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  1. I have read a few pages here concerning anhedonia and would have to say I can commiserate. I have suffered from MDD (since 1996) and anxiety and PTSD (since 2006). I believe my own bouts of anhedonia have been within the past couple of years. I isolate often, have no friends, no real passion to speak of (scuba diving had a great effect but is too social). I have quit my last three jobs by just walking out which will probably hurt me in future career endeavors. It seems like, as with many of the post on this topic, we have been on many meds (paxil, zoloft, lexapro, buspar, klonopin, depakote, abilify, and presently mirtazapine and effexor). Over the past year or two I am beginning to think that my brain chemistry has been adversely affected by all of these medications. Not to mention over the years I spent much time self medicating with mainly alcohol but dabbled in garden shrub, illegal drug, lsd, and mdma. To not think we are in stage 1 neurobiological experimentation would be naive. Does anyone know of studies that show what the long term effects are on the brains chemistry? After looking at many posts on here I am seeing trends that seem deeply concerning but am not a scientist or a researcher. I am wondering if the "chicken or the egg" question doesn't apply here. Which came first, the overuse of medications that were initally intended for short term use or the anhedonia that now seems to be a real byproduct of such overuse. Will using dopaime agonists rectify this, or will it be another epidemic of sorts. I am currently hoping to come off of medication all together with a psychs help and see if I can "feel" again. This has been something I have been contemplating but as many of you know the side effects are no joke. I recently came across another forum that discusses life after AD's and such. Guess what I've gathered? These people, after years of "experimenting" and being lab rats like I have done, they complain of similar issues to this topic. Anhedonia, depression, anxiety, and I've noticed a trend where people talk about the trauma assocated with the withdraws, the changing of AD's the mind and body being warped after all of years of medicating and suicidal ideations and in some cases failed attempts (I've personally have had 3 or 4). With all this said, I just want everyone to know I am right there with you, but also want to let people know every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Please consider if the cure is in a pill and consider where it has taken you so far...
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