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  1. I've been on Pritstiq for about 8 months - starting on 50mg, and moving to 100mg about five months ago. Over the last few days, I've been noticing the withdrawal symptoms kicking in before my next dose is due. I will be seeing my doctor about it this week and will report back.
  2. Depression isn't just an illness, it's an insidious creature that inhabits your psyche and interferes with your ability to make decisions about what is right or wrong for you. If you had a rash, you'd use a cream. If you had diabetes, you'd take insulin. Depression isn't a sign of weakness, it's a disease and should be treated as such. Of course you can choose not to take an antidepressant, but that isn't an act that confirms or denies your courage or strength. From my personal experience, I know I function better on antidepressants. Some work better than others, some stop working, and sometimes the depression is stronger than the medication, but I still believe that my life is better with medication. I would love not to need them, but I know how diminished my life becomes when I am off them. If you choose not to take it, can I suggest you totally abstain from alcohol? For me, it simply magnifies negative emotions and can impact my life terribly for days after I've stopped drinking. I also find that a high dose B group vitamin can help. I wish you all the very best. I hope you beat your depression, or at the very least, can develop a strategy that allows you to to co-exist with it reasonably peacefully. Remember, it is NOT a sign of weakness or failure, it just is, and today there are many options available to give you a fighting chance against it. Good luck!
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