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  1. Hi feelinglostagain, Very sorry to hear about your struggles for the past 7 years! It's a very long time when your not feeling well. It's the first time I hear about the medications working for 1 or 2 years only. Maybe other people around here will know more than me. Did you ever go to therapy to help you?
  2. Maybe it's easy for me to say this, but please, don't feel ashamed of what they did to you! They should be the one to feel shame! You are perfect the way you are, they are the one who have a problem. Like Fizzle said, it's not about you it's about them!
  3. I'm not following you. You say you feel alone but you don't want a serious girlfriend? You would rather date 2-3 woman at a time and choose between them if you feel like it. I don't want to sound to harsh, but that's not life. I understand why you feel so depress because you have that fantasy in your head and you can't live up to it. First of all, what do you think these women will say? that's it's okay if they share you? How will they feel when they learned that you used them for your own good? I have a feeling that you don't want to get too close to a woman (that's why your avoiding a close relationship). Are you scared of being rejected? Is it why you want a lot of women around you, so you'll be the one to reject if it has to happen? You'll be the master? Sorry, but if you continue to see relationship that way, your in a hell of a ride!
  4. Maybe that's the case in forums but in real life (face to face) it can be something totally different!
  5. I'm 5'9" and my husband is 5'7"! Okay, I don't wear high heels anymore by respect from him ,but i don't care. I've never looked at the physical part, ok a little , i have to be physically attracted to the person, it's important. But not to the point of refusing to date someone who is smaller than me. I think most women will fantasize about a tall, muscular man. Like guys will fantasize on a pretty, skinny blond! But the reality is something else. When you meet someone and you fall in love, all these little physical subtilities are not important anymore.
  6. Sorry if I reply this late... I don't know if it's adhd. This condition has so much more into it. But for someone who has adhd, it can be difficult to filter what we say. Sometimes we are being impulsive and we regret it later.
  7. I need your input to see if I'm minimizing what happened or if it was really a big deal. I'm 43 now and lately, I'm reading a lot about children emotional trauma. And that brings me back to what happened to me when I was 10-11 years old. I am not blaming my parents, because I know they did what they could do with their own emotional problems. My dad left my mom when I was around 11 years old. Yes, I know that all children from divorced family have to go through a lot of abandonment pain. And I guess I was no different (don't remember). 1 or 2 years later, my mom left me so I had to live with my dad, because she met a guy and was moving with him. They were moving in a small village, so my mom didn't want to take me with her because it was too far. And anyway her boyfriend didn't really like kids. I got to see her once or twice a month. Living with my dad was a challenge because my stepmother was very controlling and critisized me a lot. But my question is this: When "both" parents leave the kid at one point, do you think it can leave emotionals scars? I had people asking me if I had a hard time coping with all this, and I honestly don't know what to say. I don't remember feeling any pain about all that. Thanks for you input!
  8. You have some symptoms of adhd, but to make sure, you have to be diagnosed by a doctor. A psychiatrist is best.
  9. Was able to focus (concentrate) a lot more today, which give me the chance to be productive at work.
  10. Hi Louise, I'm really sorry that your going through all this stress right now. I would really advise to see a therapist. And no, they won't think you're crazy! Sometimes our brains can play weird tricks on us, but the right medication and professional help can do wonders. Or sometimes group therapy for anxiety could be very good. You see that your not the only one in your situation and they give you tips on how to manage your anxiety. The first step to seek help is the hardest. After it's a lot easier! Hugs!
  11. For me it was "breaking the patterns of depression". A lot of work, but worth it!
  12. But, the Chryssies didn't tell you everything...
  13. I just ordered a book about it. Yesterday the worse experience happened to me. I was driving tonight and i saw a traffic light maybe 500 meters from me. First thing i know, i'm coming back to me, the car is stopped in the middle of the road and I'm waiting for the traffic light. But the problem is THERE IS NO TRAFFIC LIGHT, where i'm waiting!!! It was far away from me. I completely zoned out! it was dark and other cars were passing next to me. First time that i lose it at this point. I started my meds this morning and I guess they worned out by 9 pm. But, come on, i'm getting dangerous for myself and others when driving. It really scared me!
  14. You have an Australian Shepherd!!! Nice looking dog and also very smart! I just posted a few picture of my dog in my gallery. You can look at them!
  15. My therapist told me that I should get in touch with my creativity. It was so hard for me because, I ALWAYS told myself that I had no imagination. So I went for it. I always admired people who painted. So I signed up in a creative painting classes, bought the WHOLE wang bang (brush, paint,..) and started painting! Omg, I can't believe it and people either. I am so good at it! When I paint, I'm not in my head or in my body. So it's a big relief for me to be able to escape like this. And the feeling last for a long time also.
  16. (Mind joining?) ...suddenly heard someone singing...
  17. How my new meds for adhd (started today) will really change something.
  18. Reading DF instead of working...again
  19. So, i'm back from my appointment with a Vyvanse prescription. He made me fill out a test and it came out as adhd. What makes me nervous is usually you need to be seen by a mental health professional, like a psychiatrist. And he is a family doctor. But here, in Canada, our ressources for adhd are not like in the United States. So we have to go with the flow. He said that i did the right thing by taking an appointment and the med should change my life. We'll see!
  20. I have an appointment with my doctor at noon, today. We shall see...
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