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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  3. I hope you have a good day.

  4. I guess to get me through the holidays. I was wigging out on the WB. Today is my second day and I took it this morning. I am already tired. What is the best time to take it? Did anyone notice any side effects?
  5. It has totally pooped out on me and the Dr put me on Zoloft. I hate it. I really want the Lexapro to work again. It's the only med that makes me feel fantastic. I still have a half a bottle left.
  6. Lunesta was just the devil for me. Works great for the first few nights at 3mg and then slowly had to double the dose to get to sleep. Then last night at 4 tablets. I was done then. Now I am in a drug induced mania and had to borrow some anxiety meds from my friend just to get out of this. To me coming off of Lunesta is as hard as coming off of xanax for me.
  7. Well, we decided instead of trying something new to increase the LExapro to 40mg because it's worked so well for me in the past and because of my stomach problems with Cymbalta next time. Anyone on this high of a dose? I should be bouncing off the walls.
  8. I am going to see my Dr this week. Now I am wondering if it's not best to try Prozac and get something else for pain. I have bad stomach problems and I am wondering if Cymbalta won't make that worse. Decisions....
  9. Cpap for his apnea. Not sure about the rest. I think he's on some kind of muscle relaxers.
  10. Geez, could I get anymore gimped? Anyway, Dr diagnosed me with fibro which was a no brainer. I hurt every single day. I wake up with a headache and my body aches from head to toe. If I have any kind of stress I feel like my body has the flu...body aches of the worst kind. I know I have RLS. I've been "moving" my feet to get to sleep ever since I was a little girl. It just to drive my parents nuts. My legs hurt and my toes feel tingly and numb when laying in bed. I also suspect I have sleep apnea. My dad has all of these things and said to get a sleep study done. My medicare should kick in this month so I plan to visit my Dr. What kind of Dr do I have to see for RLS? I didn't know there was medication I could take for it. Does it help? My dad said just by being on the CPAP for his apnea has really helped his pain and fatigue. I hope I am that lucky!!
  11. Just seeing my regular Dr for fibro. The RLS I've had for as long as I can remember. I didn't know I needed to see a specialist for that. Interesting. I am going to get a referral for a sleep study my next Dr's appt. My dad has RLS, apnea and fibro. He told me that his apnea treatment has helped his pain and energy a lot. Doesn't hurt to try! I'll jump down to the other board and say hi!
  12. Thanks so much! I have really bad headaches all day long. My leg cramps are the worst! I also have restless leg syndrome. I am 34 and I feel broken. I am the most gimped person I know.
  13. I am on Lexapro right now and I have pooped out on it. I also have fibromyalgia and I take the max dose of pain reliever for pain everyday SO not quite worried about Cymbalta and liver problems. I have major depression, OCD and anxiety. Does it help with the pain??
  14. I have been and it makes it so confusing. Prozac looks promising so far. Cymbalta is up there on my list. I hate switching meds......just when I get used to one...zap....it poops out.
  15. I have major depression, OCD and anxiety. I've been on Zoloft, Wellbutrin and now on Lexapro. I've just been switching back and forth from Zoloft and Lexapro. Well now the Lexapro has pooped out. I don't want Paxil because I've already gained 20 pounds from the meds. What's left? I have a little girl so I can't afford to be in bed all the time tired. I thought about Effexor but doesn't it make you irritable? I already have a problem with being snappy. I tried one day of Cymbalta but it made me sick. Might try it again because I was having gall bladder problems at the time. I feel stuck and I am just not sure what to try.
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