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  1. Just wanted to update that I'm 10 acupuncture sessions in and noticing continued improvement. Lately the acupuncturist has been giving me some Chinese liver supplements, which have helped significantly,
  2. Acupuncture is an input into the nervous system, it works for anhedonia by helping calm the nervous system with each treatment and (hopefully) eventually bringing it back down to baseline.
  3. *Facepalm* In other news, I'm 6 acupuncture treatments in and seeing significant improvement in my symptoms. I wish I started this much earlier.
  4. /\ That's pretty cool. Definitely updates us on how the tDCS machine works if you get it.
  5. What about St John's Wort? It supposidly upregulates 5HT2-A. http://journals.cambridge.org/action/displayFulltext?type=6&fid=626596&jid=PHN&volumeId=3&issueId=4a&aid=556444&bodyId=&membershipNumber=&societyETOCSession=&fulltextType=RA&fileId=S1368980000000562
  6. I just wanted to update you guys that I've now had 3 acupuncture sessions and it's looking like a promising treatment for me. It's fairly subtle, but after each treatment I've noticed I would say a 5 or 10% improvement in my condition. My chest and gut are starting to feel more normal and my full range of emotions is beginning to return. The acupuncturist says I'll probably be around 10 total treatments and the treatments are around $60 each. I'd wager that at this rate, after 7 more of these treatments I'll probably be feeling pretty decent, at least to a point where I can enjoy my favorite things again, feel emotions, and don't feel like living life is pointless. I'd also like to specify that for those who don't know my story, my anhedonia/emotional blunting started after I smoked some questionable garden shrub, had a drug induced psychosis, and was put on Risperdal, so mine is drug induced, although it's hard to tell from which drug. Overall if you can afford to see an acupuncturist I would highly recommend at least giving it a shot, it's not like there's much risk involved, especially compared to meds.
  7. I talked to another therapist a couple times, but he didn't really seem to think he had anything more to offer to me than my current therapist, and he didn't think that right now in the middle of a rough time like this would be a good time to switch therapists. I agree with you 100% about the meds, the only thing I've tried is Wellbutrin, which I was on for about a month. Not only did it not help me, it caused insomnia so I got off it a couple weeks ago. As soon as I got off it, I started to notice windows with glimpses of emotions. My psychiatrist wanted to put me on an SSRI or an antipsychotic but luckily I know better and politely told him to pi** off. Right now all I'm taking is Omega 3, and 2 supplements that acupuncturist gave me, a vitamins minerals and enzymes supplement and a detox supplement. I can honestly say right now I'm starting to feel a little bit better and feel like I'm on my way to recovering. It's hard to tell right now if it's just time and being off meds, or what the acupuncturist is doing very well could be helping. Should become clearer with more treatments.
  8. Im seeing a homeopath dr. its not exactly like talk therapie but there is talking , and i keep ja diary of my progress, or regress...she gave me some minerals like i said, i was there yesterday again, and she felt the need to repeat the tretment, since she felt that i have made some progress but i was under a lot of stress due to the university and exams ...and she wants me to take them now that I have time off:) the suposed to trigger the selfhealing mechanisms in ones body, and the work even if you are not takeing them anymore...its like a roc, if you push it down the hill, theres no need for you to run after it and push it...its going by itself:) so..i took it yesterday and i can honestly feel that it is trigering this very positive emotions i was feeling when i was myself completly...so im very happy i desidet to see a homeopath:) I'm really glad to hear it's working for you. That sounds similar to the acupuncturist I've been seeing, along with acupuncture he also does supplements and herbs and that type of stuff. I've only had one treatment so far (it was just a standard treatment to see how I respond to acupuncture) but I'm going back to see him next week. Hopefully he can recommend some stuff like that to help me recover. I'll definitely keep you guys updated on if the acupuncture helps. The reason I ask about therapy is because I've been seeing a therapist for over 7 months now and haven't gotten anything out of it, so I've been thinking of just not going anymore.
  9. I'm just curious, those of you with anhedonia who have tried one on one therapy, do you feel it's helping you at all?
  10. I had such a bad experience with Risperdal that I'm never taking another antipsychotic again. The only reason he wanted to give it to me anyways is because he was worried I still have psychosis, which I don't.
  11. Are all psychiatrists clueless about anhedonia or is it just mine? I just saw him, I've been taking Wellbutrin for a month now, it really hasn't helped much other than maybe lifting my mood a little and has been causing ridiculous insomnia, even Trazodone doesn't knock me out. I told him I want to get off all medications and let my brain heal, he told me I won't get better unless I take meds. He wanted to give me ECT, put me on Abilify, put me on an SSRI, thankfully I know better and refused. He also told me it's only emotional trauma and there's no real damage to my brain, BS! fMRIs of anhedonics show that their brains work differently than a normal brain, if that's not brain damage I don't know what is. I'm trying to switch psychiatrists and see if I have better luck with another.
  12. I've recently decided to start experimenting with meditation. I've been using this track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvME_EylPXU Twice a day for a few days now, and I actually think It's made a noticeable difference in how I feel. Does anyone have any recommendations for a type of meditation that's good for anhedonia?
  13. Anhedonia is defined as the inability to experience pleasure, so I think you can still experience negative emotions and be anhedonic.
  14. Anyone tried acupuncture for anhedonia? I know they use it to treat depression so I've been thinking about giving it a shot because it seems like unlike psych meds worst case scenario it doesn't do anything.
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