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  1. Just wondering if there was any guys on here from England :)
  2. Yh I wish I could too but I don't really feel connected to anyone in my life at the moment. I cant find a boyfriend because guys just want sex and to go to the gay scene which isn't my scene. My family are all quite repressed and have their own issues to deal with. I have gradually drifted away from my friends because I felt I wanted more out of life and I felt as if I had outgrown them. I want to start meeting people more on my level but I don't know where to start. So I suppose this is where my celebrity obsession has stemmed from. Helping me to cope with all this stuff. I have just finished watching my CO film may watch another now ha
  3. Hello everyone, I have just joined this group because I saw this post about celebrity obsessions and it made me feel relieved I am not the only one to feel like this. Its quite bizarre how I have become obsessed with my celebrity, last Saturday I watched one of his films and despite the fact that I knew of this actor and had seen him in films before I had never thought much about him before. But since watching this film last Saturday I have suddenly found myself obsessing over him. I have bought 13 of his films in the last few days and cant stop thinking about him, I am 28 and this has never happened to me before but I suddenly adore this celebrity. Its disturbing me a little but I am thinking it is some kind of coping strategy to deal with my depressed thoughts. I have used other unhealthy coping strategies in the past such as drinking and over exercising but I stopped those. I think this has become my new way of coping but it is annoying because I always seem to take things to the extreme. I find it funny too that the film I saw last Saturday was ten years before I was born and he is much older yet I still obsess about him.
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