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  1. Anyone taking 5-HTP? I just started taking it a couple days ago in hopes of treating anxiety/depression/etc at home without prescription medication. I have been struggling for most of my life with anxiety/depression/more, and am trying to get brave enough to go see a doctor. Left a couple voicemail's for some today. Anyway, I have tried 5-HTP in the past for a short time and felt like it helped, but so far I don't feel like it's helping this time. Maybe it just takes more time than I remember.
  2. Hi tooworried, I am struggling with some of the same issues too. I am 24 also, and have struggled with depression and anxiety among other mental issues for over ten years. I have been to the doctor briefly but now working on these issues on my own. I have good days and bad days. I am getting better, but still slip through to the darkest of places. If you want to chat and vent, or even have a buddy to check in with, (I'm always looking for a penpal buddy to discuss and use food/workout/herbal teas/other-remedies together also), message me. Wish all the best to you! fleurdelis
  3. Honestly, I don't "like" to do anything when it comes to the gym XD I hired a personal trainer to help me keep track on a schedule and sometimes I'll use the things he taught me at home. Other times I go to the gym by myself and spend maybe 15-20 minutes weight training, then 10 minutes walking the track or using an elliptical. I actually kinda hate this gym because there aren't enough classes to take like Yoga or Pilates. I miss my old gym but it's so far away now T_T;Other things I do to "feel better" is give myself a spa day :3 I'll soak in a lavender Epson salt bath then I use a high-end moisturizer..(I just bought some from Lush that I can't wait to use!) I fix my nails, condition my hair, just a bunch of stuff and I always feel great afterwards! I think the self treatment and spa type of days is a great idea! Maybe help to relax and also boost self esteem a little as well!
  4. Thank you for your input! It's really encouraging to hear that some one has had some positive results without medicine. I realize I probably won't get to 100% for a long time if ever, but I would happily trade how I feel now for as many good days as I can get!
  5. Hi Phantastic, I have struggled remaining consistent with anything because it is a tough transition.. But I have tried eating mostly whole foods, some yoga, teas, lavender, Epsom baths, and my bed of needles. When I actually do these things they seem to help some but sometimes I feel paralyzed, and unmotivated and can't bring myself to try! I always hear great things about working out, what do you like to do?
  6. Hi everyone! I'm a twenty four year old engaged female who has been struggling with anxiety and depression for over ten years. I have been having a much harder time again lately, and am finally reaching out in hopes of maybe finding an online buddy for moral support. I was on medication for a short time, but realized shortly after I really would like to try natural remedies instead (such as healthier eating, exercise, yoga, vitamins, self help books, herbal remedies, this forum, etc), plus i don't have much money for lots of doc or therapy sessions. If anyone with similar experiences and maybe in a similar point in their life would like to chat and maybe become email buddies, let me know! I was hoping for someone else wanting to try natural types of remedies and maybe just being able to talk, vent, motivate each other, self-help reading buddy, share experiences, etc.? Just an idea! Any ideas or input is appreciated. Thanks! fleurdelis22
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