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    Learning to love myself more everyday and keep on smiling even when I struggle with mental or physical problems.

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  1. Anxious, just want to come home and curl up with my dogs.
  2. Where's my bed Zzzzz....... Need a pillow I'm so tired
  3. Hi Bob77, You are so dawn right on the fact that many women are taking offence at the slightest provocation and yep! here goes the tantrum. Would I say there are childish or perhaps could they have lack of confidence in themselves. So my question to you Bob77, does your wife is happy with herself or is she doubting herself. I think that lots of adults who are acting childish seems to feel inferior toward others. Of course this is only my point of view and of course there is for sure men and women who will never grow up and act childish for the rest of their life. You mention in your post that between with you your wife is everything is OK but with your children It's totally different. Well are they respectful when addressing themselves to your wife and does your wife feel totally in control when she address herself to them. It would be good to discover the reason why between the two of you there is no flying emotions but between her and the kids there is. You say that you have learn, yes you learn to be the bigger one and not speak or react toward her emotions but your children's certainly don't have the approach and maturity that you have. Children's unfortunately sometimes knows our to push all of our buttons and send us to a out of control state of mind. Your wife could be doubting herself and so at the same time her authority toward your children's. Bob77 and I wish you the best.
  4. I tried to avoid his visit all week-end but unfortunately, there he was right in my face when I woke up this morning, is there a way to get rid of you, Monday. FRIDAY where the heck are you please come quick to my rescue. So... to properly answer the question on how to I feel .
  5. You never know when she is going to decide to strike you and how hard is going to be. Yep! depression can hurt pretty bad. Another bad think about depression, is that she always arrive without no invitation and you never know how long she will stick with you. She's always hard to get rid off. Depression is also invisible and unless someone had her visit they don't believe that it even exist. Yep! if only we good see our depression and kick her right in the face OMG! that would feel so good. Right now I'm not depressed, but I do know how it feel, so... for all of you who are struggling with it, right now, I'm sending you all my love and virtual support.
  6. Getting out of my comfy bed was quite an achievement, going to work was another huge achievement so... Do I get an award.
  7. I think I need a very long vacation work is crazy.
  8. Hello everyone, Personally I think that building a long lasting friendship isn't easy even for a very social person which I consider I am. I made friend easy I'm really easy going, easy to talk too, open minded, none judgemental and I could go on and on. I'm rarely alone and if I wanted could be surrounded with lots of peoples but... I would say that aside from my husband I only have one person that I would consider a true friend of mine. Joanne the person that I consider a real true friend is the only one that really knows me deep down and with her I can really be myself we have no secret. I consider myself lucky to have found a husband with who I can open up about anything entirely and to have also Joanne my best friend. Lots of peoples think that they have lots of friends but... do they really? Are they friends or simply acquaintances Yep! huge difference. What I'm getting at it's that if lots of peoples who think OMG! look at Eve she has so many friends but Nope this is not the case. I'm working in a job that I need to connect and communicate with lots of peoples all day I also play music and sing sometimes with local bands, lots of peoples knows me and are I would say attracted to an image have in their mind of what I am but... they honestly don't have a dawn clue of who I really am. Especially with peoples like us who are suffering mentally with our up and down emotions finding real friends that we can trust and open up too isn't an easy task to achieve. Mr. Shadow, I have read lots of posts from you and personally I think that your an awesome young men who's only 27, you are pretty dawn smart for your age and you have a great heart and open mind. Anyone would be lucky to have you as a friend but... never forget something though, do they deserve your friendship? You are unique and special and peoples who are smart enough to take the time and discover all your inner beauty, would definitely stand in line to become one of your friend.
  9. Hi everyone, this might sound crazy for some, but have you ever try coconut oil? if not, I swear to you that you definitely should it is simply wonderful and none costly. I've been for 3 years on Methotrexate which is a chemo pill, it might be way less damaging then the real chemo where you lose all your hair but still it's was hard on my system. One thing that really help me with everything was... YEP! coconut oil. Every day I was taking 2 tables spoon of coconut oil for boosting my system. I also used it for treatment on my hair and all over my body for my skin. Just Google it and see all the benefit that the coconut oil, you would be amazed. I attached two links for you to check it out. Even my dogs benefit from coconut oil very good for cats also. https://www.organicfacts.net/health-benefits/oils/health-benefits-of-coconut-oil.html http://wellnessmama.com/5734/101-uses-for-coconut-oil/
  10. Hi glass sky to DF, You are right pain does change a person, I know it to dawn well. I need to take killer pain everyday to ease my pain and I do mean ease my pain nothing so far can get rid of all the pain that I endure every single day. anyway life does go on and so do I. What really help me is of course the support of my great partner. Remind that special person that you're talking about in your post, how important she is to you. Physical as well as mental pain isn't easy but with the support of peoples that loves us and support us, it make our challenge easier. I've been fighting since I can't remember, physical and mental pains and will keep on fighting with the support of peoples that believes in me and loves me no matter the mood I might be in, Yep! even in my grumpy moments they are still supporting me.
  11. Not bad actually for a Monday morning, so far it seem that it's going to be a great day.
  12. Hi LeighChan to DF Sorry to hear that you are suffering with depression, please note that you're not alone in your struggling, here you will find support and understanding from other members. I remember as a teenager having a very hard time expressing myself and get my message across especially when it was about my emotions. Have you thought of writing it down instead of taking about it? one good thing when you write down the way you feel instead of telling it out loud, you won't be interrupted and this way you can really let the peoples around you know, exactly how you feel deep inside. Another think don't be upset if peoples don't seem to understand you, It's hard for none depressed peoples to clearly understand someone who is depressed. I also agree with the response of Tungsten Aromatic and K Pluto you certainly don't need to blend in, being yourself is way better, you are unique and that what makes you special and wonderful. Sending you lots of virtual hugs
  13. It's Monday and you know my story on Monday's unless it's an holiday of course, I simply HATE MONDAY'S.
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