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  1. From what I gathered the trilepal was actually activating me temporally since it seemed like it stopped my depression so I would need normal amounts of sleep.
  2. I have schizo affective bipolar. The only problem that I cannot manage is the depression which is causing me to sleep 11 hours a day. I am not thinking negative thoughts most of time. The hypersomnia is just annoying. I am considering getting doc to boast my trileptal but that might be only a temporary fix. If I force my self to get up earlier because of an appointment I still feel like staying in bed. Does anybody have idea on how to stop the hypersomnia depression without increasing meds.
  3. I thought of trying to get doc to give me modafinil but its too expensive even though its a generic not even covered under insurance
  4. invisibility and delusional which made my do something stupid and i ended up hospitalized
  5. I started taking paxil for depression because I told doc that I feel tired inside. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after going having mania from taking Ritalin. I eventually got got off the mood stabilizer for two and was taking zoloft then well wellbutrin. I kept shifting around medications because i felt like something was wrong until I took lexapro which shifted me into mania a year and a half ago which was my last manic episode. Now I am on trileptal, zyprexa, strattera and viibryd. The bizarre thing I have not felt normal until the strattera was boosted up from 40 mg to 80 mg. The normal effect only lasted for a month, it seemed like a long time before than since I felt normal. What I considered normal; being bored from lying bed doing nothing. Now I have this bizarre magnetic feeling between me and my bed it is distracting me. I feel like my cognitive processes are dampened too. I also feel disinterested and have low energy. However, I do not feel sad or hopeless. I can still get excited or angry. I feel irritated because I my unnatural desire to lay in bed and do nothing. I feel more active at night. I have trouble concentrating. Psychiatrist just told be to deal with it;it seems like they think I am lazy "you can get out of bed". I can but the bed magnet is still distracting me from doing mental tasks. If I were truly lazy I would be playing call of duty but what ever this affliction is impairs my ability to play it. Exercise does not help. I am currently in a masters program and I find it difficult to function.
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