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  1. Welcome 11resdky to the forums! Were you put directly on 100mg? Unless you were moving over from another SSRI, your doctor should titrate you up to that dose, starting at either 25 or 50mg, then increasing it no less than once a week. This helps make the side effects less severe. The nausea and dizziness/lack of focus is common. Make sure you take your meds with food to reduce the nausea. The aches and pains... I'm not familiar with that one. You might want to call your doctor. As for the side effects, most should go away within 2 weeks, maybe sooner. Some side effects may not go away for a while or at all. They can be tough for the first few weeks, but then they should subside and your underlying condition should start improving even if a little. Good luck, keep us informed on how it goes. A great idea is to journal each day to list your issues and improvements, either in a physical journal or using your blog on your account here. Cheers, -IB
  2. Eff them. Seriously, you just gotta forget what they think and instead focus on what you think. I spent years in that hell of caring what others think. I was young looking, short, acne, no muscles, etc. Peace came the day in high school I thought, "Well, Eff them" and started being just me and caring how I felt about how I looked. Of course, I didn't get a date in high school, but I was happy! (In the end, in college, I met a wonderful woman who thought the same as me and we have been married for over 15 years).
  3. Pea protein shake and spicy Asian leftover.
  4. Unfortunately, for some people, their depression will not go into remissions with many different types of treatment. I can only imagine how tough it must be. For these people, treatment may be used to lessen the effects of their depression. What kinds of treatments helped at all? It sounds like you will need to live with depression, as you have for the past 2 decades. Reducing the severity might be your goal at this point. I feel that, having going through all of these treatments without success in remissions, you would be a great candidate for ECT. I would discuss this with your pdoc. If she doesn't agree, look for a pdoc that will ok it. It seems to be fairly successful when other treatment options fail. I hope you find peace.
  5. Thanks Flash. I am really surprised that no one else here has had this issue, or haven't responded. The kicker is that after I wake up and try to fall back to sleep, it's not like I lay there and toss and turn. I nod asleep briefly, to the point where I start to dream, but then wake up. I do this every 5-10 minutes, and after 2+ hours of this I feel more tired, nauseous, and irritable. I know I should get up at 3:30am and not go back to bed, but I am sooo tired, the house is cold, and there really isn't anything to do, especially since I am soooo tired.
  6. Rainy. I'm in the bedroom, with the curtains drawn, and my sunlamp on.
  7. Thank you for sharing your story. Hope you feel a little bit better.
  8. Having a few drinks did the same thing to me. My pharmacist said that the alcohol is metabolized instead of the Celexa, so I was basically skipping a dose. I would be a bit depressed the next day or so. Glad to hear it wasn't just me.
  9. Congrats on the job! The training will be short term, and you can make it through it. Just remember how frustrated you are with your current job. Write down on a card (business card?) why you are leaving the current job, and put it in your wallet. Whenever you doubt why you left your job, read it! Oftentimes, the grass is greener on the other side, and you only see the good things of what you don't have and the bad things of what you do. Think of the training as a vacation. Have a great vacation!!! -IB
  10. Ssmiles, did you have these sumptoms before you got on zoloft? Insomnia early waking, anxiety, diarrhea, heart palps, loss of appetite where you can't eat are all symptoms of clinical depression. I suffer these also.
  11. Hi Stephanie, Thanks for sharing your experience! Depression and Antidepressants sure can make a person emotionally empty-feeling, and the change can be difficult on a relationship that existed before the depression. I am in the same situation, but we lasted another 12 years so far. I wont say it's easy, and there are times where we long for how it was before I got ill, but life is what it is, and you both either need to accept it or move on. Remember (I always say this), sooner or later in a relationship, a change will happen, guaranteed. It could be having kids, moving somewhere new, or a medical issue. If the relationship is strong, you can persevere through the changes, accepting them as a new part of the relationship. Good luck~
  12. Not really. I had one my uncle had and gave me. I think it was Anxiety and Phobia Workbook, by Bourne. My therapist said it was good. Ask your therapist. I think they all go through much the same. There is a thing called CBT - cognitive behavior therapy and there are workbooks on it. The skinny is that it attempts to change your thought pattern to make you a happier person. I call it "The Emperor has no clothes" or "I love Big Brother" therapy. If you can read my sarcasm, it is because I feel that often it just tries to make believe lies (It's not bad that my car exploded!) but underlying issues and how you truly feel about it exists and will come up later in dreams, subconscious, or triggers later on. Think of Ned Flanders breakdown on the Simpsons. For me, I prefer a method where you identify what is causing you problems and then solutions to remedy those problems. I am a solutions-oriented individual, so hence. From what I read about your situation, you need two things: 1) coping strategies and coming to grips with these issues and 2) solutions to end these issues. Having a bunch of negative stuff hit you at once is pretty surreal, especially if you have had a decent normal life. I still have issues accepting things in my life and I know that is one of my issues. The relaxation techniques help, but I find helps the best is to figure out what is wrong (lost my job, selling my house), finding a solution (ok, move back home, get a job, then get a new house) and then simply doing it. Good luck Charlie, and I hope you find a good therapist to assist you.
  13. Ok, hang in there! It's good you are on treatment, otherwise it could develop into a major episode and have a greater chance of relapsing. Go to therapy. Not a suggestion, but an order! ;-) Seriously, your situation would benefit sooo much. For anxiety (which is what I originally had and well, left untreated I am here now), get a "stress and anxiety workbook" and go through it. Learn breaking techniques, relaxation, thinking skills, behavior, etc. Its fun read the book and go through the stuff. Even self hypnotism. A lot of people in your situation from what I have read do great on 50mg Zoloft. If you add in therapy and life changes, then it can be really effective, and there is a great chance that a year or two down the road, when you have made the right life changes and everything is calm, you could successfully end treatment and your anxiety will be in remission for years. If you don't take care of yourself now, this can develop into major cronic depression. -IB
  14. I feel that a lot depends on the dosage vs your tolerance. On Paxil, I had no emotions. Zombie. On Celexa, I was almost normal (if that's possible!), except that I could never cry tears. Many people that I know who are low dosages of SSRIs don't complain too much about their emotions feeling stunted. IMHO, 3 months on a steady dose you can know how the rest of the time on the med will be. Evaluate then if you feel like you need a change either in meds or dose. Just remember how bad you felt before you went on- oftentimes it is about tradeoffs. I myself cannot function without meds, so a little numbing is worth it.
  15. Laundry. Bed linens need to be washed. Smells like a gym, for the amount I sweat at night!
  16. Charlie, You unfortunately answered your own question. In 6-8 weeks, you will know then if the dose is enough or not. However, in a week you could be feeling fine. Check the forum threads under Zoloft to see what other people's experiences are, but everyone is different. I am a fast metabolizer, so seem to always need a higher dose of SSRIs. What is your underlying condition? This also depends. I see often that for situational depression (handling the day to day issues), 50mg or 75mg seems to help a lot of people. I have Major Depressive Disorder with Anxiey and Panic, and was at 40mg Paxil and 60mg Celexa. On Zoloft, my doctor wanted me to get up to 150mg immediately, since that is eqiv. dose of what I was on Celexa and the severity of my condition (housebound essentially).
  17. Anyone? I really need some suggestions for tonight!!
  18. You are doing great for 3 weeks! You are fortunate to have good days this early. Usually, it gets worse before it gets better when getting on an AD, because of the side effects and your brain freaking out from the new drugs. Yes, give it more time. If you are having almost always good days with a bad day or two, you are almost there. The medicine and your brain are balancing out. Once I had something like this, and my doc wanted to raise my meds, but my shrink said now, its just a little breakthrough, and sure enough it went away in a few days. good luck Charlie.
  19. Sorry to say, but what side effects and how long they last depends on each person's experience. I think the nausea and anxiety lasted close to 5 weeks for me. I just am trying to go up from 100 to 150 today and am getting both those feelings 4 hours after taking my increase. For increasing dosing, it really depends on where your doctor thinks you need to be. To actually wait for the full effect is something like 6-8 weeks. If you were only increasing by 25mg, this could take a year to get up! Note that the dosing instructions by the manufacture is to start at 50mg, and increase 50mg every week. Your doctor is going slow to try and make the changes easier on you, but it sounds like it isn't helping.
  20. When I am sick with depression (unipolar, MDD), I feel the best right before I go to bed, and worse on waking. My day is: 1. Go to sleep 2. Sleep for 5ish hours 3. Wake up in sweat 4. Trouble going back to sleep, on/off, heart palpitation, anxiety, nausea 5. Get out of bed feeling so sick, cant eat no appetite 6. As the day progresses, start feeling better 7. Appetite back usually by dinner 8. Go to sleep feeling good. Does anyone else have this cycle to their days? If so, any suggestions on how to break this? I am at 2 months of this. I am waiting for the meds to kick in but I feel like there is a way to break the night time progression from feeling good at bedtime to feeling like crap on waking. Should I try to stay up all night to throw my body clock off? Set the alarm for 3am and get up? I take Zoloft am and remeron (historically I was on trazadone) before bedtime for sleep. I can fall asleep well, just not stay asleep all night. Thanks. Im getting desperate.
  21. Tinitus can be common for any AD. I have had it on Celexa and now on Zoloft. Some people don't get it. If that was the only side effect at 100mg and you were doing great otherwise, I personally would call that an amazing win. Antidepressants are not happy pills- they wont make you fell 100% great. And they all have side effects and mess with your body. However, they are much better than suicidal thoughts. My advice is to find a med/dose where you can function but have the least side effects. Mirtazapine can kick in pretty well, but Im not sold on it. It most likely will sedate you when you take it (right before bed) and cause increase in hunger (although this was very minimal for me). The higher dose, the less these effects are. What you should do is do research on the different ADs before you change. Hope it goes better for you!
  22. You need to contact your doctor ASAP! You are in a complicated situation being pregnant and having mental issues. Take Zoloft with food. Force yourself to eat. Get nutritional drinks like Ensure. But please, contact your doctor asap.
  23. How much Traz did you take? What were your symptoms?
  24. Welcome to DF forums. Sorry to hear what happened. Sounds like you just had a huge learning experience in life. Everyone goes though situations like this (well, not exactly like this). Welcome to the club! You are a bit more experienced and wiser now :-) The best thing to do is to understand what happened, what you regret, and change how you will be in the future. It sounds like you really like your BF; try and see if you can salvage what you can, what you need to do to make it work. If the relationship ends up not working out, at least value the time and experience you had with him. Hang in there, this too will pass, and keep talking if it helps!
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