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  1. Worked on the XH ute and took the XD ute for a drive last night. But i did sign back in after about a years absence........
  2. Kenny Chesney & Tim McGraw - Feel Like a Rock Star
  3. Mixed emotions, Got an aptitude test with Chadstone Ford on wednesday arvo so i hope i do well. Starting to stress about Gippy B&S ball, dunno why. Had a good weekend though. Spoke to Ellie on sunday arvo, still need to ask her out...
  4. Bought $700 bucks worth of tools for work over the weekend, finally bought a roll cabinet too. Heaps better than the heap of wooden trolley i had before.
  5. Tried and stressed. Trade school was alright. Over thinking and stressing about going back to work next week, still wanna quit my job with the bus company and move on.....
  6. Changed the wiper motor assembly in the XH ute this evening, broke a few of the clip nuts so i'll have to buy new ones after trade school tomorrow.
  7. Spent the weekend on both cars, serviced the XD, changed the radiator and solved the overheating issue with it. Changed the headliner in the XH today as the original one was ruined.
  8. G'day everyone, Got alot done today, saw my counceller in Melbourne, bought $300 bucks worth of tools from Total Tools in Brooklyn on me way back from Melbourne. And got mroe done on the XH ute, tomorrow its service the XD, delete LPG wiring in the XH, call into Exhaust bros and make a phone call a dear close friend of mine Ellie. Might go to gippy for the weekend to get away from home for a while.
  9. Tired but happy. Got alot done today and i have the rest of the week off work due to stress etc.
  10. Had the day off from work today (Geelong cup day) so i made the most of it. Called into work and handed in a medical cert to say that i wont be in tomorrow or friday. Saw my GP on tuesday night after work and having the rest of the week off due to work related stress etc. Saw my counceller in Melbourne today, first time in 8 months and all went well there. Called into Total Tools in Brooklyn on the way home and spent $300 bucks on tools, mainly for home, also called into Repco and bought engine oil for the XD (its due for a service) steering wheel puller and a set of spark plugs for the XH. Fitted the clockspring from my brothers old LTD and the horn now works, and i've decided to remove the LPG wiring as its been poking at me like a sharp tooth pick.
  11. Worked on the XH after work today, put the dash cluster back in after i took it out to replace a blown globe. Over the weekend i did a wrecker run to Melbourne and put the front end back together. Clockspring and rust repairs to finish then it'll be ready for a Roadworthy check.
  12. Tired and abit stressed after work. Drove #132 today as it was being reported for overheating, couldnt make it overheat and also discovered a boost leak issue. Still want to move onto something else. Was great to see Ellie over the weekend as she came down from Gippsland, had a random anxiety attack whick was a first on saturday evening but Ellie and me mate freddo help me out of that which was good. Didnt go down to Speedway though as i went to Melbourne for a wrecker run in the morning and spent most of the day there. Its been 2 years since i met Ellie, time to ask her out i reckon..... :)
  13. Tired and stressed again after work. Just about had enough of it. Time to move.... Wrecker run to Melbourne tomorrow morning then go watch Sprintcars at Avalon Raceway in the evening, fairly sure that a dear close friend of mine is coming down from Gippsland for the weekend, if she is i'll ask her if she'll like to go down to Speedway for the evening :)
  14. Tired and stressed in one way but happy in another. Fitted the proper S Pak seats into the XH when i got home as i had them repaired by the motor trimmers at work. Paid them a slab of alcohol. Work was alight but towards the end of the day it was getting stressful as i was being pulled in different directions. Was getting really s***ty about it too, tried to stay on task on one thing and other ***** tell me to "do this, do that" etc.
  15. Tired but stressed after work but ok? Did my first breakdown today, changed the N/S (near Side) mirror on bus no #113 at Deakin University after the driver smashed the glass in it. Work is still stressful, one of the apprentices had a go at me when i was driving the forklift, no idea why he did. And also complained about my metal fab skils and how i was doing the job. I told him, "Dont like it? Stiff " Still conterplating on resigning, i find it very difficult to adapt to working in buses compaired to cars, im still looking to go elsewhere. Right now im just working on the XH, dealing with the headlights and the drivers door lock actuator.
  16. Tried, stressed and somewhat depressed. Dont know what to do, just about had it with working at the bus company. Might skip town for a while and find work eleswhere.
  17. Drove to Wallan to see a mate as i sold a heap of LPG gear for his XF ute. And worked on the XH too, should go better with new oxy sensors.
  18. Tired, fatigued and stressed. Got a car club meet in Ballarat tomorrow so thats something to look forward to. Think its about time for me to get a misses, been single for far too long....
  19. Mixed emotions? I dunno..... Work was alright today but mum had a fight with my older brother and had a suicide attempt by over dosing on paracetamol on saturday. She's ok now but the docs couldnt do anything for 4 hours? She regreats now of course as its put me under even more stress. I already have own mental health problems but this makes it even worse, no deni ute muster for me this year. But on a brighter note i did manage to spend some time working on the XH and get the XD running on straight gas (LPG) Should be cheaper to run as a daily. Did apply for more apprenticeships this evening, might truck a truck place in Laverton and Brooklyn plus the Ford dealership in the area.
  20. Tried, work was ok i guess? I dunno, still cant handle being where i am. Rather be in Campbellfield doing clutches and brakes instead. No motivation to work on the XD or the XH. The XH needs the most attention of course. Cant seem to adapt from working on buses to cars at the end of each day.
  21. Tired after working on the XH but burnt out and p***** off after what happened at work today, got blamed for something that was NOT my fault! My defence fell on deaf ears of course.
  22. Despite being 100% USA and never traveled to Australia, I have long admired the Falcon Utes due to their uniqueness and combination of power and utility. 4.0 6 I assume, heard that is a fine and reliable powerplant. Knew a fellow in another city I lived in that had a pristine XA GT hardtop. Thanks for a bit of bright to my day. Yes the 4.0L 6 cylinder is the standed engine with optional LPG. With the XR6 you can be N/A or turbo. The XR8 is the last V8 powered Falcon before production ends in 2016. I reckon that Ford Aus should've exported the Falcon's to the USA. GT Falcons are very valuable these days.
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