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    starkid12 got a reaction from blondi1965 in Why Did My Therapist??   
    I see. It felt like she really cared. And that she was checking on me... I have my regular appointment with her today
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    starkid12 got a reaction from 20YearsandCounting in My Add Is Acting Up   
    I had add,.. When I was younger... I took meds.... I stop the meds when I started high school.. . And I think cause my ADD was not controlled in college ( because I thought it was gone) I stopped going to classes.... Then I dropped out of college.... But now I found a real estate class that is only supposes to 2 weeks.... But my ADD is getting in my way again and I want to quit ..... Idk if I want to talk about it with my therapist ....
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    starkid12 got a reaction from Thimble in Should I Tell My Therapist   
    Surgery went well.... She's doing fine.... I'm picking her up tomorrow after my therapy session .... And I think I will bring up these feelings
    Thanks so much
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