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  1. I've NEVER had a good work experience

    Did you just describe what looks like the PERFECT DREAM job for some DFers? More information about the job title & description, Ms Supervisor
  2. So you're saying a DF member can post a problem of any nature, and you can reply with an applicable solution? That's what I understand from 'help'.
  3. The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" Topic (5)

    sober I assume you've never worked? There is rationale to avoid the world: is full of entitled "people" who are complainers intolerant of any kind of mistakes/oversights
  4. Funeral attire

    Why should it be a big deal? It isn't as if you attended in a circus clown suit. Medium brown/dark green are sombre colors.
  5. Real life is tough

    So if money can't make one happy, guess nothing will But I thought knowing real life is really, really tough is universal? It's like having to tell others "Real water is wet" or "real fire is hot".
  6. Mental Health & Work/Career Thread are there DF members who rather get out of disability assistance & earn money thru job/career? *cue the sound of crickets* Jokes aside; can you see yourself getting thru a job interview? Particularly these questions: -What is your greatest professional achievement? -describe a challenge or conflict you've faced, and how you dealt with it I mean really: in severe cases of depression the patient dropped out of college & then struggle to get out of bed to take showers, never mind leaving the front door to buy groceries from a nearby store; how are they gonna be able to describe the experiences of handling/resolving situations productively?
  7. The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" Topic (5)

    But I don't work with you; nor have you approached me to burrow sums of money; so why would I be against you? Maybe if we can become logical machines instead of emotional lifeforms, depression won't happen anymore
  8. Depression & Work Forum?

    Only choose to work if you do not have financial support from elsewhere. And do you know why disability assistance exists? Let me re-iteriate: working is ONLY for highly-functioning, high-achievers; people who thrive well under pressure. Not something suitable for mental illness sufferers.
  9. Wow you actually let it slide. I'd have written an email to the hospital's medical board, asking if such unprofessional behavior is what patients should expect from their establishment
  10. Mental Health & Work/Career Thread

    You don't need too; Tungsten stickied it
  11. Depression & Work Forum?

    Sadly that's all we DF members can do. What's lacking generally is pdocs who can also double as career counselors, able to suggest suitable jobs for sufferers. g, have you tried applying for government jobs? They usually don't fire people for performance, unless its a screw up that could possibly get one arrested. Plus the employee benefits beat anything found in 97% of what the private sector offers
  12. Depression & Work Forum?

    g, didn't you already created a thread like this last year? Unless you're specifically addressing working in the U.S. for depression sufferers
  13. The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" Topic (5)

    Question: if you consume it, do you also gain its power?
  14. My garden and other misc.

    Are you in the US? These look like tropical climate flowers
  15. Do you work 120 HOURS over 10 CONTINUOUS DAYS? That's what I struggle with. Do you work somewhere where the moment you step into the workplace, everything you do is scrutinized by every supervisor & all members of management & appraised against a KPI matrix; to gauge whether to give you a promotion, or salary raise....or a warning letter thrown at you? That's what I struggle with. You know those "happy", or "normal" other people you see? Not everyone has easier struggles than you.