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  1. I remain dubious of the diagnosis especially coming at age 62 for heavens sake ?? Depression in decades previous, yes. But no mania,no hypomanic wild adventures. Mild overspending at those times, cash, but no credit card debt, no thousand dollars. Wouldn't my own pdoc have detected bp over the 2 years i 'd seen him??
  2. Type II. Cycling? Maybe a hypomanic rise every 2-3 years, brief run, nothing majorly out of order. Otherwise a long long stretch of depression for nearly a year, every 2-3 years. Lithium sure took the light out of my lamp. I'm dead as a doornail and about as useless I am sad to say.
  3. Hmm, let's see. Did I accomplish anything today? I ate something decent for lunch. I dealt with some papers related to medical healthcare and answered a couple related emails. That's it.
  4. Food doesn't taste right, my favorite Barq's root bier [why when I typed root bier! does it show/read instead as " alcohol" ?? ] doesn't taste right, nor my Dove dark chocolate. Ordinarily in my normal sense of being, I love a good hot bubbly fragrant bath/long soak. Not now. I don't want to see anyone, albeit I am painfully lonesome. Maddening. Anhedonia. P.S. I am no young person either.
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