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  1. Miss you. Hang in there things are not as bad as they might seem. 

  2. I found the best thing was to join our Chat. There's usually someone/many on during the evening. We are all really nice and will chat about anything you want to. Feel free to message me also!
  3. how to not be alone...

    Im pretty much in the same boat- 41, single. I was married for 16 years and am used to living with someone, so it gets really lonely sometimes. Meetup and Facebook local groups (There's a local Sci-Fi group I found and stayed with). Maybe coworkers? Basically I work during the week, and play video games in the evening. Weekends get boring. Been hanging out with a coworker once in a while.
  4. Get back on abilify after 3 weeks?

    Thank you cat
  5. Get back on abilify after 3 weeks?

    No i wasnt eating like that before my blood tests in January. I have been since then. I have lost weight in that short time even.
  6. So im getting off abilify because it raised by blood sugar and cholesterol. Its been 21 days. Im having depression and anxiety. I dont see my pdoc for 2 more months. She recommended that i get back on the abilify, but i was hoping that thos would go away and get better. I dont know when to call it done and get back on the abilify vs toughing it out and waiting.
  7. Lexapro Side Effects

    Headaches are common start up side effects but often go away after your body gets used to the med, maybe 4-6 weeks or more.
  8. Benzo question

    In my experience a few weeks shouldnt matter, but a few months, i had slight withdrawls and tappered. A lot of not being able to sleep and anxiety coming back.
  9. Abilify and diabetes

    I dont see her until first part of may but can check in via portal anytime.
  10. Abilify and diabetes

    So i have been off the abilify for 20 days. The 14th i had a serious depression episode. Today i woke with anxiety like i havent had in years. The past two weeks ive had head pressure that makes me dizzy and wont go away. My pdoc wants me back on the abilify since i was stable on it. I am scared of diabetes and high cholestoral which it caused. Not sure what to do. Panicking.
  11. Cant really give medical advice here, but you usually need to titrate up on antidepressants due to side effect. See if there is a backup pdoc for your pdoc while he is gone.
  12. I was an anxiuos suicidal mess when i left work so i took it full time. Gave me time for meds to kick in and get an appetite back and eat again. A lot of waiting, sleeping for the meds to kick in. Not a good time for me and honestly a blur.
  13. I have. It went well until i was out over 12 weeks in the year and was let go. Do you have specific questions about it?
  14. Not a good day.

  15. Abilify for YOU: Help or Hinder?

    Abilify at 5mg, and even less at 2 and 1, in addition to Wellbutrin, kept me stable and worked well. No tiredness, brainfog, etc. However, Abilify has raised my blood sugar to diabetic level and raised my cholesterol and weight. I am getting off it now. I hope to god that the blood sugar level goes back down. It might not. I also have experienced some serious sexual dysfunction, but am unsure if it is PSSD or from the abilify. I have not been on a SSRI in a year, but it hasn't gotten better. Stopping it: I am currently relapsing with anxiety and depression, and I hope that it will go away. It can be difficult for some to get off- relapse of symptoms being one.