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  1. I might be back.

    1. AloneGuy


      Hi Inbetween!  

  2. I came off Paxil after 9 months on it and it took weeks-months for the side effects to go away. I would talk to your doc about switching to another SSRI that doesn't have any dangers with pregnancy. Tapering from one SSRI to another tends to keep withdrawl symptoms away. And congrats on the happy turn around in life. You don't need anyone that will run at first sight of health issues.
  3. You should get your glucose levels checked before starting and then every so often since abilify can raise then to diabetic levels. Call your doctor.
  4. Celexa pooped out exactly at 10 years and I had a major relapsed that ended in divorce. Try something else now, there are many meds. Take care!!
  5. I was on celexa for 10 years. It worked great for my depression and anxiety. I too had the same delay issue with sex. However the last 2 years I started also getting ED. I ended up relapsing and switching meds, now on wellbutrin. However 5 years after celexa I still have ED and many docs can't figure it out. I'm 42. The ED was one reasons of my divorce of a 16 year marriage. Long story short, if you don't need to be on meds, Don't be! There can be serious side effects that might be permanent. However in my case, I can't function without them so sexual side effect is just the high cost of being able to live.
  6. I'd check in with your pdoc. You might just need a few days off to adjust. I haven't been on effexor but on ssris I have experience bad dose increase start up issues that do go away. Good luck.
  7. Hope all is well Waffles!

  8. Possible, but abilify is also used to treat bipolar and I don't think it would trigger it. I do know that ssri alone can trigger mania I'm polar. How are you feeling now?
  9. Yes, it worked for me but got off the abilify due to rise of blood sugar. Just on wellbutrin now. Any reason not to try wellbutrin and then add abilify if needed?
  10. Well after 10 years it stopped working and I relapsed, got on other meds, so I never withdrew.
  11. Was on it for a decade, had a slight ringing. Stopped it a few years ago, and the ringing did go away fairly quick, maybe within a month or two?
  12. So I felt good on them (add on to zoloft then wellbutrin, for depression). Spiked my blood sugar and cholestorol. Took a while to get off, I would go into a depression about a week after stopping. Tapered way down to 1/2 every other day. Been off them for maybe a month. They have a long half life, so it takes a while to get out of your system. Also supposed to just cold turkey since the withdrawl out of your system is so prolonged. Supposed.
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