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  1. Thanks, your word helped. I played it safe and we all still had a blast. I figured antidepressants of all kinds should not mix with alcohol.
  2. Hello all. I've been taking fluox. for a week now, and before that I had been taking bupropion for a month (for depression). When I was taking bupro., I was always fine whenever I drank alcohol. I know that had increased risk of seizures, but I was wondering if fluoxetine was similar in that aspect? I don't take alcohol with the pills, but I take a 10mg dose every morning with water and would be drinking later at night. I'm actually going out tonight and was hoping for a quick answer, but if I get no answer I'll just play it safe. I read through all of the info my pharmacist and doctor provided, but it doesn't specify anything about consuming alcohol while using the drug.
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