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  1. I'm new myself- Hope this forum works for you (and me)!
  2. It's amazing that you are able to have a marriage, job, and be off medication. I know depression is tough, but you have a lot going for you. Perhaps a little counseling would help- there are resources to do it online if a therapist is not available to you locally. Hang in there, we are all here for you!!
  3. Holly, Talking like you are doing here is a first, big step. Depression is like a thousand pound gorilla on your back. It takes a lot of effort to do anything, even posting here, so good job! You should go see a doctor, and get on some medicine since your depression is obviously impacting your normal life. All those years of alcohol and drugs was you self medicating. Now its time to do it correctly. You should also see a counselor, as they can really, really help with getting you back on your feet and the right direction in life. That is something meds cannot do. Remember, it's never too late to get back on the track of life you want. We all take different paths, but it doesn't mean that we need to stay on them. Hang in there, people care about you.
  4. Hi, I'm new to the forums. I have been suffering from anxiety and depression since 2001. Currently going through a ssri med change. My Story: It started with panic attacks that would last days, first for a few days, and then each relapse would last longer.* I would not get on medicine. Finally the major, deep depression hit after 6 months. I started on Paxil, which made me a complete zombie. After 9 months, I decided to get off it. Yes, I had the shock withdrawal effects! I was good for a few months, then relapsed severely. My doc put me on 60mg Celexa with trazadone at night. That worked great for many years (other than the time a doctor dropped it to 20mg!) until this past fall. I had a depression breakdown in September, then again after Christmas. I was only at 40mg, since the FDA warning. Well, after almost 2 months, I am now starting Zoloft. My doctor wanted me to stop the 40mg Celexa and start the 150mg Zoloft. Last night I did that, but only took 100mg Zoloft. He has had me taking 30mg Mirtazapine for the past week or so also, at night, instead of Trazadone. So that is where I am today. My question is, has anyone stopped Celexa without tapering and started Zoloft right away (or any SSRIs), and if so, what should I be expecting in terms of side effects and time? Currently by depression is under control, but morning anxiety has been bad this entire month to the point I lost a lot of weight due to not eating from the anxiety. Other: I took busbar for a while. It was completely useless. Mirtz does not give me the munchies. Morning anxiety is bad- I wake up too early, my heart is beating, I can't fall asleep, but too tired to function. Once I get up and going, it usually gets better by noon or afternoon, but I often find it hard to eat or have an appetite. *We were living in an apartment that we later found out had serious mold issues. I still blame that mold for what happened to me (I feel that it did permanent damage to my brain) since both my wife and I had the same sort of symptoms at the time, and I coincidently found that the couple who moved in also had the same issues. It started with a bit of paranoia/flu like, then turned into anxiety and depression. Cheers, J
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