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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. Dear ATBC, You should have it checked. I don't want to alarm you but my sister was having a strange metallic taste in her mouth and they found she had a brain tumor. She died 3 years ago. It's a bizarre symptom but it could be serious. The sudden depression could be another serious symptom. Better safe than sorry! I hope it's just the shampoo! Best, MC
  3. Hi Teacup, I am on Pristiq and Prozac as well. About 3 months ago I switched from Wellbutrin and Celexa to Pristiq only. My main reason was to try to get rid of migraines which I was also taking topamax for. I felt that the headaches were worse because of the WB and/or Celexa. After a couple months on the Pristiq (50 mg) I was having some major depressive episodes, especially during PMS. My doc added Prozac (20 mg) a month ago. It has helped a great deal. I think I like this combo although the Prozac makes me more tired/sleepy. The 25 lb of weight I lost on the WB is all coming back... I feel pretty good (don't feel like I want to die anymore), I'm just tired and fat. Oh well... I hope you do well with the combo! MC
  4. Hi Cheryl, I'm thinking about going off the Topamax too. My doc asked me last week if I wanted to. I still can't decide what side effects are from what. I suppose I could just reduce my dosage and see if I notice a difference of any kind, since I'm still having headaches anyway. So once you are used to the 10 lex you will increase to 300 wb. That's what i'm on now. But I do think the Top defeats the uplifting feeling of the wb. Maybe I'll try reducing and see how I do. Did you just quit cold turkey? I read that for migraine sufferers it's ok but not for those who have seizures. Let me know how your changes go. Lisa
  5. Beautiful Disaster, Wow, that is so scary! I'm glad that the only thing that got totalled is your car! Okay, here are a couple of questions. Did you wean off the prozac first before you started the lexapro? If not, you could be experiencing not only side effects from the lex but also w/d symptoms from the prozac on top of it. In addition, usually Docs will start you at 5 mgs of lex for a week or so before going to 10. It is NOT an easy drug to get used to. You have to go slow. The same if you go off it. You have to wean off slow. You can cut those 10 mg pills in half and take it slower if you need to. Check w/ your doc about that. I hope it gets better for you. How is your depression/anxiety doing? Please keep me posted. MentalCase
  6. Hi Chinkes, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I have been having horrible headaches for about 3 weeks now. I thought it was because i was going back on Lex but when they wouldn't stop I went to the doc- sinus infection! Just finished my antibiotic and feeling much better. Argh! Always something! I am currently at 50/50 Top, 10 Lex, and 300xl WB. Seems like a lot. I'm still not even sure if it's right for me. Not sure if the wb does a thing for me other than give me a lift during the day so I don't need to sleep all day. I think the Top does something to my moods like you say. I don't know if it's blues or blahs or what. But yeah, something. I feel sort of flat. I really needed to get back on the Lex and I feel better since I did but still, I feel just blah. I hope you find the right combo for you. I wonder if it is the Topamax doing that to us? Is that a completely new feeling for you just since you started it? You haven't changed anything else have you, so you would definitely be able to put your finger on it. Very interesting. And they say it is used as a mood stabilizer! More like a mood flattener. But, I have now lost a total of 11 lbs. :) Finally something good is coming out of this! I hope you're feeling better. Keep me posted. Lisa
  7. Beautiful Disaster, Hi and welcome! I don't think you need to worry that Top and Lex is dangerous combination. I think you are just experiencing SEs from the Lexapro. It is weird getting started on it. I tried going off it for a while and when I got back on I had the same things as you're describing. Difficulty thinking, putting my thoughts together, major forgetfulness, lack of concentration, going into a room and not remembering why, and starting to do something and not finishing it. It will get better. How many mgs of Lex did your doc start you on? It's good to start really slow. The start up side effects are pretty strong and weird. Let me know how you're doing. :) MentalCase
  8. It IS like instant messaging isn't it! I titrated up just like the instructions say (if you got the same ones I got) 25 at night for one week, then 25 am and 25 pm for one week, then 25 am and 50 pm for one week, then 50 am and 50 pm from then on. I don't really mind going up to 10 mg of lex if I have to. I was at 20 at my full dosage. So 10 would actually just be 1/2 for me. :) Sorry if it seemed like I was making light of your anxiety. I didn't mean to. I tend to be a "get it over with" type of person because I am more worried about such things as the fact that my mother in law is visiting in a month and I have to travel for work in December and I gotta get my act together! Those are the things that cause me anxiety...How others will view me. I gotta always "appear" normal so the quicker I get through this and "recover" the better. I may seem brave and strong but it is really my weakness that is driving me. ;-) I am happy to be your guinea pig. I'll help any way I can.
  9. Thanks for cheering me on Lisa. I'm cheering for you too. These headaches, neckaches, gut-aches, are NOTHING compared to a migraine. I'm just whining. Did the bloaty-gut ache finally go away for you? I remember you mentioning the tightness in the chest too. Are you at 100mg Top now? 50mg x 2? Aside from headache, how are you feeling overall? Wow that was a quick reply! Feel free to whine. That's what we're here for! My stomach is better now. I had the same problem Monday but not as bad as last week. The tightness in the chest is still there a bit. It kind of feels like when you go out in the cold winter and take in that first breath. Your chest tightens up and you feel like you have to cough. if I breath in deeply I feel like I have to cough. And I still have incredible thirst and dry mouth. WB has that s/e too so doesn't help. I've been on the Top full 100 mg for 6 weeks now. I think if you get through the first week just go up to the 50. Otherwise you are going to be dragging this out for a very long time. I know you are nervous. Remember- they are only side effects. They aren't hurting you, they are just making you miserable for a little while. This too shall pass. ;-) I'm glad I did it all at once. It was awful but now it's DONE! I would hate to be dragging this out for 3 more months. But everybody is different and you gotta do what you feel comfortable with. My headache finally went away on Sunday, came back on Monday and is gone today. Hopefully it will stay gone! Overall I am still not totally myself. Still lethargic. May still need to go up to 10 mg of lex but staying at 5 for a bit to see how I do. Maybe I'll get some life back into me one of these days. Hang in there with the Topamax!
  10. Hey Cheryl, I think I remember all of those side effects to begin with. I would get better by about day 6 or 7 and then have to increase again. Hang in there. My doc told me that unless I'm on the floor having a heart attack anything that might happen to me is probably just a side effect of the Topamax and even feeling like you're having a "heart attack" could just be a side effect. It is a very tough med to start. But if you have lived with migraines you can live with the side effects for a month or so. I know you can do it! It will be worth it in the long run if it works for you. Try to hang in there for a few more days at 25 mg and see how you do. :) I'm cheering for you. Lisa
  11. Hi Tabbigirl, I think all the ADs give me headaches. At least I haven't tried one yet that hasn't. I think the Topamax helps with them but when you first start any of the ADs you run the risk of having initial s/e's with them. I hope the headaches will just be temporary for you. I have been having a lot of headaches recently but I think it's because I was changing my meds so drastically. When I switched to WB xl I had a headache for a week, when I increased the dose, same thing. When I tried to wean off lexapro- got a headache and when I had to get back on- again a horrible week-long headache. Topamax didn't prevent them. When I took my Frova (like your Maxalt) it would help but they would come right back after it wore off. I guess you just have to get through the initial side effects and see if they go away. Many times they do. But you might have to be patient. Sometimes it takes a while. Hang in there and keep us posted! Headaches are the worst! I feel your pain. :(
  12. Hey Cheryl, Sorry I haven't gotten back in so long. Had a headache the entire week last week. Didn't feel like staring at the computer. I stuck it out with the Lex but only at 5 mg. and still had the headache every single day...including yesterday. Today might be a bit better but woke up with serious cramps and my period. Maybe that was part of the reason I had the headache- but for 8 days??? I think you're right - probably the Lex. I am still feeling so blah. I really thought the wb would give me some life. But I still don't have much motivation to do much of anything. I dont think the Lex really is a pain reducer for me. I am always very tense in my shoulders and neck while on it. Constantly have to remind myself to relax them. And the clenching too is awful. TMJ gets realy bad. I'm hoping I can stick with the 5 mg. And if the Topamax doesn't seem to do much good I may just go off it. I am going to give it another month or two and see... Yes, the trial period with the meds is the worst part. I hate it so much. It is such a stressful waiting game to see what crazy things are going to happen with your physical and mental being. And then when something does happen you still question whether it is actually a side effect or just something else weird going on. I like your husband's little saying. Cute. Something to think about. And the little song is good too. This is just a ride. Bumpy sometimes. Clever and appropo. Feel like I'm on the floor in the back of horse drawn carriage on a cobblestone road sometimes. But don't we all... Gotta think positive. Get to the floating air mattress on the warm sun-sparkling glassy-smooth lake with the white sand beach. So how are you doing on the Topamax now? How are headaches? And the libido? I didn't realize that was on the list. Here I was thinking the WB was gonna help that. No wonder it hasn't... Figures. I think I might be losing a tiny bit of weight. It is very slow though. I think mostly because I am feeling so lethargic and haven't felt good with the headaches. If I had more energy I would probably burn more but my appetite isn't out of control like it was on the WB sr. One good thing at least! I will try to stay in touch better this week. Take care and thanks for thinking 'bout me! Lisa
  13. Hey Cheryl, Sorry the past few days have been so bad for you. I'm glad you got through your surgery and that it is over! Hopefully you will sleep better tonight. :) Well if it's really 6-8 weeks for WB to do it's thing then maybe there's still hope for me. The past few days have been horrible for me as well. We are quite the pair. We could just hang out and cry together if we didn't live so far apart. You'll have to tell me about Alaska and about your silly kitty in the picture. We have two cats and they are my babies. Only bright spot in my day sometimes. Today I have a headache. I think lexapro may cause them for me. Yesterday was my second day back on and I felt it creeping up on me. Today it's worse. Not sure the Topamax helps with these kinds of "side effect" headaches. Maybe my body will just have to adjust to the Lex again but now I'm wondering if my headaches have been caused by the Lex all along! Argh! I hate this game. Hopefully if that is the case a smaller dose won't be so bad. Since I have been in this transition stage where my meds are kind of wacky I can tell that I actually do have some anxiety. I get panicky about certain things and start to cry because I don't know what to do or how to handle it. I don't remember feeling that in the past. Maybe because the depression has always been so overwhelming it overshadowed the anxiety. But I don't think it's anywhere near what you experience. The kidney stones and water thing with the Topamax is just I think to get you to take seriously drinking the recommended 8-10 glasses a day. (most people don't) To keep your kidneys properly flushed. If you don't the chance of getting kidney stones increases. The urge to have to pee all the time goes away. So I don't think you have to worry about losing nutrients. I found a good site for women our age if you want to check it out: www.womentowomen.com. I am on the vitamins and progesterone cream. It also has just a lot of good information. The tension headaches do seem better since I started Topamax. I do need to wear my sunglasses often because I think I remember reading that one of the s/e's is sensitivity to the sun and light. And I have noticed that. But I don't think the sensitivity triggers migraines. Just kind of makes you need to close your eyes. -Not a good thing if you're driving! Ha! Keep sunglasses handy! I hope you do well on the 25 mg. That would be SaWeeeet! I didn't even try. I just kept on takin 'em...hoping I'd lose my appetite. ;-) And no, I didn't feel tired during the day from the Topamax until I went up to 100mg. But, I was also increasing WB at the same time so it might be a bit different for you. I don't feel the tiredness now at all. I think you are right about having to just stick permanently with the Lex. And I may be at the 300xl, 100 Top, and 10 Lex, in a week and feel great. That is my hope. Tired of this roller coaster that's for sure. Ya know the saying... "If it aint broke don't fix it" Guess I should have just stayed on the Lex to begin with. Oh well.... Sounds like your husband is supportive. Mine is too. That's wonderful isn't it?! We need that for sure. So nice to chat with you. Keep me posted on those crazy Topamax s/e's. The dreams are kinda fun too....
  14. Hi Cheryl, I hope your surgery went well and that you were able to get through it okay. Dentist visits are not fun as it is and having panic disorder must make them really overwhelming. Hopefully you got some really good drugs to knock you out right away so you didn't have to panic for very long once you got there. I know! What a list of side effects on the Topamax!!!! I forgot to mention about a couple more initial symptoms of Topamax- incredible thirst and having to pee about every 15 minutes. But be sure to drink plenty of water so you don't get kidney stones. I don't remember the digestive problems so much. (They are getting better from the WB compared to last week which is good!) Every once in a while it would feel like an ice pick was stabbing into my eye and then it would just quit. And the weird tingling in my feet and hands- strange. Actually some of the se's are quite humorous- like when out of nowhere your lips start twitching. Your appetite should decrease, even on the Lexapro. But on only 25 mg you might not notice it alot. I mostly noticed that I would start eating and then get full more quickly. But like I said before, once I started the WB sr generic I was ravenous again so it ruined the appetite loss I was experiencing from the Topamax. At least the LX isn't doing that to me. I have been on wb for over a year but I was only on 100 mg instant release along with my 20mg Lex. When I added Topamax 2 months ago I cut my Lex down to 10 because the Topamax is sometimes prescribed as a mood stabilizer and can also make you drowsy and I thought I surely didn't need more of that. My doc thought I might be able to go off it entirely. After 2 weeks on Topamax (I was just going up to 75 mg) I asked my doc about switching to WB sr instead of ir so I got 150 mg of that and knew after 2 weeks that I needed more. She told me to take 300/day. So I did and in one week was a shaking starving mess. I called her and was switched to 300 xl and by then was down to 10mg and 5 mg of lex every other day. That was 2 weeks ago. Then by yesterday after a week of being off lex completely and being on wb 150 for 2 weeks and then 300 for 3 weeks (5 total) I was not not doing well depression-wise. Yesterday afternoon I popped 10 mgs of lex and today I am already feeling more stable. So I guess I need to stay on it at least until the WB is fully in my system and then possibly try again. How long should that take, do you know? It helps to be able to talk this out with someone who gets it. Thanks for being here for me. I really hope the Topamax helps with your migraines. It seems to have helped me quite a bit. Time will tell for sure. Let me know how your surgery went. Lisa
  15. Hey Cheryl, I'm a mess right now. Hoping it's just PMS but thinking I should not be this emotional- even if it is. Might have to get back on a small dose of Lex. I'm not sure the WB is going to do it for me. I really wanted to tough it out and try to see if I could make it on the WB alone but not thinking I like trying to push myself through this. I HATE feeling like a completely out of control "freak". Is the WB even doing anything at all? Why am I sitting here crying at 300 XL / day? I don't have panic disorder so that isn't really an issue for me. But the depression is BAD! Hate it! And I do get irritable and impatient. Maybe I wasn't so brave after all- just stupid for listening to my doctor and thinking I could handle it. I should know myself well enough by now. I will keep you posted. By the way... my "O" has been fine all along. Just no desire. Once I am finally convinced by my husband to "do it" I always enjoy it. I just never seem to be in the mood. Wish that would change. But never seem to be in the mood for much of anything. Thought maybe the WB would help with that. But if the depression isn't under control I guess it won't work. Gotta get that back under control...
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