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  1. You see, thats what I'm starting to think has happened. I've also been wondering if the dose has been pushed too high. My doctor suggested it might help, but I don't think it did as much as I'd hoped. We might have to drop it back down again. Cheers, Jim. That helps a bit, making me think it's not just me that's gone wrong.
  2. Hey Ket. Self published is a start. Don't put yourself down over that. Well, this really is a first for me. I have never had writers block before, well not like this. Having days when I feel what I write is rubbish is one thing, but this is more like not being able to write anything. The ideas just seem to dry up in my head. But what you say gives me hope. So, thank you. Take it easy, White.
  3. I have the reverse with what I want to write. I cant feel what my characters would feel, and cant get into thier heads.
  4. Hey Nopawn, Well, I’ve never been tempted to try drinking to free up my creativity. So, I guess that is something. And I definitely fall into the category of fledgling writer. I used to find writing a joy, that is true. And in some areas, still do. I wouldn’t call myself a gifted writer. But thank you. I do have days when I struggle, when I know I’m not writing my best. But I know that those pieces can be improved upon with time, and that is fine with me. Most things I write, I can see some potential with and know they are worth continuing with. My issue comes with one particular genre of writing and that is erotica. I just try to write something and the ideas just seem to stick in my head. Even getting a single line of description down on paper is hard, and what I write just feels flat. Not bad, or in need of improvement, just flat. Dull and useless. Well, that is one thing that bothers me. That I cant feel better until I get off the tablets and I don’t know that I will. Right now, my doctor wants me to stay on them. I have been thinking about getting out and running again, which I hope will help. Yeah, that is definatley what I feel, that I am worthless as a writer, because this is something I cannot do. And I cannot help blaming my own creativity or lack of it. What scares me the most is that I may not be able to get away from this fear. And I do feel very sensitive about it. Especially since I used to be able to do this, even a few years ago I could write erotica easily. Maybe it wasn’t the best, but I could look at it positively. Still, what you’ve said has helped, given me some perspective on it. So, thank you for that. White.
  5. I guess the title sums up this post really, and what I am feeling. I am a writer at heart, it is all I have wanted to be and felt I could ever do with my life. But recently, I have been finding that more and more difficult, especially in one particular area. I might as well just blurt it out; erotica is what I like to write, and the one thing I want to write but cannot seem to. Anything else I turn my hand to, I can make work. But I try to write any of the erotica stories I have in mind, I just can't seem to get anywhere. Anything I write just seems flat, and that is after a lot of work. All I write just feels like a pedestrian and boring set of descriptions and that seems to be all I can do. To make it more frustrating, this was something I used to be able to do. So now I worry that my depression has killed my creativity and I might not be able to get it back. I guess what I wondering is has anyone else out there had a problem like this and been able to work through it. Hoping to hear from you guys, White.
  6. So, I guess I should post a bit about myself. I have been living with depression for about four years, but only worked out what it really was after a year of general anxiety, where I spent most days in a low level of dread occasionally spiking very high to outright panic. Anyway, I'm now on antidepressants which has stablised that part of my mood, but has left me with continued low mood. Something I could have lived with, except it is starting to impact on my creative writing, the one thing in my life I thought I could be good at. So, I guess I'm here to try and see if I can get some clarity on that. White.
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