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  1. Hi everyone it’s been a long while since I have posted on here. I have suffered from COs since I was 7 and I am almost 40 now. It seems every two to four years I get a new CO. Currently I am totally head over heels over a band member from the 70s. I spend a lot of free time looking at his videos or pictures of him. I watch this one particular video so much that YouTube lists it every time I log on. I watch the video at least once a day because the song is absolutely beautiful and he is just so gorgeous in that video that I need that fix every day. I keep hoping one day I will be cured of this but so far COs keep rearing their ugly heads. I hope the rest of you are all doing okay.
  2. I would have been in trouble years ago. Lol. My current CO is 67. I've always liked older men.
  3. I always wonder that too. All my relationships have failed miserably. And I don't think I can give up my CO for one. I am thankful for family and especially my best friend. I can talk to her about my CO and gush about him and show off his pictures and she does not judge me. There have been several times I thought of giving him up but my CO is too therapeutic for me to give up.
  4. Thank you for your replies. I do feel better. I guess all that matters is how I feel about my CO. And I think he's the bees knees. However I am going to take a break from posting him for awhile. Just let things blow over and just fawn over him in private.
  5. I had to share this. I use tumblr and have found out there are some really nasty mean people on there. I posted a goofy picture of my CO on there and of course I thought he was as gorgeous as always and I got this anonymous reply about the photo: "Hello there! I’m a fellow (CO) fan myself but seriously... the thing of (CO) you posted recently was tagged “good lookin” “sexy af” and “such sexy lips” or whatever crap. That picture is probably the ugliest picture of him I have ever seen. Like really? I would understand it if you said he was cute and funny but “sexy”????😖" This hurt me right in the feels and I cried. How could someone even say that?! Maybe I'm being irrational. I then posted how my CO really wasn't that great looking anyway and I felt horrible for even saying that. I spent a whole hour deleting all the captions and tags on all my CO's photos. I won't even post him anymore in fear someone will say something nasty again. I'm still upset about this and not just because the person insinuated my CO was ugly, but because I felt like they were calling me stupid for even saying stuff like that. This has made me feel worthless. I can't bear to read or see anything mean and negative about my CO. He is no Chris Hemsworth. He's short and on the goofy side but I find him so wonderful and beautiful and perfect.
  6. I was let down in the most horrible, terrible way possible yesterday! I wanted to almost **** myself. Today was spent putting pictures of my CO all over my room to help me feel better. My best friend is leaving my workplace, my baby quail died and my ma doesn't approve of my bible study lessons with my new Jehovah's Witnesses friend. And then this letdown of massive proportions. Could this summer get any worse? Sorry I just need to vent and cry! 😭😭😭
  7. I am sorry you are feeling down. I know what it's like to see stuff on the internet that hurts you. Just now I came across a photo of M smooching some (not even pretty) woman when he got his star on the walk of fame. My heart clenched up and I'm upset! But I'm going to try and not let it get to me. The photo is three years old and he's still single. But I wanted to break my screen when I saw that. Why oh why do I feel so strongly for him?!
  8. Decado, I hope you are okay! Car accidents are no joke and very, very scary. Sending virtual hugs. {{{}}}
  9. My first ever CO was Captain Kirk/William Shatner from when I was 7. He's been an On again off again CO the last almost 30 years. I have heard about him not being very nice to fans and being rude. This really hurt me seeing that as I wanted to believe he was perfect. I've also heard a few stories about M not being very nice but most people that have met him says he's a real sweetheart. He serms like a decent human being. Coworkers don't complain about him, he hasn't been involved in any scandals etc. For the most part I'm happy with my CO. I enjoy looking him up and watching videos of him. It helps that he's single too. I wish everyone here was happy about their COs and not stressed or depressed over them. I know I was those things when a CO would have a significant other and I would avoid media at all costs. I wish everyone a well week. I'm by myself this summer as family has left for 6 weeks. I am sad and lonely but my CO is keeping me afloat. Thank goodness for him.
  10. I am sorry to hear that you felt letdown after meeting your CO. Oftentimes we have certain expectations when it comes to meeting our COs and more times than not, it isn't what we expected or wanted. I was on cloud nine after meeting mine but I also felt letdown and depressed because it all happened so fast and we had to part ways. I hope you felt a little something good when meeting your CO something you can look back fondly on.
  11. I think we all feel that way. We enjoy seeing pix of our COs and of course they look great in every picture. M could be very dressed down and I would still think he looks terrific! He sure knows how to rock a tux. Someone was saying he looks so good in his pictures that he makes the clothes talk. So true.
  12. That's good that your CO episode is improving. I still look up pictures and vids of M all the time. But so far there is no negative effects . I do have a thing for a Marvel villain. Lol I won't say which one though. 😊 I was curious if anyone else has a comfort object of their CO? I do and I often have it with me especially in times of stress or unhappiness. It brings me solace and just makes me feel better. I bring it with me on trips or for rides in the car and I keep it next to me at night. I know that sounds crazy but it really is therapeutic for me. I have had a comfort object for each of my COs. My family knows about it but are very respectful to me about it. I used to keep a picture in my car of my CO but I stopped doing that because a few times I loaned out my car to someone and forgot about my picture. It was embarrassing. I do have to admit that I loathe my CO's ex. They were together for a long time and whenever I see her, I get so jealous of her even though it's been over 20 years since they were a couple. I guess it doesn't help that I absolutely hated the show she was in. A very popular show in its time that I found so stupid. I never liked her anyway even before M was my CO. But I am relieved that he is currently single. Not like I have a chance with him but it helps further the fantasy in a positive way.
  13. I was watching a well known movie on Netflix (I've seen it lots of times before) but this time when the main character came on, my heart just fluttered like crazy especially when he kissed the girl in the movie. He's made my heart flutter before but not to CO status until now. I love how quirky he is and his curls. Lol And he is a very versatile and talented actor. But sadly underrated. His movies range from comedy to dramas and he is superb in each one. He's played good guys and bad guys and I've enjoyed all his performances. He is just the bees knees! ❤️❤️❤️ I don't know if I could say I have a certain type. But I have never had a CO on a current mega star. I've had megastar COs but not during their time of huge stardom but afterwards if that makes sense. Though MK has consistently been making movies the last few years and has another one coming out in 2019.
  14. Hi everyone It's been awhile since I last posted here. I see some familiar faces and new ones. My CO obsession is still very strong. I got to meet my last CO two times and get his autograph. While he isn't my main CO anymore, he still holds a special place in my heart. I have a new CO, MK, who has been on my mind a lot lately. His pictures cover my bedroom walls as did my last CO. I really want to visit his Hollywood Star which is only 300 feet from my other COs. I'm able to function normally in life and work but my CO consumes all my free time. All I do on social media is post about him. I even tell my coworkers that I have a bf named M. Most days I can get through ok but some days I cry because I can't ever really have him even though he is single and not seeing anyone right now. Oh well. A girl can dream.
  15. Hi everyone! I finally got to meet my CO on Saturday May 7! Not only did he look GREAT! but he put on an amazing show! Of course when I got to meet him finally after 26 years, I froze and couldn't think of anything to say. We got our picture taken and then he said thank you to me. And I was able to say thank you back. I wanted to shake his hand but it was too late as the line for photo ops was moving pretty fast. I am hoping maybe to at least see him in San Francisco in December for a sci fi con. On a good note, the picture actually came out great. I look so genuinely happy in the photo. I usually hate how I look in pictures, but meeting the man of my dreams was enough to make me look halfway decent. This is a moment I will treasure forever!!!!
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