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  1. I have always struggled with anxiety as well. I try to spend time outside for at least 20 minutes each day, exercise, practice mindfulness, rely on support through online or in person(trusted family/friends) watch fav movies/tv shows, read, listen to music, write...When you are up to it, write a list of things you like to do that are a healthy distraction, then keep the list somewhere so you can reflect on it when you feel your anxiety building.
  2. I saw your message in my emails...just want to let you know your post was ok, I got annoyed with Giseles comments. I am leaving/left for few reasons...just done with this. Wanted you to know it wasn't you though :-) Take care
  3. so, my thoughts on the way it was presented has totally derailed into something else. I'm over it, and done with this forum(s)
  4. I think you could of skipped posting on this topic. Your post is not helpful in any way.
  5. I didn't say the wording had to be gentle, just written differently. A simple direct "no posting images etc"
  6. lonelyforeigner, yes I am on meds for depression/anxiety. Kidsurvivor2011 no, not threatened...maybe just the way it's worded? better way to have handled it...I don't know.
  7. My anxiety is so heightened that even the warning that now appears on every.single.page of this website(The Warning re images etc)...gives me anxiety. I get it, forums need to be respectful, but I feel like it's a looming threat, why bother even posting if theres a chance forums will shut down because of some inconsiderate people?
  8. I feel like I just don't care about very much...which I know is not the truth, but what my illness wraps me in daily
  9. I know so many people that are going through such difficult times. Makes me feel hopeless, scared, darker than normal.
  10. Heavy, hopeless, lonely ,scared. When I hear it's the most wonderful time of the year, I really wish this was true.
  11. exhausted from having to be around people the last few days/be social
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