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  1. I ended up smoking some garden shrub on the weekend which helped me unwind and sleep, I'm in two minds about whether I should be giving it up or not. The drugs side effects seem to be wearing off now, just feeling very tired/unmotivated but still managing to do some work and exercise, I see my Dr on Friday to get some more citalopram.
  2. I've been feeling this way for a while now, I seem to spend the day just surfing the web without ever really taking it in. The guilt from doing nothing all day is really bad and makes me very stressed. I don't think there's too much you can do except say to yourself that this is the illness and as soon as I have the energy I will attempt to do some work. I'm also terrified that it's not the illness and I'm just really lazy but I find I cannot focus or concentrate if I try and do anything productive.
  3. I'm in complete zombie mode but still managed to do some work and phone a friend.
  4. Thanks, I'm just worried they will not work more than anything :) I just read that it can take a few weeks for the insomnia to clear, I can definitely handle that and most of the other side effects have worn off. I'm also booked into some CBT workshops starting next month and see my GP on Friday to update my prescription,
  5. Having a very low energy tired day today, insomnia was bad last night and today I'm in a daze. Going to try and push through and get something done, anyone have similar symptoms with citalopram?
  6. Depression can happen for no reason at all, you maybe genetically predisposed to it, we all want everything to fit in neat boxes but sometimes the rational answers are the most unfair.
  7. I have only self helped for 14 years, this is the first time I've been on treatment. In those 14 years the only way I could lift myself up was to exercise daily and eat properly and I'm the opposite to most people, I don't feel any benefit after doing exercise, in fact I hate the pain afterwards. So to answer your question, yes you should exercise and eat well, they make a big difference.
  8. Drugs work differently on everyone, I guess we have to try and be objective and notice the changes. It's hard not to be anxious about whether these pills will work or not, but we just have to remember that even if they don't, there are plently of other treatments to try in our lifetimes.
  9. Feeling exhausted but insomnia feels like it's getting slightly better every time, last night I got to sleep quickly and only woke up a couple of times. Never got a great sleep but this is noticeably better than day 1 and 2 of taking the tablets and we should focus on the positive over the negative, I've noticed that the rush or buzz these things gives you is making me restless in the day and night. I managed to get a decent cardio session in, I must be feeling a bit more energised even if mentally I can't notice it, I'm going to try and do a tiny bit more work than yesterday despite just wanting to lie down, even if I can't concentrate or focus I've decided to at least try and get some positive things done each day, even if it's only personal hygiene, cleaning or chores.
  10. Hey, Like you I started having the depression symptoms in Uni and I had a good social life, I started getting anxiety soon after. Can I say you are doing very well to be keeping up with your hobbies and social circles, my only advice is to make sure you maintain this and keep going with the treatments, it might take a while for the doctors to find what is the right treatment for you.
  11. Thanks for the support guys, I am now taking them in the morning, sleep has improved a tiny bit each night. I think you're right that this seems to exaggerate the symptoms of your depression even more at the start, feeling very anxious, tired and spaced out. Today I managed to take a walk and do a bit of study for work, every small step counts. I have to say I'm kind of enjoying the buzz these things give you
  12. Yes, it's worth it in the long run, I never slept at all last night, but on the upside I feel less nauseas today.
  13. This kind of feels like you're on ex or MDMA, been nauseas and very spaced out and had a very rough nights sleep. Taking a break from work so my body can get used to the medication. I ended up looking up the side effects as I was definitely experiencing some, what I read suggested these a prominent in the first few days to a week and then subside. Overall though, nothing too bad, keep clenching my jaw like I'm high and it kind of triggers past rave memories, which is fun. No change in mood but not expecting that for a few weeks.
  14. Just started medication so will let you know. In theory it's completely sound, studies have shown depressed people react to these medications much more than a control group.
  15. Yes, it's actually a bad idea, it's refereed to as the nocebo effect as in the opposite to the placebo effect, we look up the possible side effects and thus experience them.
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