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  1. So apparently there needs to be some sort of prior authorization and my therapist is saying I need to find some body who works with that, thing is I really don't want to go through getting to know another therapist and starting over again. Is there anything I can do to avoid that?
  2. The insurance company is UHC and I've read that they can be real jerks about payments, wish I had known that sooner, and yeah it's a private provider. I couldn't get through to UHC since I kept getting directed to the same answering machine that always directed me to a representative that was never there and the voice mailbox was always full. Hopefully I'll be able to work things out tomorrow. I'm definitely going to be looking for different insurance after this since they never said there was a problem. I only found out through my therapist.
  3. Title say it all, I tried to make an appointment with my therapist and apparently he said the insurance company hasn't been paying him. The problem is they never told me there was a problem and I've already had over 5 sessions and I haven't been able to get a hold of the company about this. I'm still trying to find a stable job, I've had some temp jobs I've done but that's it and can't possibly be able to pay this plus all the other expenses I have. Anyone in any similar situations ? If I have to pay all of this out of pocket it's going to really really suck. Sorry for the rant but this was a really unwelcome surprise since things have been better since I started therapy.
  4. Thanks for the reply, I'll look into that. I actually don't have a GP right now so I'll have to get one, hopefully I'll luck out on that the way I did with my therapist. I Had my second session today and it went well I thought, even pointed out that he noticed I was alot more relaxed than the last time. The first time is always a little nerve racking. It's definitely been helpful so far.
  5. So is there anyone else who has had something similar happen? I hope I dont have to wait that long to see someone to get meds, I'm kinda desperate and wanting to get on the road to healing soon.
  6. I don't think my city is that small, population is over 50,000. I guess there really isn't that many doctors or something. I'm iffy on just getting meds from a regular doctor because I know the kinds of meds they prescribe for this kind of can cause much bigger problems if not administered properly, and the last thing I need is to get worse. My life is in shambles enough as is right now.
  7. He seemed like he could help but not really alot happened. I also have a question, does it really take 4-6 months to see a psychiatrist for meds? He said that's how long it gets into to see one which seemed a little odd. Told me I should see my GP about them in the meantime. Not sure if I'm going back yet but I did feel comfortable there which is a plus, just don't want to get bogged down with bills since I'm unemployed right now.
  8. I have a few of those but I still feel like I'm alone in the world.
  9. Mine's so bad that the amount of sleeping pills I take could be considered overdosing. It's hard to do anything when you barely ever get a good night's sleep. Wish I could post something more helpful but all I can is relate man.
  10. Lots of pent up frustration. I Just want to scream or something. Body is all high strung and I dont really have an outlet.
  11. Yeah when I went past 25 while still being in the same rut is when I really started feeling awful. They say it's never too late, which I hope is true. Even small progress would make me feel loads better. At least it would feel like i was progressing.
  12. Actually having one. All I want is to have an active fun social life being with others seeing the world and sharing good times with people. Apparently it's something I'm not allowed to have no matter what I do.
  13. Yeah I can relate most of this. I'm surrounded by people who have had more of a life in a month than I have in the past 5 years. Life feels to me what it's like when you're the last kid to get picked during a sport. I feel like I watch life from the sidelines and never get to participate. Nobody deserves to feel like this. Nobody.
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