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  1. Hi hello from Sweden! People have different philosophies for me I believe emotions and feelings are actually very important. I am a feelings person but I can still work with more logical kind of people. You say that emotions are just chemical reactions and this is technically true but they are also messages and you should listen to them. It is your body telling you things. If we want to be scientific humans have emotions because these emotions help them to survive. Women and men also like partners who can have emotions and share them and express themselves. With my emotions I have passion, with my passion I have determination, with my determination I have strength, with my strength I have power, with my power I break my shackles, with my shackles broken I am free. I dont remember the whole lol it is something like that Jedi code 🙂
  2. Maxx you dont have to feel sorry. It sounds like coworkers are not pulling their weight and that would be annoying. Theres good things you can clean your equipment or just hang out with the family you dont usually talk to. I know where I live the police out always asking where I am going if I head out they made it madatory. I miss fishing though my favorite part is cooking the fish I caught.
  3. Hi Atra, I know it seems like many people dont have or struggle with mental illness but the numbers are far higher. A lot of people especially men tend to hide mental illness because it is seem as taboo. Even the strongest, sturdiest best among people are still mortal too. Humans are a fragile machine and we all live on borrowed time. People who suppress any moments of struggle of doubt are also suppressing what makes them human. If we wanted to pretend we are fine all the time without using our frontal lobes then we would be pretty simple.. sometimes I actually believe depression is a sign of intelligence. It is difficult to manage but I believe people that are intelligent enough to feel depressed can work towards feeling better as well.
  4. Using the time to spend with family and friends. A lot of personal trainers are making quarantine workouts too so I am hopping on board for that. Lot of people dont like the president or how U.S overall handles this but we have a lot of really hard working and dedicated medical staff. The are brilliant people and kindhearted. The point of quarantine is to try to save lives. Imagine of you were the leader you would do the same thing. Sometimes leaders have to make tough decisions.
  5. Sorry to hear that. We need a more just society instead of treating workers like cheap tools. Sometimes you just got to be tough and stand up to these giants though. Maybe that seems too scary, you have to innovate and be creative like throwing a rock that hits the giant right in the head. I would not feel it likes your fault, this is a macro societal problem in America. Workers without Bachelor degrees have high rates of suicide and substance use. ..the truth is that you are a lot stronger than you think and they people who cause you this grief are a lot more vulnerable than you think. You are a mighty warrior Rob and you tell HR and you tell those you wont take this kind of treatment anymore! Because you can stand up to them and make a difference
  6. Without knowing the specifics the only the only advice I have is to keep things simple. It sounds like your are already going to school or college? You should not have to work if your are already doig that, I mean some people do. For one example, in an Asian household when the kid is an adult either they must go to college or start paying rent. Also for dating this might sound bad but maybe dont go for that heartbreaker bombshell especially if you struggle with depression. Those kind of people like to have 10-20 applicants a day eating at the palm of their hand, try to date some who makes you feel good. Trust me a practical, reliable down to earth woman is the best someone who will help you be the best version of yourself and reach all your goals.
  7. Hi, Its not good to compare yourself to other people or have a victim mentality. What I mean is this is your body, your soul, your life and your one life and you live for this earth for maybe around 80 years on average and you want to spend that time enjoying it. Rather than feel dejected that others around have gotten help it should be inspiring. If you do things the right way you can be accepted too.
  8. I dont blame people who worry or have anxiety because this is a legitimate epicdemic so the worries are legitimate. I think the problem is the worrying does not always help, we should just try to use common sense ideas such as covering coughs, taking vitamin C, washing hands and using hand sanitizer when a sink is unavailable. If someone does happen to catch it is not the end of the world, you will probably be contacted by a lot of health officials and quarantined. With good healthcare it is highly likely the infected will survive but they are going to have to be quarantined that is probably the hardest part. My partner is a nurse
  9. As a guy, with someone I had romantic encounters with if we decided to stay friends after that I feel in that context it would not be appropriate to xoxo especially if he no longer wants to given the history. In general though I dont remain friends with former flames just because I dont feel like it is healthy or productive but it really depends on the individual.
  10. To me coronavirus seems to be slightly more dangerous than the flu. More people have died of the flu but that ratio of deaths is much lower. If you have a 10% chance of dying from getting the virus that is pretty serious and significant. Thats why they are trying to contain it, if it just is allowed to spread a lot of people are going to die.
  11. Particularly for Christians there is a new covenant for gentiles as well it is not the heavy burden. Its good you are happy I would not feel bad about that. You should take care of yourself.
  12. Camilo, there are numerous research studies that show marriage is beneficial to depression even if the marriage is soso. As long as it is not abusive it definitely has benefits. I dont know where you live but in America people can get married even older they do it all the time
  13. I have had a lot of success dating as a guy. Basically I jumped through all the hoops women want and never complained as long as money was not involved. Just try to workout really hard, use cosmetics, good hygiene and follow all the guides. Treat women like they are special and show respect to them. If you get upset control your temper anger just burns bridges gets people no where in serious relationships. People have free will and that needs to be respected so sometimes you have to be willing to jump through the hoops they have in all honesty that is what I did and just kept working out really hard.
  14. You may have started off low but its time to try to fly. Its not where we start but where we end up! 🙂
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