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  1. Is there any scientific or medicine way of handling emotion or specifically speaking, anger, which is supported or proven by concrete data and evidence? Instead of folks or unproven thoughts, beliefs etc.....
  2. I don't want to bore you with a long story and nobody will want to read. In short, I'm living in a very densely populated country where people here are really and mostly bad, mean and ridiculous. This is not a widely accepted view here but it's agreed by many local people. My emotion could easily get triggered by very small matter but I have hard time dealing with it. In reality, you can't start a fight every time or every minute because someone unintentionally steps on your foot without apology, or when someone you don't know looking at you with a disgusting face. This is something that I feel so annoyed. My life is affected. I have been getting counseling here for many years by social workers. However, I don't think I have too much progress. I really wish my life would be changed, my emotion would be stabilized.
  3. My situation is, I could get angry so quickly in 1 second, it happens very often in my city where it is densely populated. However, I understand rules, I understand law, I understand I don't want to put myself into jail. I always try my hardest to stop my anger becoming fire. You read me? 90% people surrounding me are ridiculous, are outrageous. They like doing little things intentionally to just simply make you unhappy, then they are happy. Maybe you are believing that I am just overreacting and every people in the world are not very bad. However, I understand the people of my city very well, just too well. I cannot change them, and I will not change them. How can I release my anger more quickly? Or How can I reduce being triggered, being made angry? Any online reading?
  4. I mean, not your personal experience or feeling or thoughts about how to release. But is there any way or logical method advised by experts or professionals to help release anger quickly? This is my question. Over the years I have been thinking about "How I can release my anger quickly", a lot of thoughts by me and by the other peoplen but none of them likely works. Sometimes I think I should start to stick to "science" instead of just my thoughts
  5. Oh Yes... you read me.... I think I am not stupid, but I often unconsciously reveal my weakness to my "enemy", But we can hide our credit card number, we can hide our ATM passwords, but how can we hide ourselves? What can I do to avoid people understanding me too much??
  6. So, how should I respond to the foolishness of others when they are doing something that you hate so much, when they are speaking something that makes you feel so angry? when they are pretending to be very justified while they are obviously selfish?
  7. Before trying to keep a positive attitude to deal with some ridiculous people, How did you kick away the immediate anger that came to you when they threw you stones? Your idea is a utopia, but in reality most of us can only take small steps. I can't reach your utopia in one minute
  8. Sorry, but from what I understand, you are believing / assuming that I am having problems at the very first time so people treat me badly. When I am peacefully resting and people throw stones to me and I give them sweets, hoping them not to throw stones to me any more? I never see such people, at least in my past many years of life.
  9. To keep my long story short, I just try to highlight the important points. I am living in a very densely populated country where people here are very mean, they are not only mean with their wallets, they are also very mean with their mouth. No matter what you say they just tend to violently speak against you and attack you without the real points, they don't use guns but they like to use verbal violence at anytime, anywhere, without any reasons, while at the same time, they believe that they are very right, and they are very ..justified by all means which are definitely not the true. I have no ability to change the world, however, I want to change myself. I perfectly know that I can get angry very easily and I can become very angry. However, I can't figure out how I can do normally to put away my anger. Local people also get angry very easily but they can just "attack" immediately and say all the bad things with bad mouth in order to make you feel bad. It's their way of releasing the anger. However, I am too weak, I am not able to do that like them... Any advice??
  10. I have a friend, whom we have known for many many years. We have a lot in common, so I have nothing to be envious or jealous of him, and he doesn't too. He has a very very good point that makes him the best friend of mine, and I don't see 1 person who has this good among 1000 people I have ever encountered. However, at the same time, I am not joking. He also has a very very bad thing that , from time to time, I want to get mad with him, I want to shout out loud with foul language to him. and that bad thing also makes him quite unsuccessful in his life. I've told him, explained to him that he shouldn't be like that, but he doesn't change. What do you think? Yes, his good and bad should cancel out each other but people will tend to focus on the only bad thing even if you do 100 good things. Do you feel me?
  11. Thank you for all the kind advice. Good news is she doesn't know I love her so we are still "friends" Bad news is our friendship is getting farther and farther. Good news is I know she will talk to me again days or weeks later Bad news is I don't know what I should talk to her when she talks to me again Good news is I know she may have broken up with her new boyfriend Bad news is She has made me hurt pretty well and I don't feel like telling her how I feel. Good news is I have not failed completely. We are still "friends" Bad news is I can foresee that it will be a long battle....
  12. For the past two to three nights, I could barely sleep. I sleep a while and wake up.. sleep a while and wake up... You feel me? I am so heart-broken, I talked to her, I listened to her, I gave her advice, I told her jokes, but all of them was useless. I never realized that a good girl like her could start a relationship so quickly and easily with an internet guy that is not rich nor handsome. Only after that I realize that she is too "easy", and all she wanted is to hug a man because she is too lonely... You feel me? I feel so heart-broken because I fall in love for a girl that I thought she was serious but it turns out that she is just telling lies. She is just too easy,
  13. I have been under serious heart broken condition for a few days. I first met her two months ago and I always tried not to think about a relationship because of my personal financial difficulties. I emphasized to her I only wanted to make friends. She is 30+ and around my age but she is still single, never married, she works a job that some people would have some fantasy. However, on the first day I met her on the web, I told her I work a low-paid job and still lived with my parents, but she did not delete / block me and she still even broke my ice-burg every time. She told me that she once had a long relationship for 6 years but her ex-boyfriend needs sex too much and had affair with another girl so they broke up before marriage. She told me that her parents arranged a date for her with a young rich dentist but she refused it because the dentist is a dummy. She hates that. She emphasized to me that love is above everything and she would rather stay single. Her mum was persuading her to get married for many years but she always did not give in to the pressure. All she said was supported, they were not lies. She never hints for sales or money. There is no reason to tell those lies. After all, she is even a beauty. She works as a flight attendant. We had a lot of talks on all different social and personal matters every day on social network but I don't remember exactly when, our relationship was going down to the ice point very quickly. I am sure I didn't say anything that violates her but it just... it just happens.. Her replies to me became "OK", " I see" , "Fine". "Well".... and then because I don't want to be a troublesome so I texted her less and less and finally stopped texting her for 3 weeks. I was so unhappy during those time but I don't want to bother her and make her mad or hate me. After 3 weeks of time of waiting waiting and waiting, she finally first sent me a message again asking "How are you recently"? I was so happy and so excited and I talked to her so actively and friendly. But she quickly became "OK"... " I see" again. I tried to open a topic and ask her questions but she was still like that. I didn't stop texting her like that 3 weeks long but I then sent her message and opened a topic once every 3 days. Last Saturday night when I was like a dummy texting her questions and topics she suddenly asked me " Can I call you? I want to talk to you." More than 5 weeks we did not talk on the phone. I told her it's so noisy outside and I am heading home immediately. I ran home but when I arrived home one hour later she told me that it's too late she's gonna sleep. On another day she sent me a voice message briefing her last three weeks. I was so heart-broken to FIRST know that in that three long weeks when I was looking at the mobile device every minutes waiting for her message she was having a relationship with a NEW guy she met on the internet. It wasn't the guy is more handsome than me or got a lot of money it was because he was so active in getting her attention and telling her he loves her. I wouldn't be that heart-broken if he was a rich or, handsome or if he had done a lot of real great things to touch her. But No, he didn't do anyone. From my understanding, it was only because she wants to just, get a man, maybe ANY man. I am like a fool. I feel so heart-broken that from Saturday to now, three long days, I could barely sleep at night and I am so tired in the day. It's like , she failed all of her words. It's like, she is thinking and talking like a God but practically acting just like an animal Sorry my English is not very good. Hope you understand what I am writing. What I should do? I don't want to throw away my self esteem in getting her attention again. However, I can't give up her, at least she is now filling up my mind always.
  14. Forgive me if I am not asking this question very clearly because I don't want any bias. For quite some years, I have a symptom that happens from time to time which makes me so depressed when it happens, however this is not a physiological condition ( so it would not lead to pain, illness, disease or death). This is only a symptom - But this symptom could make me feel very depressed. There is powerful medicine to reverse the symptom to some extent, or at least, stop the progress of the symptom getting worse (but this symptom will NEVER lead to any disease) This "powerful" medicine is FDA approved so it's SUPPOSED to be safe. However, it's also warned that there is a slight chance of leading to serious physiological problems or even fatal disease. The chance is claimed to be less than 0.1% but from my personal research and personal guess, the chance is about 5% on average (my belief) In other words, would you place your bet for a game that would likely to win (95% of chance) and you would win some, but if you are that bad luck to fall into the unlucky 5% ,you would lose everything? I really can't make this decision.
  15. Thank you. I'll be natural and give the rest to God
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