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  1. thank you for your kind response. I can confirm that I'm feeling a lot better and my head is clearer, less foggy. I think they are beginning to work - along with cutting out alcohol I'm starting to feel much better, here's hoping that these are the ones!
  2. HI everyone I'm on my second week of Welburtrin and i'm not feeling any better, in fact, I'm feeling very tearful and very tired. My depression seems to have got a little worse, rather than better. I was pinning a lot of hope on these meds as I've tried lots of different ones. I was also diagnosed with ADD last year so thought they would help with that but they do not seem to. Like other anti d's, is it normal to feel worst before feeling better on the Welbutrin? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. K
  3. HI everyone I'm on 150mg , 60mg duloxetine and 2mg of abilfy. I recently added the as I thoughu the duloxetne that might have stopped working, therefore, my phch wnated me to add the Wellbutrin, Last week I felt awful, moody etc. I do feel that my mood has improved a tad, only just in the past couple of days really. I have noticed, however, that I'm so very tired on them. i seem to be quite fatiqued. I thought they might be more of a stimulating effect but its quit the opposite!! Any advice would be welcome Kerrrie
  4. Thank you for your response Floor2017! I'm just being rather inpatient as I've been feeling rubbish for so long now and just want my spark back.......... 😞
  5. I started Wellbutrin just less than a week ago. I’m on Duloxetine 60mg and 5mg of Abilify. I was not getting much of an effect from the Duloxetine & Abilify so my phyc put me on 150mg of Wellbutrin for depression. I’m just reaching out to ask how long it generally takes to see an effect. I’ve not go any side effects at all…slightly harder sleeping but that’s about it really. This concerns me as I think if you get side effects initially, this shows that its getting in your system. I’ve been on a lot of different meds and I’m pinning a lot of hope on these that they will work as I was diagnosed with ADD last year too. Im female with zero sex drive too so hoping these might give it a bit of a boost! Any pointers would be greatly appreciated Thank you!
  6. I'll be following your progress as I am about to start Duloxetine tomorrow after being on the medi-go-round a bit. I was on venlafaxine years but it pooped out in October last year. I tried the natural way L-tyrosine, Vit B complex, folate etc, but this made me chronically bloated/constipated. I was then put on Voirtioxetine - terrible brain fog - stopped after 10 days then Lofepremine - this gave me extemely bad anxiety - stopped after 10 days Normally im tolerant of side effects but could not seem to bare them from the Vortioxetine or Lofepremine. So, after going to see a very good psychiatrist last week, he suggested Duloxetine. Fingers crossed this might be a case of third time lucky. Ill be logging my diary here.
  7. hi there, Im on the 'medigo-round' and after being on various anti depressants citalopram - postive sertoline - didnt work Venlafaxine - was on it years until it stopped working last year Brintellix - recently was on it only two weeks, made me feel awful Now ive been prescribed Lofepramine. I've only been on it 4 days. I'd be interested to hear anyones success stories. Its an old type Tricyclic antidepressant and i'm finding it very hard to find any recent reviews. At the moment, I'm feeling worse that i did. Just a bit numb, no motivation and generally that black foggy cloud hanging over me If anyone can share their stories, it would be greatly appreciated thank you
  8. HI all, I wondered if anyone might have experienced this. Last week i started taking cod liver oil/Omega 3 oils and now i seem to have heightened anxiety. do you think this could be linked? I'm taking venlafaxine 150mg. Thanks all K
  9. Hi there, I've been on venlafaxine for about 3/4 weeks. I started on the lowest dose , then doubled to 75mg then doubled again to 150mg I'm on day four of 150mg and feeling awful. I just feel like i could sleep forever. Yesterday i had no motivation to go out of the house. Feeling tingly and a little anxious. I must admit, it has helped with the irrational thoughts and not so anxious in that way but now it seems to have made me feel like a black cloud is over me. My pupils are constantly dilated. When i took venlafaxine before i was on the XR ones. This time the doc has put me on the instant release ones. Has anyone noticed a substantial difference in the effectiveness of them? I did go to a wedding on saturday and drunk quite a bit...that probably didn't help!! When I was on them before, i reached 225mg. I don't really have much appetite either. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you
  10. he said that they don't 'do that anymore' he said that studies have shown that the normal and XR are the same??!!!
  11. Hi there, I was on venlafaxine for about 6 months XR back in 2012, but managed to come off it and stay off it for one year. I have been to my docs to get back on them as I've hit a depressive/anxiety spell and he said that they won't prescribe the XR ones anymore. I am taking 37.5 in the morning and 37.5 in the evening. I have been doing this for one week but not really seen much improvement. Will it be OK for me to double the dose, 75mg in the morning and 75mg in the evening?? My doctor has not got a ****** clue and I actually had to tell him what dosage i was on last time I was on it (225mg). I may book to see a psychiatrist as they may know what they are doing better - or perhaps change doctors!!!! Please any advise would be very much appreciated. thx
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