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  1. College towns, at least a few in my state, tend to have above average public transportation. I know quite a few people in my town that dont use a car. Some bike, sone ride the bus, and there is always walking like I did when in college.
  2. I have one friend, and he has bpd so it can be rough sometimes. Other than that I just have a few aquaintances that I rarely see. Oh, I have my cat also.
  3. I think of my ex wife a lot, even though it has been a year and a half. I wish I could go back to happier times. I miss her.
  4. Do your meds allow you to live a normal life? For the most part. I am tired a lot, and have the sexual side effects that are common, but yes, I have a full time job and can function well. I recommend meds if you cant live a normal life without being on them.
  5. Depression and anxiety since my mid 20s. 40 now. If im not on meds im a mess and can't function. Ots genetic/biological but life stressors make it worse.
  6. My wife left me a year and a half ago. I was so happy with her and my life even with depression wasnt bad. Now im miserable and feel that I will be alone the rest of my life due to the depression and sexual side effects of the meds. Im 40 and I dont want to spend the rest of my life alone. Thanks for reading.
  7. I cant shake this depression ive had for the past 3 days.
  8. depression sucks

  9. not doing well today.

  10. So my wife left me a year ago last May and we have been divorced for a year. She wont have any contact with me. My issue is that I am still dreaming about her almost every night. She was my best friend and soulmate, and the dreams are of us being friends. How do I get over her and stop dreaming about her?
  11. I am currently on 200mg Zoloft and 5mg Abilify, and it seems to be working. You might want to add an SSRI to the mix if things go south. I hope you do well, LJ!
  12. Good for you, Flash.

  13. FDA allows a wide margin of active ingredient content- something like 80% to 120% of the brand name formula. So the generic version can be weaker. Also, the inactive ingredients can be different. If you start with a generic and get level on it, there shouldn't be an issue. If you switch from name-brand to generic, you might need to increase the dose. You also might feel effects switching from one manufacturer to another.
  14. So basically, my wife of 16 years walked out on me, we had a quick divorce, and we have had no contact since (6 months), and she doesn't want any. She told me not to ever contact her again. I still love her with all my heart however, and think and dream of her often. I can't get to have hate for her for leaving me and the circumstance around it. I truly believed we were soulmates and now I feel hollow and dead without her. I dont know how to get over the grief of the loss of someone that I was closer to than anyone else in my life, even myself. She was a part of me, and now that part of me is gone. I am seeing a councelor starting tomorrow, maybe that will help. I also suffer from depression and anxiety, which was a major cause of her leaving. Any suggestions on how to handle the grief, how long it will take to get over it? Thank you, Inby.
  15. I was on Celexa for 11+ years and it worked great until a year ago. It just stopped working. I had 5 month major relapse until my doc got me on Zoloft, which I have been on since. But its not cutting it, between the nausua/light head and lack or actually keeping the depression and anxiety at bay. I know that Lexapro is almost the same drug as Celexa (right vs left hand isomer). My question is, has anyone gone from Celexa, when it stopped working, onto Lexapro, and had Lexapro work? I am seeing my pdoc Monday regarding changing off Zoloft, and I would like to try Lexapro since celexa worked so well until the end. I am afraid that if Celexa stopped working, since Lexapro is so similar, it wont work. My pdoc doesnt know. Thanks for any and all feedback. Inby
  16. AD meds are no walk in the park. If you have mild depression or other issues that are not impacting your day to day life, you can work on those without meds- with therapy, self help, diet, life changes, etc. I tried this route for months until I got suicidal. My past with these drugs is not good- they never 'cured' me, they cause all sort of side effects, my sex life is pretty much nuked... BUT... the condition I get when I am not on these meds are much, much worse, from the promised anxiety which leads to lack of appetite and weight loss, unable to function at work and keep a job, to being able only go to the bathroom and maybe pet the cat, to finally loosing my 16 year marraige. Each person needs to decide how bad their depression is and appropriate treatments, including medications. You need to weight the gains of the meds against the negatives that they will have.
  17. It's prozac IMHO. I went through the same think with Paxil. Increasing the dosage does not decrease the side effects!! It is a linear relationship between dose and SEs. My reocmmendation is that he tries another SSRI or switch to an AD that has less common occurances, like wellbutrin and mirtazipine
  18. I'm on 10mg abilify for the past 2 weeks (was on 5mg before that) along with 150mg Zoloft. Ever since the dose increase, I have been feeling tired and having difficulty concentrating. I am thinking of dropping back down to 5mg. Anyone have any experience with this? PS my pdoc increased it because I had fallen back into depression for a few days. I feel like she might have just jumped the gun too fast in raising the dosage.
  19. Im currently on 150 zoloft and 10 abilify. Im having issues with being groggy and lack of concentration and appetite. Adding abilify did bring ne out of my depressive state however
  20. I was on 200MG for 5 months, but I was basically overdosed and felt sick all the time, my head foggy and felt like pressure in my skull. Dropping it to 150mg and adding Abilify made all the difference! I feel more normal than I have in over a decade.
  21. For sleep, switch from Mirt to Trazadone FTW. I never looked back!
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