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  1. Hi I've been on sertraline now for about 7 weeks, 4 weeks at 50 now on 100mg I'm still suffering disturbed sleep, bad depression through the day and awful tension headaches, I'm having to take a paracetamol every other day and occasionally I take melatonin or benadryl to sleep for some relief. I don't want to be dependent on anything. My doc says it's also up to me through self help etc and won't go above 100mg which I am sort of OK with. I am managing to to stick to a gym routine and clean diet. I am also trying to learn mindfulness but it is so hard when you feel like 90% of the time :-( I also suffer anhedonia and low sex drive. I do have windows usually late in the evening where I feel relaxed and content but they are very rare. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had the same or similar difficulties and if anything worked for them? Many thanks guys and gals
  2. I'm just starting to come out of a huge depression myself. Medication has crushed my libido. I'm not ready for a relationship but yes being alone socks. Right now I'm just concentrating on getting fit and ripped in the gym. This should boost my confidence when I start looking again
  3. There is 100 girls to every guy on these things and some they get 100s of messages a day. People also act differently online to what they would in real life so that's why it's best not to take the ignorance personal
  4. I was on 15 then 30.. It done nothing for me but everyone is different
  5. At first all you'll see exercise as is something that is better than sitting around thinking.. But it will turn into something more, it can infact regrow your brain
  6. I have been on paxil on and off for 10 years.. At 20mg for depression I am now on sertraline 4 weeks at 50 and over a week now at 100 and I think it is starting to kick in. For me It doesn't kick in as fast as paxil but on the plus side I've had no horrendous initial side effects with the zoloft. Apart from insomnia which may be wearing off now too Good luck
  7. I been suffering from this this year and for so long I've been blaming meds.. But I went through some pretty emotional stuff over Xmas and new year and I now believe it to be the reason why I'm feeling the way I do. I believe if I limit the stress and try my best not to ruminate I can beat this. I am seeing little improvements here and there. Pm if u wanna chat, can chat on fb.. Skype etc I can relate to the penelope cuz thing and yes it's very depressing!,
  8. It's the opposite for me.. The racing thoughts calm down in the evening
  9. Thankful for my mother and certain friends for listening to my crap everyday.. Thankful I'm still managing to keep a decent job
  10. I just watched a scene from step brothers I smiled and laughed but could not feel it. But it still gives me a bit hope I'm not truly dead inside
  11. If can cry after spending the entire afternoon thinking about sad things does that mean I am not anhedonic?
  12. I wouldn't say I can laugh but sometimes humour and good funny memories can trigger a smile.. I honestly think if I didn't analyse my feelings so often maybe I'd make some progress but I've no idea how to stop obsessing
  13. Too many years of taking an SSRI and making stupid decisions.. not living life properly with real emotions
  14. That is interesting I wonder if that's why I look forward to/obsess about sleep so much. Apart from the fact I always feel tired.. Anyway I'm still gonna get some weights done today and hit the treadmill. My third day on 100mg sertraline
  15. Do any of you dream and if so do you feel emotions in your dreams?
  16. Can I ask what the nature of your regrets are.. I been going through this everyday
  17. Well I'm sad about potentially being single because of my condition so maybe it is just depression that I am suffering with but I haven't felt joy now for over 6 months
  18. God this thread has got really depressing now : (
  19. I can cry but I am unable to laugh. The only think I 'like' is sleep as it is escape from the boredom and frustration of my condition
  20. Premature ejaculation, ...low drive and weak erection were all a big problem for me on mirtazapine .. Horrible drug for me such a shame
  21. When I tapered paxil without any issues I went from 20 mg to 10 mg by alternating 20 and 10 each day for 2 weeks then dropped to just 10 and carried on doing the same until I stopped.. I'll try this with sertraline
  22. The only reason I have green tea in the morning is because my sleep is so bad and my job requires a fair degree of concentration. I may ditch it if the sleep improves. I'm currently on 50mg sertraline for depression. I have been taking this for a month and have noticed some improvement over the past week. I'm gonna give it another 2 months then speak to doc about tapering to 25mg for another 3 months and then stopping. I need to be free from ssris .. I want to live life without the numbness otherwise it's pointless
  23. What is helping me a little.. Simple games on ps3 (hack and slash type games that don't require much concentration) Getting back to the gym (heavy squats seems to give me libido for a little bit!) Green tea in the mornings Doing things despite the voice in your head telling you you're not getting anything from it ( I know how depressing and hopeless this can seem) Healthy diet with occasional treats Planning for the future for when the condition fades, (I also know this seems hopeless) : )
  24. Doctor said I should just wait and see as I expected him to ... Also sending me for a blood test for low testosterone
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