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  1. Thank you everyone, for trying to understand my situation and for offering supportive comments to help me get through what I'm dealing with. We are trying to get rid of the relics we brought into our house (lets see if that fixes the problem).
  2. Thank you spiritual wanderer for offering a helping hand, I don't believe I suffer from any anxiety disorders etc. and I started having these issues on or after Jan. 15th. I think I'll go ahead and try that sponging process you were discussing. My mom and dad also think that there has been a general feeling of heaviness in our home since this time. I also get uncomfortable feelings while I'm dreaming (usually towards the early morning right before I wake up) which I didn't really have before this period. I'm trying to work through it though and should be getting rid of the stuff that we brought into our home soon
  3. Hi everyone, my name is Frank. I am now 28 yrs old. I have no health issues or any major personal issues really and up until a certain point in time I was pretty normal. I didn't think I would be coming to this forum but I ended up here because I decided I needed help with something. What I'm about to describe may be a little unusual or difficult for some people to reason with but I felt I needed to talk to someone about it. I have been suffering from an unusually painful feeling ever since Jan. 15th or Jan. 16th 2014 (when some antique indian (sub-continent) war relics were brought into our home). The feelings I've been having over the last two months have been cyclical usually intensifying towards the middle part of the day (11:30-1:30 PM) when it can get absolutely unbearable. It feels like something is ******* you from inside taking away any positive feelings you may desire to experience leaving you empty and without meaning and frightened. Usually the late afternoon/night brings some kind of relief which I will get into later. It's a difficult feeling to describe in words but if I could describe it it would be a feeling encompassing many negative emotions all rolled into one (i.e. intense and sometimes irrational fear, sadness, tearfulness, a feeling of isolation, feeling like why do i exist?), a tendency of wanting to be outdoors out of my house. Just making it to the next minute can be a challenge. It can be extremely difficult to deal with at its most intense moments. As I mentioned before, it peaks around mid-day and then gradually eases towards the late afternoon. Usually, my sexual drive also goes up during the intense period. Towards the evenings (usually after 8pm) something starts to change, I start having these feelings of wanting to go out and do something mischevious i.e. steal, cheat, vandalize, make fun of other people, cruise the night with or without friends, get out of the house and roam and just generally be up to no good. Sometimes I begin to laugh hysterically because of these mischevious thoughts. On some nights, I have feelings of intense anger and revenge against people who I perceive have done me wrong or done anyone else wrong. Over the last two months, I have been going through a very difficult period. I looked up the symptoms of clinical depression and my symptoms don't seem to match with most of the symptoms of clinical depression. My appetite is normal, I have no trouble falling asleep for the most part, I don't have any unusual changes in weight, not really any feelings of guilt/worthlessness, etc. I have no trouble waking up even though I've been experiencing a brief period of panic usually about 15 minutes before I wake up. The reason I find this situation especially unusual is because I started having these feelings the same day (or just the day after) some antique indian (east indian) war relics were brought into our home by my Dad. I'm trying to approach this situation with a rationalist mindset but there have been some weird things going on in our home since this time including very fast moving black shadow type things appearing in the corner of ones eye and once even directly in front of me for a brief instant (this was during the day time). Sometimes it can feel like your being watched. Things have sometimes also been misplaced in our house without explanation. Lights that we always remember to turn off are on the next morning. I've also noticed a greater feeling of heaviness and stress in our home since this time. I've also been having some unusual and sometimes uncomfortable dreams since the period started. Could someone help me out?
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