. Humans are such complex and fragile machines and are capable of experiencing so much pain and suffering sadly but it is good to enjoy your life, I wish you well.
  14. Hi, Based on your message it sounds like the 1st girl is taking advantage of you. Sometimes women or men will toy with people who they think are out of their league either for a temporary confidence boost or for financial support. In this case it sounds like both. I think what you need to know or people this happens to in general is that these people are not better than you. You are like an ant that stores up and plans for the future and these woman just attack like grasshoppers wanting expensive dinners and to be treated like royalty until they are ready to move on. Honestly when I date, I dont go for looks at all. Theres enough stuff on the internet for that. Its better to go by character, I had far better experiences going by character and I would avoid the 1st girl like the plague. Sorry about your dog that is really sad. I am a cat person myself but I also like dogs beagles and saint bernards.
  15. Hi, When you date someone and it does not work out its better to just find someone new. If you talk to woman who give you the relationship you want you will be more happy with them. The reason for this is you can spend a lot of time and energy bothering someone who just wants to be friends will wear out both of you. Its better to just find someone willing because the offer you have is friendship but if you want relationship you need to find someone else who will offer that instead. As someone who has had mental health issues in the past my honest opinion is that people who have more mental health struggles should find more consistent stable partners. I started dating a woman who seemed a little boring at first but overtime I came to like her intelligence and stable demeanor and is a good influence.
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