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  1. Since I don't have a fixed doctor, this is a problem to me. Nobody knows my medial history well enough to make such decisions in my opinion. But I understand it's to make one as I don't visit them often and I mostly provide just the amount of data that is needed. Unless last time ... I kinda had a burnout at the doctor, perhaps that's why he reacted to drastically. I'm very glad that you took back control of your emotions, even if it's with drugs, it doesn't matter. As long as you feel better inside. But I must admit, before this experience I was kind of against anti-depressants. I though it was only for nutjobs ... but this is the narrow-minded world we live in. You never truly understand something unless you have first hand experience. Thanks for all of your advice, you have no idea how much you've helped :)
  2. That's the thing I needed to hear. Someone with experience acknowledging my though process. I just think it's odd for a doctor to start AD treatment this fast, without trying other things first. Especially since I don't know him well, because I dislike most doctors and medical personal (mainly because they always bring me bad news). Therapy should be the first treatment if you ask me, and if that doesn't work you can reach for other means. I really hope that the AD are helping you in life, but can i ask you something? Isn't AD for people who feel like they have more down-moments than up-moments in life? If AD evens them out, it seems that only one category would benefit from it.
  3. Thank you for your reply flasquish. The thing is ... I don't want to be dependent on a drug for the rest of my life (or most parts). I have never tried therapy that's why I think it's odd to go for AD right away. I know I'm not depressed because I have a lot of good moments in life too, I laugh a lot and make fun too. The feeling I had today ... the numb feeling .. it also decreases my good moods, not just my bads. And to be honest, I think I have more good moods than bad. It depends where I am and if I feel comfortable or not. I have the feeling I should try therapy first, because after doing so much reseach today (on this website and others), I'm afraid to be dependent from it. I don't want that. I don't want the side effects like having a low libido or cutting away on the good moments in life (and so much more). Do you think that is a valid reason not to take it?
  4. Luckily I don't have any withdrawals yet. Sorry, with withdrawals I mean side-effects.
  5. Hello, Today I took my first dose (50mg) of setraline and I'm not sure if this is right for me.... Let me introduce myself, I'm a 27yr old man that has a kind of social anxiety. I always have the feeling that people are judging me and laughing at me. I see them pointing at me sometimes too.... I'm afraid this has to do with the way I look. I barely have any hair left and my head have a lot of dents in it .... baldness runs in the family and the dents are from accidents I had as a kid. I have never had any experience with anti-depressants before. But I feel so numb, none of my feelings are coming through, okay ... I don't feel as bad as I used to in public, but now I just barely feel anything. The Sertraline is working for just 6 hours now and I can best describe as the feeling I had when I was on Ritalin as a kid (only for 6 months though)...; Luckily I don't have any withdrawals yet. The thing is ... is this drug right for me? My main problem is my self-image, I don't feel good being me, I hate the way I look. I barely have any friends because I'm not good at meeting new people, I always get the feeling as if they are judging me. I only get anxious when I get the feeling somebody is watching me ... I always feel like the're thinking something like 'look how that guy looks'. And because I get scared I never make eye-contact with people, I turn my head as soon as I see them looking at me. I'm NOT depressed, I just don't feel good being me and like to have more (or some ...) friends, or atleast some people I feel good by. The thing is ... I get these tics whenever I get the feeling I'm being watched. Sometimes my eyes start twitching or I can't control my tongue in my mounth, because I can't find to seem a good proper tongue resting-position. These 2 things (eyes/tongue) are definately noticable and affect the way I deal with people big time. So now I don't go out anymore, I don't see friends anymore, I just work in the week and have some (alone) hobbies in the weekend. It's true, I feel very lonely, but I don't feel depressed, I'm not unhappy, just when I notice people staring at me. I used to pass my time in the weekend by smoking illegal drug (wieed), It helped me overcome my weekend without being bored, but it surely did not help my social angst. I do not do this anymore because I noticed how it made me more anti-social. So I told this to my general doctor yesterday and I think he overreacted by subscribing me setraline. He says that it is known to work for social anxiety along with psychotherapy. But I think psychotherapy should be sufficient as I don't feel like I'm in a stage I NEED to take anti-depressants. I just feel ugly and hate that people stare at me ... but this is something therapy could work for, right? Also, I went to an eye-doctor today and he told me that my twitching was because I have bad eyesights and should wear glasses, because my eyes hurt ALL DAY LONG, but the fact is, it hurts most when people I get the feeling that people are staring because then I start to twitch .. .which accentuate my pain and trying to hide it is very exhausting for my eyes. Also they hurt from receiving too much light and then I my eyelids do pinch sometimes too. So I guess it's both problems. I'm sure If my eyes wouldn't hurt all day, I would be less afraid to look people in the eye because now they see me doing weird stuff with my eyes. How do you guys feel about my situation? Please reply as I have nobody to talk to ... (sorry for my crappy English)
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