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  1. I don't have personal experience but friends have used them. I have heard some good experiences and some bad. It is likely good to try to filter people as best you can. Also, as you likely know, meet in a public place at first and tell someone else where you are going. Just for safety. I do know a few horror stories from friends who used dating sites but I also have known some who found love and got married and seem happy.
  2. its possible my friend knows deep down some insight about this. I am not sure but maybe.
  3. It does sound like you are under a lot of stress. Depression and anxiety do make it harder to handle stress. In one very stressful time of my life, I was crying lots daily and just feeling really lost. I do not know what you should do. It is possible you will get more used to your new job with time. I have found the beginnings of jobs to often be difficult but later they got more normalized and easier. I think the suggestion above of exercise is a good one if you can do it. Also, perhaps look into finding a therapist unless you already have one. Another thing that helped me for a while was doing meditation. I stopped it but while I did it, I found it pretty helpful. Sometimes there are groups or classes about it. I think my health insurance has a non-religious class on it for instance.
  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one with this experience. This particular friend does have some very real problems but I feel like I am not really able to help. I used to think I could help somehow. Well, its not like I'm cutting them out of my life, but I may just handle it differently. Actually usually when this person doesn't contact me much, it means they are doing better so perhaps that is the case right now as its been quiet between us.
  5. hi and welcome. It can really be tough to find a job. I don't know where you live, but it sounds similar to where I live. Various people I talk to relate to me that it takes so long to find a job. It did use to be easier. Now it seems there are fewer jobs available. All I can say is to not give up and keep trying.
  6. I hope so too. Its frustrating because the anti-psychotics do really make me feel better but I think since I've been on them so long, that the really bad side effects are happening. Mostly worried about swallowing and tardive dyskinesia.
  7. been in a streak of watching netflix movies. saw World War Z. Its good if you like zombie horror.
  8. Lately I have not been eating very healthy either. I do like some healthy foods but I just seem to be in a pattern of making poor food choices. This results in me feeling sick a lot after eating. You'd think that would make me change, but it hasn't so far. Anyways, just thought I'd add this. I struggle with making healthy food choices. I used to be better at it.
  9. I'm on several medications. One of them was Seroquel. However, it seems to give me panic attacks and then just recently I noticed it was making it hard to swallow. I also was starting to get tardive dyskenisia from a different anti-psychotic that I now have not been on for a while. The TD has gotten better but I'm still worried about it. So anyways, I decided to not take the Seroquel last night. Or this AM. I do need to message my doctor about this. I am just too scared to take it for all those reasons. But the main effect is I woke up feeling much more depressed. I am going to ask the doctor if there is some other medication to substitute for it. Oh and also my sleep was crummy. I did sleep, but was waking up a ton so it wasn't that restful. From past experience, (I quit Seroquel once before a long time ago), insomnia is typical for me when I quit it. I am not sure what I need medication wise. I already take Wellbutrin for depression in the AM. Then Remeron at night for sleep but its also an anti-depressant. Neither really seem to be doing that much. I am thinking I need a mood stabilizer but really I am not sure. I really do not want to be on anymore anti-psychotics because of the TD. Also, have already tried most of them anyways and each one had some bad side effect for me.
  10. I took Effexor a long time ago but did not have any negative sexual side effect. I think it can really vary from person to person though. I know you are asking about women, and I am a woman, but I had this male friend on Effexor and it affected him really bad in terms of sexual stuff.
  11. That is a good question. I would ask your doctor about it when you get a chance. One thing about almost all medications I have taken is that they all make me incredibly thirsty. So I guess they are dehydrating? Seems like that could affect running or any sport. Just my random thought about this.
  12. I have told some therapists in the past about suicidal thoughts. None of them ever freaked out. The most common reaction was for the therapist to suggest doing a safety contract. Basically the therapist wrote down on a paper that I would call the therapist or 911 (emergency line) if I was feeling like I was going to go through with a suicide plan. I do think its good to have someone to talk to about your thoughts. I tell my psychiatrist if I feel suicidal. He has known me a long time so knows its really suicidal ideation (just thoughts I won't act on). Since I'm sharing my experiences, I do want to let you know that telling a crisis counselor who did not know me resulted in them putting me in the psych ward against my will. That happened twice. Another time I called a suicide hotline and got mad at them so hung up, so they sent police to my house. that time, the police would have taken me to the psych ward but they said I could stay home if I woke up my husband. it was 2am so not ideal but I woke him. My opinion is that suicidal ideation is pretty common. Well so is depression. I have heard that some ADs can make you feel worse. Don't let what I'm saying here prevent you from talking about suicidal thoughts with your therapist. I just wanted to try to share what I've experienced.
  13. I personally would not tell any employer about any of my mental health conditions. I agree that its none of their business. I have had bosses get curious as to all my absences for medical appts but I kept it really vague.
  14. I do not have that many friends. Due to this, I have had the tendency to keep just about anyone who wants contact with me as a friend. One particular friend is pretty draining. Our relationship is not a two way street. They tell me their problems and I listen. They never listen to my issues. I have been getting progressively tired of this one sided relationship. Also this friend wants tons of attention and does drastic things to get it. I have been giving this person less attention lately and they seem to be contacting me less now. Also, the way my depression is right now, I do not really want much contact with anyone. Not sure what the point of sharing this is. Anyone else have a friend like this?
  15. I try to remain anonymous. At least on forums. I might delete my facebook. I never use it and dislike it. I try not to give out my full name to anyone really since certain sites will list all my contact info, such as address. I do not know how it got on there really.
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