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  1. I fear feeling like this (depression and anxiety) the rest of my life, losing my job, not having enough money in retirement, my loved ones getting sick or dying, getting old and having nobody take care of me and my husband. Never feeling 'normal' or feeling happiness again.
  2. Just wanted to say welcome Bob. Sorry for all you are going through! I hope you do find support and help here. :)
  3. Went to my pdoc Thursday night. He switched me from Pristiq to Celexa. Unfortunately, it seems the office didn't call it in like they were supposed to and I'm leaving town tomorrow morning, travelling all day to go visit relatives in Arkansas. He did give me a written script for Atavin and I just filled that this morning and just took my first one. Waiting for that to kick in. I'm so tired of feeling this way. I know I've only been dealing with it for months and not years like some of you but it just sucks. I'm going to see a bunch of relatives I haven't seen in so long. Hopefully the Atavin will work and will help me through this week.
  4. Hi starkid12. Congratulations for seeking out help and good luck with it!
  5. It is very important that you talk to your parents about how you are feeling. Let them know that you feel that pointlessness and that you are never happy. I hope they will follow up and get you an appointment with a professional. Good luck!
  6. Welcome Brad. I'm so sorry for all you are feeling and going through. You certainly have a lot you are trying to deal with. We may not have experienced your exact circumstances/issues, but most of us certainly understand your feelings. I don't know how long you have been in therapy or what meds haven't worked but don't give up. Maybe a new therapist? Good luck Brad!
  7. If you are not able to find enjoyment out of anything, that would certainly be symptom. The first thing I would do if I were you is get a full physical to make sure it's nothing medical. You might even have sleep apnea so find a place to test for that too. I would definitely encourage you to seek out a consultation with a psychiatrist. Online tests are fine as a starting place but a real live professional is the only way you will know for sure. Good luck!
  8. Welcome sweetie. It doesn't matter how your problems measure up to the rest of ours, it's how you feel. :) If you are feeling that sad and upset all of the time, I sure hope you are able to try talking to your Mom again. Be honest with her and tell her how bad you are feeling. Hopefully she will see that you mean it and look into letting you at least talk to a professional. Maybe she won't follow through after the next conversation but don't give up. Keep being honest with her and reaching out to get yourself some help. Have you considered talking to a school counsellor?
  9. I sure can sympathize. There has been a recent change with my job and my new responsibilities are yet to be defined but I will definitely be taking on a lot of new work that I previously had no knowledge of and I'm terrified. I've felt constantly on the verge of a panic attack for over a month. I have had depression and taken meds for that for 20 years and the thought of more drugs scares me but this level of anxiety is not something I want to live with. I'm worried not only about my job but find myself worrying about everything, and I mean *everything* whether big or small and it is just overwhelming. My next pdoc appointment isn't until July so I'm trying to hang on until then but if it gets any worse I'll have to make an appointment. I don't know if the two meds you have been prescribed are for anxiety (and the frustrating part is the time it takes to see if they actually work) but clearly if they are and they aren't working you need to go back to your doctor. Just keep communicating honestly with your doctor and good luck!
  10. I'm so sorry that you are suffering. Everyone here knows what that's like. I hope you choose to go back to seeking out a doctor/therapist that you can trust. You truly need professional help to find a way to get better.
  11. Welcome - I hope you find some measure of help/support here. Have your doctors told you that they have tried every possible medication?
  12. Welcome Carly. I'm very worried about you stopping your meds. I'm glad you are doing ok but it's really not good to stop them. I hope you are being honest with your doctor(s) about it. Is there a reason why you don't want to take them that your doc should know about?
  13. It's so hard for people who haven't experienced depression to understand or know how to be supportive. Don't be too hard on them as I'm sure they care. I often think that people are awkward when faced with something serious like depression because it scares them. Congratulations on having found your passion(s) in life. That is a big deal. Being diagnosed is also a big deal. I hope your doc(s) are able to help you feel better. Welcome!
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