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  1. I was just reading about ADHD Innatentive type and I really can relate to it. I just don't know if medications really help or people try to learn to live with it without medication? I know it would be important to seek a medical opinion and try not to diagnosed myself. Thank you!
  2. The more I read about ADHD, the more I question myself. I have a lot of symptoms but not hyperactivity. Here are a few: 1. Focusing on a conversation: I zone out and I don't listen to what someone says. Often, I can ask the same question again later, because I don't even know if that person told me what I want to know. 2. Mistakes at work, trouble focusing 3. Procrastination 4. Forgetful 5. Don't finish what I start 6. Can't stand the stress 7. anxiety 8. Depression I have a lot of the symptoms but not the restlesness. Here's my questions: 1. Do you have to be hyperactive to have ADHD? 2. Can you take AD with ADHD medication? 3. For the people who are treated with ADHD medication and AD, do you noticed any improvement in you depression and symptoms of ADHD? Do you feel that your brain works differently with the medications? Do you feel better? If so, can you explain? I would like your opinions before I take an appointment with my doctor. Thanks!
  3. I am sorry that you went through this. whatever your a man or a woman, abuse brings shame. You have to tell yourself that the future doesn't have to be like the past. Today you have the choice to CHOOSE your girlfriend and you have the right to stop your relationship if you do not feel good in it. Believe me, i understand you about not trusting the other gender anymore. But i try not to over generalized with my thoughts. There are good persons out there, look at you and me. If you get into the same kind relationship in the future, try to analyze why you attract that kind of person and what are their common personnality traits so you can see them coming from far away! Don't beat yourself to hard with what happened. It was not your fault. Something good will come out of this. Maybe you learned to be more vigilent in your future choice of relationship? And i think it's a good thing. Be kind with yourself...
  4. Hi Loonawhite, I take Cymbalta 60 mg also. It took me a good 3 months before seing good result. One thing i noticed, is that it doesn't help me that much for my anxiety. So i decided to take other steps to help me with it. But I don't have my depression symptoms anymore. It might be a good idea to change your dosage if you feel so bad, because after 2 months you should see some improvment.
  5. I'm so sorry! But 70 % !!! It will be taken from your paycheck automatically? Don't stop to try talking with the manager. I'm sure someone will come to there senses.
  6. Hi AliceTJ, I haven't seen your post before today, maybe because it is in the upper part of the board (I usually read the ones at the bottom...) I'm sorry you are going through 2 difficult separation. About the 1st separation: Is there any way you can block his phone number? This way he won't be able to harrass you again. About the 2nd separation: I don't think that it's fair to you when he says that he doesn't want to be in a relationship anymore, but wants to keep you around and sends text that he loves you. I'm sorry, but that's plain manipulation. He wants both. You know, I am a kind and generous person and i tend to attract manipulator also. They know that we don't want to hurt anyone and have a hard time standing our grounds. Perfect victims for them! That's why i'm working very hard at setting limits for myself. Usually manipulator, don't like that and they are not attracted to strong people, because they can't manipulate them! Deep down, you know what you have to do. Don't stick with someone who doesn't know if he wants to be part of your life. Find someone who knows your real value and who wants to share his life with you. Sorry if I sound a little harsh, but I have a hard time with manipulation. Please, take care...
  7. Oh, man, I have to stop reading DF and go back to work! Shhhh, don't tell...
  8. Right now: home made chicken noodle soup...Miammmmmm.
  9. Today I am planning to track my negative self talk and turn it around into a positive one.
  10. Thank you for giving us hope! Seeing your progress and well being means that we can all feel better at some points and hope is the most important thing! Congratulations for all the effort you made!
  11. I persevere all the time, rarely quit. I'm full of good intention towards me and others. I'm very curious, so i search all the time for solutions I am very peaceful, so it is very healing for me to get surrounded by nature
  12. Usually, I get anxious when i'm by myself and i have time to think. In the car, when i shower,... When i'm busy or around other people i'm fine.
  13. Hi NickyLynn, Yes I can relate to a few of your symptoms. But what I mostly want to add, is that you can be very functional and still have a depression. You don't have to have all the symptoms to being diagnose with it. I know i was still working, doing sports, but still, I have depression. There is a lot of degrees to it. But the symptoms you wrote are importants one.
  14. Maybe, it could be related. To be sure, you have to avoid gluten for at least 1 month, without cheating. And after that time, eat gluten food again and you'll see what happens. 2 years ago, i had to do a few food testing because of a severe allergy. I stopped gluten for 1 month, and honestly i never felt better in my whole life. A lot of energy, clearer mind like a fog was lifting off, happier, better sleep. But, eventually i started eating it again because it was not the cause of my allergy. I found it hard to stop eating gluten, because it's in almost EVERYTHING! But i was thinking of doing it again because the results were very positive. Try it, you never know. Let me know how you feel after 1 month.
  15. Welcome Jackie! You'll find a lot of helpful people and information in the forum.
  16. I do agree with henrithecat. If she starts talking about her conspiracy fears, you can tell her that you don't want to hear about it and if she doesn't stop, you will have to call her back another time. But what is very important, is to follow up on the consequences (which is not easy). Best of luck to you!
  17. I work for a group insurance broker, and if they received a report from your physician or your specialist they will analys it!
  18. I haven't exercise in a while (not feeling like it) but I know that when I run, I feel so much better afterward. So much calmer and alive. I know it's good for me but I always found it hard to kick myself in the b*** to go outside and do it. Even before my depression.
  19. Hi Exolas, I'm sorry you are going thru this. The feeling of being rejected is very painful. I don't know why you keep being rejected like this. I'm not saying that your like this, but if you come out as very needy to people, it can be one reason. I wish i could help you more than that!
  20. When we were dating, he would sometimes say that a "better deal" might come along and that made me uneasy at the time too. To me, you either love somebody or you don't. Hmmm, I rest my case. He seems to have a little history of making you uneasy. You know, maybe he is clueless that what he's saying is very hurtful and it's making you insecure. Maybe not... So maybe the best way to handle this, would be to tell him exactly how it makes you feel next time he says something hurtful like that. My heart goes to you, because I know exactly how you feel.
  21. Cid, The first 2 months have been very hard, mood wise. It was up and down and I thought I had to see the doctor to change dosage or medication. I stock to it for another month and now after 3 months I can say, my mood is a lot more even and I'm feeling good again. Maybe 1 month is too soon to make a decision? But, hey, your the one feeling bad and know what is going on. If your still not sure, go to see your doc! Good luck.
  22. Hi reedjos08, I'm very sorry you feel like you feel right now. I know how hard it can be when you feel your life is out of control. Have you seen docotor to take medication? Usually it's the 1st step to do, to take back your life. Wishing you the best!
  23. Thank you, GoldenEve for your honest point of view. I just don't know how to react right now. I'm just so confuse. My therapist advised me to start with gaining some strenght by thinking of me 1st and finding myself again. I think that I made him my whole life for 19 years that I don't know how to act by myself and be independant.
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