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    Hi A member - Jaiho used to be very active on the Anhedonia forum We talked on skype a lot but he's been awol for a very long time and i am worried Does anyone talk to him personally I believe he lives in Sydney Aus Thanks
  2. Been over two weeks for me at 60mg , morning depression is still pretty horrible. No real bothersome side effects apart from poor sleep and night sweats. Also on mirtazapine 30mg
  3. mine seems to be a little weaker but once i get going its good, i have only been on duloxetine for 3 weeks
  4. Anyone got any mirtazapine success stories? It all seems to be negative/withdrawal advice on here. Ive tried it before but I don't think I gave it enough time! Other anti depressants like prozac made me more depressed and gave me horrible thoughts. Thanks
  5. I complained of increased anxiety and suicidal thoughts 3 weeks in on 20mg.. The doctor has increased it to 40mg, does this make sense. I feel even more anxious and thinking about suicide again I spoke to the crisis team telling them I was feeling suicidal and they said maybe the doc should change your meds!! What the hell!?!?
  6. Hi I'm male 35 and have battled with low mood and anxiety most of my life. I had a big breakdown just over 2 years ago and have not been the same since. I have tried to battle the depression and anhedonia on my own without medication until now, I got prescribed Fluoxetine just over 2 weeks ago I'm on day 16. My depression got so bad i started to consider suicide, I am also paying privately for therapy and I am signed off work sick. I am currently staying at my mothers house because i do not like to be alone This being my third week on flux I am really struggling. I have no appetite, insomnia and no energy. I constantly have gloomy thoughts about the past and the future. Suicide often makes sense but I'm not going to act but I can't go on much longer. The depression and anhedonia seems worse but I'm hoping i did the right thing by going on these tablets. I have spoken to my doctor and as i expected they said you just need to wait, and gave me the number of the crisis team and samaritans Any positive responses would be much appreciated right now Thank you
  7. Jaiho is the meditation still working for you? I'm on day 24 now, for me it's hard to say. I got upset over a girl last week, thought something positive was coming into my life again.. Fat chance Ive also been totally ignorant to the fact I was binge drinking whole weekends. I have been tee total this weekend and plan to continue. Alcohol abuse can increase cortisol levels and doesn't exactly help your brain heal
  8. So you just set a timer Yeah? Cool I'm glad it's working for you.
  9. I'm joining a local meditation group next week :-)
  10. Meditation and ACT therapy are my last and only option, drugs always make me feel worse
  11. Anyone struggling to grasp mindfulness i highly recommend a book called the happiness trap and an app called Headspace, very simple to follow BTW Mindfulness was one of things that cured Trevor's (OP) anhedonia
  12. What's a good dopamine boosting stack then??
  13. I take a a generic multivitamin, b complex, vitamin c and fish oil. I'd also recommend a book called the happiness trap, it's an easy to follow book about basic mindfulness, it's set in cartoon format. I couldn't put it down, I read bits of it whenever I start to feel low
  14. Something has happened in the last 2 weeks. I woke one morning and thought right if I feel like a robot I'm going to be a robot. Now I don't know if my anhedonia is curing but I'm experiencing a lot more 'windows' than ever before since having the condition. My libido seems to exist now ocasionally and I get interested and get chill when watching a tv show and hear music. I'm currently weight training 4 times and week do 10 mins of sprints afterwards. I am not on meds but take tyrosine, 5htp and vits I'll try and keep you informed , sorry if this seems vague . PM me if you wish and I'll do my best to reply
  15. Do you not think though that the more depression we have the more it makes us believe there is no hope? Are you in any sort of therapy that might help you eventually change your beliefs and behaviors?
  16. Hi I hope you are all winning the battle, if not this may give some of you a little hope. It's pretty amazing. http://www.psypost.org/2015/08/bizarre-case-study-man-goes-to-hospital-for-leg-pain-finds-out-he-only-has-half-a-brain-36694
  17. its here somewhere it comes up when you search through google or something
  18. No offence to anyone here but I normally feel worse after visiting the anhedonia forum I fell into a deep depression 6 weeks ago. Given up on anhedonia, I'll probably die that way.. doctors have got me on venlafaxine after having bad suicidal thoughts. It's early days, it may be helping. The thoughts have lessened.
  19. Worked on my chest today.. Dips and bench press
  20. I hope I get put on the slow release at some point, but this is in the uk and it is to save on costs
  21. Hi Psych has started me on 2 x 37.5 ir daily I was a little disappointed and asked why I couldn't have the extended release. He said it's the same effect but more expensive. (I live in the uk) Anyone take the ir?? I feels like I'm the only one!!
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