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  1. I see your beautiful scar as a badge of courage, don't hide it ! You need to put it out there in the world and let it speak to others that have been bullied too. Don't be ashamed of it - it's a part of you're history
  2. How your childhood and parents can have an negative or positive effect on you for your entire life. Please be kind, loving and supportive of your children
  3. Hi- I feel like an underachiever here. I dropped off my kids at 8am and returned to bed until it was time to pick them up at 3pm, but I did shower! I folded some laundry and helped with homework. God help me
  4. Mommymadness You're not a bad mom, we just have moments when we desperately need help and our medication. I'm so sorry your husband lost his job. You need to be resourceful and look for a mental health clinic in your town. In San Francisco they are free or low cost to those without insurance. I can tell you love your family but now it's time to take care of yourself! Please keep us posted and hugs of San Francisco
  5. KrissyB I am completely surrounded by overachievers at my work place, 99% female workforce to be exact and everyone is working on furthering their nursing education (i.e. MSN or NP degrees). I feel I'm doing all I can just to show up to work and be functional. I know we need to remind ourselves not to compare ourselves to others but it seems so hard when you're literally surrounded by Alpha types
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