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  1. Thanks for all the responses. (As an aside, the PH program is also called Intensive Outpatient- maybe that's how it's called more often.). Thanks, AA, for the encouragement. I guess the "will it really help?" question is the main one for me. And of course I can't know the answer unless I try it. What kinds of things of you actually do in these programs? Is it more of maintenance and helping to stabilize you, or more of helping you grow beyond where you were before?
  2. Hi. This is my first time posting here. I’d like to hear others’ ideas and experiences about partial hospitalization. My therapist recommended it for me, but I have a lot of misgivings -- i cant tell if it's right for me or not. Some background: I’m dealing with depression. I’ve always been kinda dysthymic, with episodes of full-on depression scattered in there. This present episode has lasted for 3 years. It started from a cluster of lousy life events, and then moving across the country where I know no one. I started therapy, and am using it as an opportunity to dig out some long-term issues of feeling worthless, painful stuff from growing up, etc, like giving myself a psychological overhaul. So I have at least some insight into the long-term stuff, and some into the present life events. But the therapy is raising all these painful issues that I have to deal with. And I’ve tried a ton of medications, and nothing is giving me day-to-day relief. That said, I’m doing particularly crappy (crappily?) these days and my therapist recommended partial hospitalization – I think she’s worried that I’m spiraling downward. I’m not sure exactly what it’s like, or if I’m a good match for it. Has anyone here done this kind of program? And has it been good for you? Thanks for your thoughts.
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