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  1. Over-use of the words 'amazing' and 'weird'. 9 times out of 10 the amazing thing is not amazing nor the weird thing weird.
  2. The media's repetitive use of the phrase "in these strange times." There's nothing "strange" about thousands of people dying from a pandemic.
  3. I worry about my own teeth quite a lot. They give us so much grief don't you think? They often feel like such an evolutionary misstep. In the grand scheme of things, there's never a reason to get out of bed. What's your secret?
  4. Twitter. Dogs. Geek culture.
  5. Bags of rice I find to be the worst offenders. Those air-tight plastic bags it comes in, grr. Customers practically expect to be treated like royalty these days. You see it on review type sites where the constant concern is the customer service. What's worse still are the people who expect rules and regulations to be cast aside just for them. Amen to this. Anybody can and will be by your side during easy times, but it's during challenging and austere times where people reveal their true colours. The bonds between family and friends are not as strong as we're always led to believe.
  6. So fed up of living in a world of shiny happies.
  7. Same here. I'm not sure about the Joker being portrayed as an illiterate with the handwriting of an infant, but I did like the political and topical aspects, such as Thomas Wayne is now a corrupt 1%er and a brute. Also, loved the talk show theme throughout the film and was completely taken by surprise at what Joker does on that show. However, in regards to what Joker does and says on the Murray Franklin show; "you get what you f***ing deserve." This is actually a glaring error in writing and dialogue. I'm not sure how many other people have noticed this, but when you think about it, that line doesn't seem to make any sense. Is it not the fact that for literally the whole of Joker's life this man has NOT been getting what he deserves and this is what it has led to? Anyway, good film. Society is indeed an utterly heartless cesspit. It's enough to make anybody crazy...
  8. My sympathies to you Lady M. I used to suffer with the very same thing when my depression was at its worst. It's a kind of insomnia and lack of sleep makes depression a lot worse.
  9. *SIGH*...The quality of new movies has never been lower, the price of tickets and popcorn never been higher, and the presence of politics never been so blatant.
  10. I don't mind The Beatles, I have a greatest hits CD of theirs and find it enjoyable enough. My boss, however, does agree that they are indeed overrated. When it comes to overrated bands, a much bigger culprit for me is Oasis. I grew up in the 90s in Manchester and this band were utterly unavoidable. They were practically musical propaganda that if you didn't worship at the alter of Noel and Liam, like me, you'd be relentlessly subjected to social disapproval. Bland, turgid, dreary, humdrum aural slop that everybody went nuts for. My first 'Emperor's new cloths' experience in life. In fact the whole Brit Pop scene was all rather underwhelming and no where near as vibrant and inspiring as it thinks it was.
  11. What things do you all consider to be overrated? To start things off, some of mine include; Travelling Elvis Presley The Godfather films The internet Drunken nights out
  12. Starting to get irritated when in films and TV shows one character walks over to another character who is smoking a cigarette to which the approaching character's 'witty' opening conversational gambit is; "You know those things'll ki*l ya."
  13. I recommend you watch a review of that film by critic Mark Kermode. Really accurate and funny. It can be found on YouTube. Yeah, psychos are very in right now: Breaking Bad, Dexter, Sherlock, Mad Men, GoT, Kil*ing Eve. I don't have a problem with psychopaths in the media, but what I am concerned about is how these characters have slowly been changing from villains into anti-heroes into heroes.
  14. Mother Nature definitely seems to favour evil. I don't know if God exists or not, but we all know for sure that Mother Nature exists, and nature likes to create monsters. Our flimsy, poorly-developed sense of morality says that we should lock up all the monsters, but that's not what nature wants. I'm always reminded of this whenever I watch a good nature documentary, and I'm always reminded in the most sobering way that practically everything out there is trying to hurt you or ki*l you. Without question, my whole life, it's always been the most sociopathic people that obtain the happiest lives. Every now and then a nice person will make it in life, but it only ever looks like a fluke. Someone who has somehow managed to infiltrate Mother Nature's brutal barricades which only permit entry to the cruel, the soulless, and the vilest. I think you also need to take into account that people actually quite like evil. I've always observed that humanity's relationship with evil is entirely hypocritical, which is to say, nobody has a problem dishing it out, evil only becomes a problem for people when they're on the receiving end. Then it becomes an "outrage".
  15. Amazon vouchers. (They're more secure than using credit cards)
  16. People who ask "are you calling me a liar?"
  17. What bugs me and also humours me is the governments attitude towards gambling. On the one hand they encourage it as it helps the struggling economy and on the other they discourage it to give the appearance of being a responsible and concerned leadership. A text book case of wanting to have their cake and eat it.
  18. The celebrities I'm into are more low key types, of which about half you probably wouldn't have heard of. I have some interest in meeting the celebs that I'm into and getting their autographs, but the bigger celebrities out there like Taylor Swift, Dwayne Johnson and Will Smith I couldn't give a rats arse about. Complete indifference.
  19. According to the results, I'm the only only child here. It's never really been some kind of issue. I've never understood the stigma attached to only child's.
  20. I recognise a lot of this. I certainly agree that there are fake apologies which are used to placate the victim rather than a genuine plea for forgiveness. And I've noticed when it comes to forgiveness, more often than not, there's an entitlement to it. Most people don't ask for it, they demand it.
  21. When shops don't sufficiently refrigerate their soft drinks, so you either have to buy a warm one or nothing.
  22. Co-workers who insist I sign their birthday cards when nobody even remembers my birthday.
  23. I hate it when I have to resort to scissors. Makes the laughter in my head become very loud.
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