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  1. Hi, I went to see a psychiatrist for the first time. I filled out some paperwork that asked questions about my problems, medical history, etc. When I finally saw the doc, she seemingly asked me all the same questions that were on the paper and then wrote down my answers (again) while I sat there waiting. Then she asked a series of very specific questions like "do you have a lot of energy for at least 3-4 days" and things like that... that sounded like she was reading out of a diagnostic criteria book (I don't remember the exact questions), and when I answered no she would be like "ok, so not bipolar" as if she were checking things off her list. I didn't even feel like she was talking to me personally or really listening. It was as if i were just a number to her. She seemed robotic, and when I explained to her of the fog I have been living in, my disinterest in social life or getting out of bed, she stared at me like I was crazy. That caused me to not even reveal the severity of my mental state because I felt judged. She said something that triggered me to tear up, and when I did she just continued staring with no emotion and said "do you have crying spells like this often?" I mean I get that she is not my friend and isn't gonna give me a hug but she was just so cold and distant. She prescribed an SSRI that she had samples for without explaining anything about it. She said to go to counseling and then immediately went and checked her next patient in. It made me feel even more depressed after I left like if a psychiatrist can't even understand then I really am alone. I don't know if this is normally how psychiatrists are or if maybe I should find a different one. Has anyone had similar experiences and what did you end up doing?
  2. Thanks everyone. I'm sorry to hear you all struggled with this as well. I'm gonna see if I can get help so I stop feeling like everything school related is a life or death decision. I know you're right that school will always be there if I decide to return.
  3. Has anyone done this? I'm smart and I do well in school, but it kills my mental health. I'm thinking it's not worth it anymore if it makes me that miserable, but I feel so pressured by everyone to 'stay in school' and 'get your degree or you'll be nothing'... I've been on a leave of absence for a year and I don't feel at all ready to return. I'd like to think that I will be okay with just my associates degree and be able to find a decent paying job. Can anyone relate?
  4. You must work at the same company as me! I literally could have written your message... straight down to the working too much, needing time off to get health in order, wanting to quit but not knowing what to do instead of work, gossipy managers and not wanting anyone to know. Sorry I don't have an answer for you, but you have my support.
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