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  1. Been working a lot of overtime, during the day and even flipping to night shifts and will be back to days for the weekend. Trying to enjoy the day that I do have off but I'm really just sleepy. Will be getting a new phone before I go to Vegas. My iPhone 5 has done me well for years but it's time for me to just give in and upgrade. Been listening to Shania Twain's album Now for the first time in full. I've heard bits and pieces and listening to it in full I've been able to hear a lot of interesting production. Even vocoders in the background and loads of harmony tricks. Will be very fun seeing her live in March. Just a couple of weeks away! I put in the time off and I'm glad that I did because someone else wanted to take the same days as me. Beat them to it!
  2. Staying far away from eBay and online shopping... Bought a guitar effect pedal and was burned. Got a box with the correct labels and opened it up and found a zip lock bag of rocks inside. I got my money back thankfully but I'm just gonna stay away for awhile. Have been watching some older videos of Shania live, mainly from her Chicago performance in 2003. I remember watching her when I was a kid. I remember when Come on Over was released. My Dad would ask me what I thought of her and I'd always say she was a babe. Kinda stupid but I was little then. It will be very fun seeing her live in Vegas. Speaking of Vegas, I have already gone a little nuts deciding on what to wear. Some of the casinos and other spots have dress codes... Basically don't look like a slob I guess.
  3. Shiloh is still with me. Had a friend of mine who is a vet give me so advice and my parents and I decided against putting him down. We know what he has but he still has time so we are going one day at a time until the right time does eventually come. On a good note I will be going to Vegas in March with my friend Kristin. We will be seeing Shania Twain while there and sight see for a few days.
  4. Yesterday I took Shiloh to the vet and did some check ups since he was taking antibiotics for a kidney infection. Sadly I was told that things really aren't getting better and his kidneys are failing. He is still with me and will be with me until next Thursday. My Dad and I have been spending time with him, my Mom will be with him during Saturday and some of the week. I will sleep with him Sunday night all the way until Wednesday and Thursday afternoon say my final goodbye. I have never had to deal with loss or death until now. I kind of knew things would end soon but I don't want it to. Activity level for Shiloh is still normal but his appetite has nearly gone. I've let everyone close to me know that if they wanted to come by and see him they are welcome to.
  5. The other night I went out for dinner with my Dad and sure enough my anxiety went off. I stood behind a Christmas tree in the restaurant hoping that Olivia, a girl from high school would not see me. I told my Dad I didn't want to be here but he made me stick it out. Olivia made fun of me for years and probably still does. Mainly she made fun of me because of the fact that the first seizure I ever had was in a gamestop store. That was over 10 years ago and it still bothers me. I would like to move away from KY as a whole but I just don't ever see it happening. Every time I say something about it my parents and family just brush it off. It's almost as if they want me to suffer mentally. I didn't have a holiday really. I worked and have been taking care of my beagle. I am taking him to the vet tomorrow probably since he will be done with his antibiotics. It's the new year and I'm already more depressed than usual.
  6. I just got back from the vet and will be waiting on bloodwork and will be taking my beagle back tomorrow. They are worried about his liver and kidneys so they are wanting to be sure of some things before giving him any pain meds. Weight loss and loss of appetite to a degree is also a point of concern. I'm not sure what to expect but I know he is up there in age... Him being over 15 now... I know his time is coming and that is what I'm afraid of.
  7. Taking my beagle to the vet this afternoon. He's 15 and just over the last 2 weeks has been having some issues getting around. I suspect it's arthritis or hip dysplasia due to his age and the colder weather. I'm not sure what will happen but with it being the holidays there certainly isn't much of a "jolly" moment I've had this winter. I've been very busy with work and will be working Christmas Eve and will not be spending time with my family other than my parents. As far as the stuff with my dog goes, he really started giving me a scare last night and this morning.
  8. It's been awhile since I've dropped in... I'm still alive. I haven't really been up to anything at all. Literally just working and saving money. As far as any updates from me well here it goes. Christine is back at work which means I've turned back into Eeyore. She walks by and suddenly I'm feeling great. I talk to her for a moment, say something stupid and beat myself up about it. Then she walks away and I'm left feeling like crap. I really can't stand this feeling. Christine hasn't been the only woman to make me feel this way but I wish there was a medication to basically wipe romantic feelings away. As in wipe them away so I just simply never have them period. A deeper look into it seems to make it clear that I simply may have pursued music for the wrong reasons. Basically to get attention from people, to be accepted by people, to be wanted. Yet as an adult I've realized it perhaps was all a waste. I say that because it has left me alone and unable to function with most people. I barely have anything in common with most people.
  9. Just got back from walmart to just grab food for my dog but I ran into Katelyn... A girl I asked out when I was in college... I knew her in high school so she as well as everyone else who knew me at that time probably thinks I am just full of shit. I remember the day I asked her out, only to get a yes and shortly after that nothing. Just makes me angry because she probably is doing much better than I am. I cried while in the parking lot for a few minutes. Just keep having more reasons why I should just end everything. My medical problems... Social problems and what I want is just not possible for me to have. I've been dodging raindrops for far too long These clouds over my head they won't move on I've been dodging raindrops trying not to get wet I've been dodging raindrops for far too long...
  10. The Triumph I have is a 2018. The Thruxton R model. Recently ordered some parts from Triumph to do more customization to the bike. I changed the exhaust, did the de-cat and changed grips. Probably will have to change to new grips again soon. The rubber they are made of just doesn't like the oils in our hands so they break down over time. While on my trip my headlight bulb died so I am going to replace that. My friend Eric who lives in LA and is in the music business messaged me after I got back from my trip. Asking if I was doing ok, let me know he missed me and that it's been awhile since we've seen each other. Due to my work I just don't have time off when most people do. That's the downside of working weekends I guess. Eric saw my Dad in June but I wasn't able to go because I couldn't get the time off work. Waiting on a couple of Triumph things to get here. Maybe Thursday I'll get everything here. We will have to see.
  11. Left this morning on my Triumph and headed for Virginia. Finally stopped at a motel to rest. Gonna be back Wednesday probably since I have to work next weekend. As far as states go I started in Kentucky and was in and out of Tennessee, Virginia and North Carolina. Not really going anywhere specifically, just away.
  12. Picking my Civic Si up today. Have been riding around on my Triumph a lot lately except for the days when it's too humid to do really anything. The whole loss of interest thing has really gotten me lately. I haven't played guitar in months unless I just noodle here and there for a few minutes. Not being in a relationship, being lonely certainly drags me down even more. If I was with someone then I probably would actually care to bother with self-care stuff. Kind of lacking on that stuff lately. My Dad called me homeless if that says anything.
  13. Saw my hernia surgeon and now I'm waiting to have an ultrasound done this morning. Will basically be a full examination of the groin area. What's even stranger about this is the person who does the exams is my neighbor. I guess what they are going to be looking for is to see if the mesh has become loose, what it could be pinching or rubbing against, or what nerves are trapped around the mesh.
  14. Took my motorcycle with me to my doctors appointment today. While walking in someone commented on it which has been common since I've had the Thruxton. Not sure why but it does attract a lot of attention. Will be using the Thruxton as my main way around for a few weeks. I'm not complaining about that! It's very fun to just get out on back roads and not have to worry about anything. The appointment is a follow up with my hernia surgeon after dealing with the pain clinic. I'm not sure what I'll be told this time.
  15. Dropped my civic off at the body shop today which literally was right across the street from my wreck. Still have a way to get around, simply with my old civic.
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