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  1. Boxuser, How on earth did you have the patience to wait 6 months?!
  2. I've drank before on lex with no problems...maybe it's catching up to me? Thanks for your replies y'all :)
  3. Has anyone experienced anxiety spikes the day after drinking alcohol? I'm having one out of the blue right now and the only thing I can think of that I did differently was drink last night/ a couple times last week Feeling a little scared :/
  4. I was on 15 for a couple weeks and it didn't do anything. Finally went up to 20 and have been feeling great! Don't be afraid to increase, seriously.
  5. Mark, I have been on 20 mgs for exactly a month now. I had a very similar story to yours. I started feeling better within a week of increasing to 20. But I would still have my down days. I found that my mood overall was much more positive though even on those down days where my anxiety would rear it's ugly head again. They only last a couple days max. I've learned to accept that it takes a loooooooong time for your body and mind to stabilize. A month in and I'm still having some bad days. But also a lot of good days. And the bad days are no where near as bad as they were a few weeks ago. Just thought I'd chip in! Good luck!
  6. Start up anxiety is THE WORST. Makes you feel like you'll never be okay but believe me you will!! I went through it at almost every increase in lex but it does go away. For me, it would go away, come back, go away, for a few days. So even if you start to feel better, then worse, it will even out. Might be good news or bad news for you but it took me about 6 weeks at 20 mg to feel "normal" again. Be patient! **meaning I was on lex for a total of 6 weeks, worked my way up to 20 mg
  7. Hang in there! I promise you 2 weeks ago I thought I was going to be stuck in hell forever.
  8. Goinmad, My problem was anxiety and panic attacks, not depression. Though I went through periods of depression because of my anxiety. And stoniuim is so right about talking to people. I thought I was going to be some freak who needs meds to get through life but when I spoke to my friends about it I actually found that 3 of them were on SSRIs...and even my own father! You'd be amazed how well people can hide their issues, and you probably know first hand.
  9. Here's my update: Been 10 days on 20 mg I can definitely say it's working. I've been to all my classes, hung out with friends, run errands, pretty much doing everything I used to do. I'm definitely happier than I was when I started. However..... Still having pretty much constant butterflies and anxiety. I've noticed that I'm able to distract myself from it for various lengths of time and some times of the day are better than others. But from what I've obsessively read on here is that it should even out soon.
  10. I've been on 20mg for over a week now and I think it's really starting to work. I STILL have lingering and breakthrough anxiety but I'm able to do pretty much anything now without worrying about entering the tower of terror. Depression is def gone.
  11. Thanks guys. I took my first dose of 20 last night. I'll give an update by the end of the week!
  12. DustyRoad, I believe cipralex is the Canadian version of BRAND name lexapro
  13. Hi all, I've been on lexapro 15 mg for 14 days now. The first week was fine, good almost. This week has been hell. Increased anxiety which is being triggered by everything. Weird physical side effects like foggyness, dizziness, derealization--which REALLY freaks me out Missed most of my classes this week and a lot of social events I said I'd attend.. My doc wants me to go up to 20. Does this seem like a good idea? And Why is this happening in week 2??
  14. noah, i'm in the same boat as you. about to enter my 5th week but haven't been more than 2 weeks on a single dose yet! i also feel like I'm still adjusting when I should at least be evening out. on top of that my doc wants me to go up AGAIN so even more adjusting to come.... agreed about trading the side effects to feel normal again. honestly, i don't even remember what it feels like to not have constant anxiety... I'm definitely not depressed anymore so the lex has helped me in some regards..but the constant butterflies in my stomach put huge limits on living. hoping the move up to 20 mg will do the trick. good luck to everyone!
  15. Hi all, I'm so glad I found this topic. Today my psych told me to move up to 20 mg lex (from 15) because I haven't been seeing an improvement in my anxiety. I was anticipating this happening but he also said that he only wants to give me a week on 20 and if I don't see any improvements I need to switch. He suggested either Celexa or Zoloft. It's so frustrating waiting to get your meds right and I'm so scared to try and switch. I really didn't have any bad side effects on lexapro, only fatigue, loss of appetite, and brain fog. It also doesn't help that so many forums that I've read have said that lexapro is better for anxiety than zoloft. It's crazy to me how there is technology to translate a dog's thoughts into english, but we still know so little about how SSRIs work.....
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