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  1. I was the same way, when thinking I should be able to deal with my own issues. The thing is, (and it took me a long time to accept) that it is an actual illness. Just like a diabetic needs insulin, we need to manage our illness in a way. Fortunately, we live in a time where there are places that we can go to for help in many different forms and levels.
  2. I also found that it helps to keep a detailed journal or log, over time, you may start to be able to see patterns to recognize what might be going on.
  3. I'm EXACTLY the same way. I can't stand being alone. And I also know what you mean about a fun day out, and being sad that it's over. For me, these forums have really proven to be a great place to help with some of the lonliness. And if that doesn't work, I usually try to do something productive, like a hobby, or chores. Sometimes it's hard to motivate myself, but that's how I try to deal with it. It's not silly at all!! I check the forums all the time, feel free to message me any time you feel alone, I totally understand and having someone to even chat with helps.
  4. I think this is perfectly normal for someone with anxiety. I don't worry so much about cases such as yours, but I get anxiety and panic when I think about sleep. It's such a strange thing because it's completely irrational. I honestly think for me it's because most of the bad times in my life have happened at night or while I was sleeping/ trying to sleep. You aren't silly or weird, and I hope that you know things can get better. It's almost impossible to control your thoughts, but you can always control your actions. Panic is manageable, but if you have a panic attack, don't try to control it, it usually makes it worse. What helps me through it is keeping a journal of my thoughts and feelings. Not only does it help me get them out, but it's also a good way to keep a log and on good days, I usually go back and read them, and also log that I'm feeling good, because when I'm doing bad, I can see that it gets better for me. That usually helps a lot. But it's different for everyone. I truly wish you the best!
  5. Good idea! Mine are -Being alone -Preparing for sleep -Any time I have stomach troubles, (Gas, Upset, Stomach) -Being in a movie theater (Passes after the first 30 minutes) -Having too many things on my "to do" list at once.
  6. So I've been on 50mg Zoloft and 50mg Trazodone Daily since April 1st. Today I noticed that I've been feeling funky. Not really anxiety or panic, just an almost confusion but not quite, a little shaky, nervousness. I called the VA and they said they could get me in to see the Dr. in about 2 weeks. But they didn't advise me on what to do until then. I'm thinking I should stop the Trazodone for a while at least, because I was prescribed it to use as a sleep aid. I've been taking it before I go to bed regardless. Any suggestions on what I might do until I can see the Dr.? I mean, overall I feel good, just a little off atm. I should also say that the Trazodone is prescribed PRN.
  7. I know EXACTLY what you mean about nighttime and getting anxiety. I used to have that all the time, and I probably still would if I didn't work midnights. For me night time was always "alone". And I really don't like being alone. What helped me was exactly what Fizzywater said. It might not be 100%, but over time it helped ease it.
  8. I've felt that way many times. It wasn't alone in my life, but alone in my thoughts and feelings. As thought nobody understood and I couldn't get relief from what I was going through. But hang in there, I've found that there are others who know exactly what it's like, and they do care. This forum has helped me tremendously in that regard. It's a safe place where people truly do understand.
  9. That sounds almost exactly what I go through. I have the habit of trying to identify triggers, which could be a bad thing. But it's awesome that you were able to get through it without reaching for the med. Meds can be a wonderful thing, but I've always thought that if you can pull yourself through it, it makes you a tad bit stronger in the long run. Let me know how things go for you. Our situations sound similar and maybe you might find a better way to cope than I do.
  10. I have thoughts I feel like I can't control during panic attacks. Never about hurting others, but mostly about hurting myself. Certainly nothing I would ever imagine acting on. And it freaks me out as well. I usually try to focus past the thoughts and understand that it's all symptoms of the anxiety and panic. The best part is, that they ALWAYS pass. Sometimes it may take longer than I want for it to pass, but it always does ;)
  11. I'm not a huge fan of benzo's myself, and am a fellow Zoloft user (50mg daily). I can't really comment on the meds so much because different things work for different people of course. But I've been told many times that moving is actually a HUGE stressor to people. Even though it may be something that you want, it may be playing in a role in increased anxiety. I hope you start feeling better soon!
  12. I'm actually a corrections officer. I couldn't handle being a nurse. Health issues are a HUGE trigger for me with panic and anxiety. Even someone elses health issues start making me worry about my own. Lately my sleep has been much better. I still deal with panic and anxiety regularly but not as bad this month. I'm currently having a panic attack now that I can't seem to shake. Go figure lol.
  13. Also, for anyone that might be interested, I can keep updating you on how it goes. Because maybe my story will help others in some way, whether it's a dramatic improvement, or not.
  14. I appreciate all the responses. I'm going to start DDP Yoga tomorrow with my brother (for accountability :P). I'm also not looking at any particular fad diet plan, but I'm going to look for nutrients that I need and build my own diet around that. I'm excited about getting healthier and looking better. And if I start feeling better because of that.... well isn't that the point mostly??! Thank you all!
  15. Diet and Exercise are obviously good for you anyway. But has anyone experienced a massive relief in depression and anxiety symptoms when staying healthy? It's going to be a massive hurdle for me, and any success stories may help motivate me further! Thanks
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