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  1. Hi Serg! I can relate a lot to what you are saying about feeling like God does not care, does not hear etc. I have felt that way too! the life events may have been different, but in the end, I can still relate to the feeling. Anyway, I just wanna say you are not alone and am sending you a lot of good vibes and prayers for your healing. I think what worked for me was to realize that I was angry with God, and tell God this, and know that God still loves me and does not get angry with us. God is always love, and that is what keeps me going. In the end, faith is about you and God, regardless of how that faith expresses itself. Just talk to God and let him get back to you and take it step by step. In everything, never forget that you are worthy and loved, and that God loves you. Sending you best wishes, Evin :)
  2. If this Birthday is accurate, then happy brithday (((((((((((Miss LejonHjarta)))))))))))) Happened to stumble by and see it on the feed. Am thinking of you and hoping things are well!

    1. EvinLejonhjarta


      Hi Chaaaakuuuuu!! yes, this is my real birthday and my real age lol! thanks so much for the kind comment!!!! I love it!!!! Hope you are well and everything is going fine on your end!!!!! Lots of hugs and thanks again!!! <3 always!!!!!

  3. Zoloft hasn't done anything for me other than make me gain weight. I gained 54 kg in the two years I was on it, and I have been working hard on losing that weight. I don't know if you have that problem, because maybe it was just me and my body..but just keep that in mind that it can happen. If you can use another med, then don't try Zoloft. Take care
  4. Hello and welcome here Mark, I hope you'll feel yourself at home with us :) Sincerely, Evin
  5. Welcome Steve I am very sorry for your loss. Hugs from Evin.
  6. Many hugs to you Lisa. I can relate to what you're saying, but I also know in my heart, that God loves everybody. Love from Evin
  7. Many hugs and much love to this family and to everybody in that community, and to everyone who posted in this forum. From your friend, Evin
  8. Hey Gene, welcome here! I am sorry you had so much pain and sadness in your life, and as a Christian I am also sorry for the crap my fellow believers have put you thru. I don't judge people on their dress code or style or whatever. That's not what it's all about, so, I am sorry you've had that experience. Not all Christians are like that, there are many of us who aren't like that at all, and there are even some Christians who are goths themselves. I know some of them myself, even if I am not one. Either way, I always respect everybody's choices and decisions about their life. I am sorry for all the other stuff that happened, and I hope you'll find friends here and a place to talk about your trouble and not be judged! Hugs from Evin :)
  9. I believe because I had a personal experience of God, and it changed my life. I do belong to an organized religion but I am free spirited within my faith. I keep an open mind toward all religions even though I specifically follow and believe in one, or call myself by the name of one of them. I know God is there and is beyond all names and views and in the end that people try to do the best they can to live a life that is good and just. I believe because I see the world and the creation and think someone bigger must have made all of that. I believe that God created the world and everything in it, but also believe in the science and big bang and so on. To me, science and religion/spirituality/faith do not clash, but are just two different sides of the same thing. I use male words for God, but I don't think that God has gender really, even if the prophets and teachers did.
  10. Hey man! Miss seeing you around and hearing from ya! Hope you're all right! Haven't seen you in several years! I haven't forgotten you tho, and hope you didn't forget me! Happy birthday and hugs from Evin!

  11. I am sorry he's not reaching out to you Mary. I am sorry his wife isn't either. That really sucks! I don't know why they're not, even if they have the education that should enable them to understand and deal with these things. I guess in the end they're just humans and they may be scared or don't know how to talk about these things? Even if you have a certain degree or education, when you face these things in real life, they may make you feel like wow what do I say?? I have been in such situations myself, where you want to say something,but everything seems to be too little or not enough. In any case, this doesn't mean that God isn't there or that God doesn't care! You can also find other people to reach out to you, such as your friends here at DF. Many hugs from Evin
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